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Be Nicean Upstream Mental Health And Suicide Prevention Program With An Action Plan That Works

Allegan County to expand mental health services using federal cash

be nice. is a program with a four-step action plan that’s proven to save lives. Under the leadership of Executive Director Christy Buck, the Foundation enlisted Grand Valley State University researchers to conduct an evidence-based study to prove the effectiveness of the program. Results concluded the be nice. program creates a positive culture, increases mental health referrals, and increases behaviors that prevent suicide.

When used effectively, the be nice. action plan – to notice, invite, challenge, and empower – encourages individuals to challenge themselves and others to seek appropriate professional help when they notice mental health changes or concerns. This program equips individuals in schools, businesses, faith institutions, and communities with the knowledge and confidence to take action when it comes to mental health and suicide prevention.

be nice. programming gives individuals the confidence to intervene with mental health concerns and stand up to mean behavior.

Mental illnesses affect 1 in 5 people or 20% of the population.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among 10-24 year olds, and the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

are completed by white, middle-aged males.

Undiagnosed, untreated or inadequately treated mental health conditions can affect a students ability to learn, grow, and develop.

is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Wedgwood’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Our substance use disorder services provide an atmosphere of support for adults and teens to examine the results of their substance use. The primary goal is to help individuals take the next step in their recovery. Motivational interviewing is a major component in the earlier stages of treatment. Later stages of treatment focus on creating a new lifestyle, coping with triggers and urges, while maintaining a strong commitment to recovery.

Wedgwood’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services are open to new clients! Eligibility varies by specific program, county, and funding source.

Men’s Resource Center Of West Michigan

For more than 20 years, the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan has helped men live better lives. Our wide range of counseling, assessment, consultation, evaluation, and therapy services can be tailored to meet a variety of needs. Our highly trained counselors and therapists provide unique and valuable individual counseling services for many issues that affect men in their daily lives. We provide effective counseling and therapy for everything from parenting skills to questions about intimacy sex addiction to anger management mid-life crisis to legal problems or grief and loss.

We offer a wide array of men’s counseling and support groups as well. Males â both young and old âhave opportunities for support, education, challenge, and growth. These groups are particularly effective in treating men’s mental, emotional, and relational health issues in a way that participants find growth producing. Although some men may be initially reluctant to enter a support group, they quickly become comfortable in the setting and enjoy the interaction with other men who face similar personal struggles.

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West Michigan Community Mental Health

  • Addiction rehab treatment center inMichigan
  • West Miami CMHC is a licensed and accredited privately owned drug and alcohol treatment center located in Miami, FL. Specializing in services such as Drug Addiction, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, Alcoholism, Opioid Addiction and more, West Miami CMHC can help you or a loved one struggling with addiction. This facility has accreditations such as SAMSHA. For more information about West Miami CMHC treatment programs, therapy approaches and more, read on.

    Reliance Integrated Wellness Center

    West Michigan CMH and Northwest Michigan Health Services partner to ...

    The Reliance Integrated Wellness Center has been part of Reliance Community Care Partners, a faith-based nonprofit health care and case management organization since 2010. We provide behavioral health services, including one-one counseling, group counseling, and medication management, which can be provided either in-person at the participant’s home, at the Integrated Wellness Center, or virtually.

    In addition to our regular services listed above, we have also partnered with the Kent County Senior Millage to provide counseling services to Kent County residents that are 60+ years of age, free of charge to the participant.

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    B Plaintiff’s Arguments Of Unconscionability

    Plaintiff argues that the Release and Waiver is unconscionable because he did not knowingly and voluntarily sign it, as his acquiescence to its terms was the result of economic duress . In defense of this position, he contends that Defendants’ reliance on Adams v. Phillip Morris, Inc.,67 F.3d 580 , is misplaced .

    Plaintiff further argues that even if the Adams holding is applied in this case, the Release and Waiver is still unconscionable because it cannot withstand the scrutiny of the five-factor test set out in that case . He argues that the first factor in Adams, Plaintiff’s experience, background, and education, points to invalidity of the Release and Waiver . Plaintiff notes that, at the time he signed the release, his area of expertise for the last many years had been in helping mentally disabled individuals find employment ). As to the second factor, the amount of time Plaintiff had to review the waiver, Plaintiff indicates that he only had a little over a week to review the Release and Waiver . Plaintiff also argues that the fourth factor, the consideration for the waiver, favored invalidity because of his view that the consideration itself was invalid . Finally, Plaintiff urges that the totality of the circumstances factor also favors invalidity . He points to several circumstances in his life at the time he signed the Release and Waiver that made his signing of the waiver an economic necessity .

    Adolescent & Family Behavioral Health Services

    Adolescent & Family Behavioral Health Services is a private practice group that offers clients the support, tools and structure to more than just exist in life. They offer mental health and counseling servicestailored directly to the needs of the individual including adults, kids, adolescents, families and couples.

    AFBHS offers a diverse range of mental health professionals with training in CBT and DBT. It is also the only private practice in the area to offer acomprehensive DBT program and a Family Matters group. Visit the website to learn more about additional specialties and certifications our therapists maintain.

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    Mental Health And Substance Abuse:

    A combined mental health and substance abuse rehab has the staff and resources available to handle individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems from , so mental health and substance abuse professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

    Substance Abuse + Addiction Treatment

    CCBHC Training Presentation 2021, for West Michigan Community Mental Health

    Using both legal medications and illegal substances in order to maintain an addiction is substance abuse. If you are taking more of your prescription, or earlier than the prescribed time interval between doses than is directed you may be abusing that medication. If you are obtaining legal medications illegally in or near Hart, MI, you may be suffering from substance abuse.

    Illegal substances can become addictive after a single use and lead rapidly to substance abuse. The professionals at West Michigan Community Mental Health are here to help.

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    Guiding Light Recovery Program

    The Guiding Light Recovery Program offers men struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol a four-month long, comprehensive, “no-joke” substance abuse rehabilitation program provided at no financial cost to clients. The program offers access to professional therapists, life-coaches, spiritual directors, and cognitive behavioral treatment.

    Men that come through our doors seeking help are spiritually, emotionally, and often physically broken. They are beaten down by years, if not decades, of lost time due to addiction and hopelessness. At Guiding Light Recovery, we offer these men safety, security, tolerance, and hope. We give them the means and the tools to realize they are worthy human beings, can live a fulfilling life, and are not doomed to an inescapable cycle of addiction and relapse.

    Counseling Center Of West Michigan

    Counseling Center of West Michigan is home to a diverse group of clinicians who share one common goal: to serve our community by supporting the mental and emotional health of everyone who walks through our doors. Our collective belief is that none of us were ever meant to walk this journey alone. Our clinicians aim to ensure that every patient is heard, understood, and supported. We believe that everyone can benefit from counseling no matter where they are in their journey. We make every effort to create a welcoming environment that is accessible to all.

    Specialty training and extensive experience allow our team of mental health providers to treat a wide range of concerns throughout all age groups. We proudly offer counseling, testing and assessment services, and psychiatric services in-person at 13 West Michigan locations and virtually to anyone in the state of Michigan.

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    Autism Center For Child Development

    The Autism Center for Child development provides comprehensive early intensive behavioral intervention for young children with autism spectrum disorders. Our therapy is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and is individualized for each child.

    Services are provided for young children, primarily residing in Kent County, ages 18 months to 6 years, with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Wedgwood’s goal is to provide exceptional ABA therapy in a fun, engaging environment. We are intentional with the operational decisions we make in order to provide the best services we can to the children and families we serve.

    Mental Health Foundation Of West Michigan

    West Michigan judge: Why too many people with mental illness go ...

    The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan is the best source for proactive mental health and suicide prevention education to improve and save lives. The MHF equips individuals with the knowledge to recognize, understand, accept, and take action when it comes to mental health.

    The MHF’s evidence-based program, be nice., is an upstream mental health and suicide prevention program with an action plan. When used effectively, the be nice.program encourages individuals to challenge themselves and others to seek appropriate professional help when they notice changes in their mental health. This program is available for schools, businesses, faith organizations, and communities.

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    Bethany Christian Services Of Grand Rapids

    Bethany Christian Services of Grand Rapids provides outpatient counseling and psychiatric services to children, adolescents, and adults. Options are available for both in office and telehealth formats. Our team of trauma-informed, culturally responsive providers partner with clients to reduce their distress and improve wellbeing.

    At Bethany, our clinicians use empirically supported therapy to assist clients facing a wide range of mental, emotional, and relational concerns. If you or your family are going through a difficult time, we are here to help! We accept most insurances and offer a sliding scale for self-pay.

    Iii Analysis A Plaintiff’s Arguments Of Lack Of Consideration

    Plaintiff first contends that the Release and Waiver is unenforceable because the parties’ agreement lacked consideration and mutuality of obligation . The thrust of Plaintiff’s argument is that in giving up his claim against WMCMH by the Release and Waiver, he was not given anything in return . Specifically, he argues that WMCMH’s job offer did not constitute valid consideration because under the terms of his new employment, Plaintiff could have been fired in the first six months for any reason or no reason at all . The fact that WMCMH could terminate Plaintiff’s job at any time during the probationary period of employment meant, according to Plaintiff, that WMCMH’s alleged consideration, the promise of re-employment, was “illusory” .

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    Grand Rapids Lgbtq+ Healthcare Consortium

    The Grand Rapids LGBTQ+ Healthcare Consortium hopes to decrease healthcare disparities for the LGBTQ+ population in the Grand Rapids area. The healthcare directory is one way we are working toward this. The Consortium Healthcare Directory provides a direct source to the LGBTQ+ community to meet their individual primary care, mental health or specialty needs.

    Opioid + Opiate Addiction Treatment At West Michigan Community Mental Health

    Mens Resource Center of West Michigan focuses on men’s mental health

    Opioids are a set of drugs prescribed for pain relief. Health care providers prescribe opioids for relief of severe pain after major surgeries and in conditions like cancer. Oxycodone, fentanyl, oxymorphone, hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine are some of the commonly prescribed opioids. They also include illegal drugs of abuse like heroin. Opioid addiction refers to the compulsive seeking of opioids, even when they are not required medically.

    Opioid addiction treatment involves medication-assisted therapy in which medicines, counseling, and behavioral therapies are all employed. Opioid addiction treatment is a comprehensive approach at West Michigan Community Mental Health in Hart, MI that boosts the treatment success rate and provides sustained recovery.

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    I Understand Love Heals

    i understand is a non-profit organization that offers compassionate comfort, hope and understanding to those living with a mental/brain health illness or have lost a loved one to death by suicide. We believe in a future where the stigma associated with mental/brain health and suicide is erased. We have created a definition petition to change the narrative and views surrounding suicide to an accurate and updated definition.

    The simple change in language will help bring understanding to something so difficult to understand. The change includes removing stigmatized words, recognizing the illness and understanding pain is the common denominator of all suicides. Our work includes bringing the conversation to everyday places to normalize, support groups, training program, resources, speaking engagements, the ‘Behind the Smile’ podcast, the book, i understand pain, love and healing after suicide and so much more.

    West Michigan Community Mental Health: A Person

    West Michigan Community Mental Healths mission is to partner, coordinate, and provide high quality care for children, adults, and families experiencing mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities and substance use disorders, serving the Mason, Lake, and Oceana Counties.

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