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Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates For Meditation And Relaxation

The Art of Mindfullness Colouring book. Finished pages, tips and walk through.

This zen coloring book from art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter features 100 illustrations to help you with your meditation and relaxation. Color Me Calm aims to help you disconnect from all the stress and pressure of modern life and channel your anxiety into a creative output.

The book is divided into 7 themed chapters of mandalas, water, woodland, geometric patterns, plants, animals, and spirituality.

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Floral Coloring Sheet With Space For Quotes

This coloring page allows you to include any quote you want in the space provided at the center. We think it could help with your mindfulness practice because it gives you the freedom to choose what you want to focus on. Just pick your favorite quote, color the flowers, and youre ready to display it wherever you want.

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A French illustrator and book designer based in London, Farrarons had the following to say in her preface to The Mindfulness Colouring Book: The act of coloringcarefully and attentively filling a page with color, the feel of the pencil in your hand as you meditate on the beauty of the whole illustrationis particularly suited to mindful meditation.

Farrarons has followed up The Mindfulness Colouring Book with a host of sequels. And there is a broad range of similar publications by other artists as well, including Color Me Calm, by Elizabeth James, and theZenscapes Coloring Book, by Jessica Mazurkiewicz. In their pages youll find beautiful floral designs, abstract patterns and other intriguing illustrations that just cry out to be colored in.

And for something even more closely linked with the mindfulness movement, try The Mandala Coloring Book, by Jim Gogarty. Mandalas are richly detailed circular patterns that have long been used as an aid to meditation by many traditional cultures. Gogartys mandalas are completely secular in nature but do the trick nonetheless.

Coloring forces your mind to focus on the task at handfilling in the mandalawhich doesnt leave room for it to focus on stress, worry and fear, Gogarty writes. The reduction of these negative thoughts creates a sense of balance thats strengthened by the inherent meditative quality of the mandala.

The Coloring Book Of Mindfulness

The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti

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What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness Coloring

Coloring relaxes the mind. The act puts you in a creative place where you think about color and shapes. In small children, coloring pages have long been used to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and spatial awareness.

However, coloring also has a deep impact on the mental well-being of both children and adults. Adults can control stress and anxiety through the use of coloring.

One study of mindfulness art therapy among female cancer patients concluded that the activity lessened their distress during treatment.

A separate study focused on coloring geometric designs found that participants experienced less anxiety due to the meditative state induced by coloring.

Overall, coloring is associated with these benefits:

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Good Things Take Time

In a world that markets instant gratification to everyone, its easy to feel frustrated when you dont get rapid results. Use this page to explore the concept of mindful coloring.

The image will teach you to slow down and accept that patience is the key to unlocking most things in life. The act of slowing down to color this page is informative in itself.

The time spent coloring will yield a good thing and a sense of satisfaction.

Good Things Are Going To Happen

Mindfulness Coloring Pages for Kids – 3 Easy Techniques

Even if you dont have an optimistic temperament, you can benefit from training your mind to think positively. The experience of coloring in this message will increase the likelihood of the words sticking in your mind.

You can find a great deal of peace by simply telling yourself things will be OK. A positive outlook helps you approach the world with a hopeful perspective and escape destructive worries.

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Mandala Meditation Coloring Book

If you enjoy relaxing while coloring intricate mandalas, this Serene Coloring book is for you. This coloring book includes 92 detailed mandalas with beautiful patterns perfect for focusing your mind.

Mandalas are a symbol of harmony and unity, the name coming from the ancient Sanskirt word for circle. Each coloring page features a circular mandala with a never-ending pattern you can color to express your creativity and destress at the end of a long day. The high quality paper is perfect for use with colored pencils, gel pens, or markers.

Now that youve found the perfect meditation coloring book, get some colored pencils, pens, and markers to starting coloring with.

Heidi Prosserman Registered Psychotherapist

At Mindfulness Psychotherapy, Heidi provides psychotherapy and counselling services for individuals and couples ranging in age from 17 and up. All clients are treated as unique individuals and a treatment plan is put forth with a variety of therapeutic interventions to suit each clients needs. Heidi offers Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in a group setting for a duration of 8 weeks on an ongoing basis.

What is Psychotherapy?

The word Psychotherapy literally means a cure for the soul. Psychotherapy enables us to view both current situations and the hidden psychological dynamics of our past so we can learn to heal and understand our present and past. Unresolved events of our past may confuse our thoughts and trigger our emotions, which in turn can distort our image of a current situation. Often we repeat harmful patterns and we dont understand where theyre coming from. Usually, they stem from a past that has not yet been worked through.

If you find yourself having difficulty in dealing with your present life, your past is very likely exerting its influence on you in ways that you are not yet able to recognize.

How Does Psychotherapy Work?

Therapeutic Approaches

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The Mindfulness Coloring Book

This pocket-sized coloring book by French artist Emma Farrarons inspires you to eliminate stress through creativity. The convenient size makes it easy to steal a moment of peaceful coloring at any time of the day. This coloring book is designed to help you unwind and let go of your stress and worries to find peace through mindful coloring.

The illustrations include kaleidoscopic designs, along with magical nature. With 70 intricate designs and patterns, youre sure to find bliss while you color in these pages. The book features a lay flat design so you can easily color every inch of these gorgeous illustrations.

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The Mindfulness Coloring Book

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The Mindfulness Coloring Book By Emma Farrarons

A fun and unique pocket-size coloring book designed to channel stress into relaxing, creative accomplishments

In todays busy world, finding a moment of peace and calm can be a challenge. Mindful coloring is a simple yet powerful practice that combines the proven, time-honored tradition of thoughtful meditation with the growing popularity of adult coloring books, and shows that any activity, done right, can be an exercise in mindfulness.

In The Mindfulness Coloring Book, accomplished illustrator Emma Farrarons presents 70 intricate and beguiling patterns to help you color your way to tranquility. Here are flowers, leaves, butterflies, and birds alongside rolling waves and kaleidoscopic designs.

Perfectly sized to fit into a pocket or handbag, and printed on high-quality paper that will ensure hours of bliss, The Mindfulness Coloring Book is ready to help you de-stress wherever you go. So take a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to reset and refresh with mindful coloringand relive the days when your biggest concern was staying within the lines!

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Be Patient With Yourself

Time spent filling in the words that remind you not to push yourself too hard will help to ingrain the lesson. Acquiring the skill of being patient with yourself can insulate you from the regrets that can result from rushing through life.

The design centers the message among branches and flowers. This produces the effect of being on the ground and looking upward.

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Why Use Coloring For Stress

Coloring is inherently meditative. The mind is focused on a simple, single activity that is absorbing without being too demanding. A coloring book can also liberate us from digital technology for a while. With no pop-up ads, pull-down menus or blinking, blipping displays, a coloring book offers a serene visual environment, but one that nonetheless engages us and invites interaction. And for many, the act of coloring can be a return to the sweet simplicity of childhood.

Printable Mindfulness Coloring Pages To Help You Be More Present

ADULT COLORING BOOKS | The Mindfulness Coloring Books

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Did you know that coloring is potential way to practice mindfulness meditation?

There is no definite research yet that could prove its significance in the meditation field, but a lot of experts believe that it has great therapeutic potential.

Recent research shows that coloring can greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels and increase focus and concentration. In this way, it brings more mindfulness to the people practicing it.

Moreover, coloring has recently been described by experts as an activity that induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. This means that when you color, your mind is able to enter a more calming and relaxing state, allowing you to achieve mental peace and clarity.

In this article, we share with you 17 printable mindfulness coloring pages that can help you be more present. We carefully selected these templates to help you better practice the art of mindfulness.

Lets check them out!

What You Will Learn

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This Is Only Temporary

The focus needed to fill in the small circles and wavy lines on this design calms your mind and distracts you from daily stressors. Racing thoughts will slow as you apply your attention to the task of coloring.

Youll gain a sense of accomplishment that naturally boosts your mood. The message at the heart of the image offers hope because problems dont last forever.

Color this image to remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Anxiety Relief And Mindfulness Coloring Book: The #1 Bestselling Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation with Anti-Stress Nature Patterns and Soothing Designs

ByEmma Farrarons

A fun and unique pocket-size coloring book with 100 pages designed to channel stress into relaxing, creative accomplishments #1 National Bestseller NPR Books Bestseller #1 Boston Globe Bestseller #1 San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller A Publishers Weekly Bestseller 2016 Best Toy Award from Learning ExpressThe Mindfulness Coloring BookThe Mindfulness Coloring Book

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Other Books In Series

This is book number 3 in the The Mindfulness Coloring Series series.

The ideal antidote to too much screen time, this coloring book is the perfect way to let ones imagination roam freeMindfulness Coloring BookMoments of Mindfulness: Anti-Stress Coloring & Activities for Busy PeopleEmma Farrarons

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