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Life After The Meal Plan

Recipes from the ‘Mind Diet & Plan Cookbook’

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Your journey doesnt end after 7 days of Mediterranean recipes for the MIND diet. Its about finding recipes that can become staples in your household and creating eating habits that actually last.

Weve got plenty of recipes online already. Just use the search function on our home page if youre looking for a specific ingredient or check out our recipe page.

Start a 28 Day Mediterranean Diet Plan for Anti-Aging

Weve created a 4-week Mediterranean diet meal plan that follows the same format as this 7-day meal plan pdf. In it contains four weeks of meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and prep guides all available in digital format.


We would like to take a moment to note that this post is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.

The Mind Diet Recommends Eating Fish

Fish is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

A deficiency of B12 affects 40% of all adults and is a particular problem for seniors.

Long-term B12 deficiency can cause both psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are essential for brain health and function.

One particular omega-3, DHA , is a major building block of the brain.

It protects against age-related mental decline and lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimers.

Top Ten Foods In The Mind Diet

  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, greens, and more
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Chicken or turkey

While these are major foods of the MIND Diet , that doesnt mean they are eaten evenly. Theres not a precise measurement of how much of each to take, but there are some general guidelines.

Whole grains are the backbone of this diet as they are recommended for 3 servings a day one for each meal. Things like oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, and whole wheat versions of common grains like rice or bread all make the mark here.

Leafy vegetables are a minimum of six servings a week with an encouragement for as much as you want above that while other veggies should get a shot once a day.

Nuts are five times a week, beans are four times a week, while berries, poultry, and fish are both twice a week.

These are all minimums although if in doubt go a touch lighter on the meat side and heavier on vegetables, leafy vegetables, and approved berries. Or more whole grains since those are pretty much always acceptable as part of a meal.

There are also foods that you need to avoid like the plague if you are going to successfully follow this diet plan.

These not only foods that pack on calories, fat, and make it hard to get to a healthy weight but also foods that in some studies have been shown to cause potential health issues by themselves or when in conjunction with foods that would otherwise be healthy.

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Healthy Recipes Made With Love

Blink Blink. Its New year Wishing you all a very Prosperous, Happy and Healthy year ahead. Most of the people will have some new year resolutions which they follow or not Quitting the bad habits and nourishing good ones, new diet plans for weight loss, avoiding junk foods etc..etc But have you ever thought of nourishing your brain by eating healthy ? Also anyone familiar with the MIND Diet ? Yes, not only meditation and yoga, nutrient rich food also plays a vital role in brain boosting. So my familys 2017 new year resolution is incorporating more brain boosting food to our diet.

Most of us are familiar with the nutritional buzz term, superfood. But this, by no means is a superfood related post. We are going to talk about brain foods. Brain boosting foods are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins, phytochemicls, glucose, gut microbes, good fats, protein and are low in calories. Like our skin and other organs, brain also needs nutrients. The food packed with the above nutrients help to keep our grey matter healthy and happy.

Vegan Curry Lentil And Kale Soup

The Mind Diet Plan and Cookbook : Recipes and Lifestyle Guidelines to ...

This vegan soup has several nutrients that support your brainstarting with the lentils, which are loaded with folate. Its important to have enough of folate because low levels are associated with cognitive decline and other forms of dementia. Other healthy foods in this dish include kale and carrots, which are loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This soup offers a punch of flavor without the spike in blood sugar.

  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 medium yellow onion, peeled and chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
  • 2 large carrots, peeled, trimmed, and chopped
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons red curry paste
  • 1 14-ounce can diced tomatoes
  • 4 cups vegetable broth
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup reduced fat coconut milk


  • Heat the olive oil in a large pot on medium-high heat. When hot, add the onion, garlic, and carrots. Sauté until the onion is translucent, about 5 minutes.
  • Stir in red curry paste and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute.
  • Add the tomatoes, lentils, broth, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil, then add kale.
  • Cover the soup and reduce the heat to medium. Simmer for 20 to 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until lentils are tender.
  • Remove the lid and stir in coconut milk. Heat for 2 to 3 minutes, just enough time to heat the milk. Serve.
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    The Mind Diet Makes Berries A Top Priority

    Unlike the Mediterranean and DASH diets, the MIND diet stresses the importance of eating berries as opposed to other kinds of fruit.

    Berries of all kinds, especially blueberries and strawberries, have been proven in studies to .

    Flavonoids in berries have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which address two suspected underlying causes of Alzheimers.

    Flavonoids called anthocyanins are responsible for berries vibrant colors and are linked to the improvement of a wide range of cognitive skills.

    Berries also contain phytonutrients that clear the brain of toxic proteins believed to contribute to Alzheimers.

    Dont Feel Like Cooking

    You dont need to be a master in the kitchen to follow the MIND diet and improve your brain health. In fact, all it might take is a few bites of a protein bar.

    MOSHis the protein bar for your brain. Not only does it include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and vitamin D3 like loads of other MIND diet foods, but it also incorporates ingredients like lions mane and ashwagandha to help support brain function with every bite.

    With three delicious flavors that are pumped up with 12g of protein, you can nourish your mind and body in one fell swoop. And when you can get your first trial pack for 20% off, its really a no-brainer!

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    The Mind Diet: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

    The MIND diet is designed to prevent dementia and loss of brain function as you age.

    The MIND diet combines the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet to create a dietary pattern that focuses specifically on brain health.

    This article is a detailed guide for beginners, with everything you need to know about the MIND diet and how to follow it.

    The Mind Diet: Breakfast Meal Plan

    Sattvic Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food

    Start your morning with a brain-boosting breakfast of whole-grain cereal, such as steel-cut oats, with nuts and berries. Schwartz says that blueberries, in particular, promote neural health because theyre loaded with an antioxidant called anthocyanins. In fact, all kinds of antioxidants found in berries and other plant foods fight oxidative damage. And research is showing that Alzheimers disease and cognitive decline are linked to oxidative damage, says Schwartz. When it comes to nuts, their combination of unsaturated fats and fibre are unbeatable for brain health. And whole grains, says Schwartz, are linked to lower blood pressure and blood sugar regulation, both of which are important to proper brain functioning.

    Discover more high-fibre foods worth adding to your cart.

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    The Mind Diet: Lunch Meal Plan

    For a MIND Diet lunch, try a whole-grain pasta with veggies and grilled salmon, says Schwartz, who suggests throwing in greens such as spinach, as well as fresh herbs, when cooking your pasta sauce. Not only do herbs and spices have high antioxidant content, but they also make food taste delicious, making it that much easier to stick to a MIND Diet meal plan. As a fatty fish, salmon is packed with omega-3s, which are important to brain functions like memory. For an added boost of omega-3s, eat a handful of walnuts as an afternoon snack. Snacking between meals keeps the blood sugar more stable, says Schwartz.

    Mind Diet Foods To Avoid

    • Butter and margarineAvoid these unhealthy fats as much as possible. As Ryan explained, the thought behind limiting these types of fats is because of their high content of saturated fats, which arent good for brain health when consumed in excess. If you do find yourself craving that buttery flavor, grass-fed butter or ghee are both higher in unsaturated fats.
    • CheeseWhether its soft, hard or low-fat cheese, limit it to one or fewer servings per week.
    • Fried and processed foodsThe MIND diet strongly discourages these types of foods. They dont hold any nutritional value for your brain or your body.
    • Pastries, sweets and baked goodsTry to have less than one serving a week.

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    Easy Mind Diet Recipes Ideas

    An overview of the foods you can and cannot eat when following this eating plan can be vague, especially for beginners. For some reason, they might not understand how to combine these foods to make a complete meal that accounts for their calorie needs. That said, here are a few samples of MIND diet dinner recipes and MIND diet breakfast recipes to consider:

    The Mind Diet: Take The Next Step

    MIND Diet Recipes to Feed Your Brain

    The MIND diet combines the basic tenets of two very healthy diets, the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet.

    Research shows that following the MIND diet rigorously can significantly reduce the risk for Alzheimers disease and that following the diet even partially still provides worthwhile brain health benefits.

    Our understanding of dietary influences on Alzheimers disease is in its infancy and there is no ultimate anti-Alzheimers diet yet.

    For now, there is one basic principle on which all experts agree:

    Eat more whole foods and fewer processed ones.

    This one piece of advice is critical for anyone, at any age, who wants to have better cognitive and mental health.

    Recommended: Upgrading brain health is key to making your brain work better.

    Mind Lab Pro is the brain supplement we recommend because, by boosting your brain health, it can help you:

    • Improve your mental clarity and focus.
    • Boost your memory and your ability to learn.
    • Increase your capacity to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions.

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    The Mind Diet Is High In Brain

    A diet high in plant-based foods will be high in the vitamins needed to help prevent cognitive impairment.

    Both vitamins C and E are antioxidants which protect the brain from free radical damage, and together they have a powerful synergistic effect.

    A large study confirmed that vitamin C combined with vitamin E can prevent memory loss and considerably lower the risk for Alzheimers and dementia.

    Vitamin C acts as a powerful detoxifier that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier to remove metals like aluminum, which has long been suspected of contributing to Alzheimers, from the brain.

    A landmark University of Oxford study found that vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid, which are abundant in green leafy vegetables, work together to reduce brain atrophy, improve brain function, and dramatically reduce brain shrinkage in the region of the brain most affected by Alzheimers.

    Vitamin K, another vitamin found mainly in green vegetables, is also believed to play a role in preventing Alzheimers.

    Slowing Down Cognitive Decline Associated With Aging Mainly In People With Or At Risk For Alzheimers Disease

    Alzheimers is a common form of dementia that affects 1 in 9 American adults above 65 years . Medical News Today reveals that some research suggests that the MIND diet can improve brain health and slow cognitive decline in Alzheimers disease .

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    Less Emphasis On Whole Wheat

    Whole wheat is the most common whole grain, but its at the bottom of our list of grains for several reasons.

    Bread, even when its made from whole wheat, has a glycemic index equal to that of white sugar.

    Some people find that wheat stimulates their appetite and few of us need that!

    Wheat contains gluten, which can contribute to chronic inflammation.

    Wheat can worsen symptoms of certain brain disorders, including schizophrenia, autism, and ADHD.

    Instead, try some of the other whole grains, such as amaranth, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, oats, quinoa, rye, and wild rice.

    Even popcorn, one of Americas favorite snacks, qualifies as a whole grain.

    A tip for eating less wheat without giving up the foods you love is to look for recipes made with almond flour, oat flour, or coconut flour instead.

    Suggested Upgrades To The Mind Diet

    Keto Diet Easy Recipes and Top Mistakes

    The MIND diet is clearly a big step in the right direction away from the standard American diet which is loaded with processed foods.

    But its still very much a work in progress.

    Here are six evidence-based changes that we hope will be incorporated into the MIND diet in future studies.

    Meanwhile, theres no reason you cant upgrade your own diet and make these changes now.

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    Research On The Mind Diet

    The Mediterranean and DASH diets are regularly regarded as the healthiest. In annual rankings, they often take first and second spot for example.

    The Mediterranean diet is inspired by the eating habits of people living in Mediterranean countries during the 1960s, who had some of the longest lifespans in the world.

    The DASH diet was created to lower blood pressure without medication based on the results of clinical trials by the National Institute of Health .

    Both diets have an abundance of scientific studies to support their use. For example, the Mediterranean diet has shown the following benefits:

    • Reduced risk of cardiovascular events, coronary heart disease,
    • Reduced risk of coronary heart disease
    • Reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    • Risk of breast cancer
    • Lower diabetes risk .

    The MIND diet follows most of these same principles.

    However, it has some minor alterations that make it more effective when it comes to preventing dementia, Alzheimers disease and loss of brain function as you age. These are the higher consumption of berries and leafy greens.

    Berries have anti-oxidant properties that may help improve brain function. According to one study, berries such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries can help prevent cognitive decline in women by up to 2.5 years .

    It still encourages all types of fruits and vegetables to be eaten, but that a particular focus should be given to these types specifically.

    Mind Diet Basic Principles

    Following the core principles of the MIND diet wont just help protect you against Alzheimers, it will help you achieve and maintain good brain health and performance now.

    The principles behind the MIND diet are straightforward.

    Foods are divided into two groups those to include in your diet and those to avoid or minimize.

    Heres a list of both sets of recommendations:

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    Foods To Avoid On The Mind Diet

    The MIND diet recommends limiting the following five foods:

    • Butter and margarine: Try to eat less than 1 tablespoon daily. Instead, try using olive oil as your primary cooking fat, and dipping your bread in olive oil with herbs.
    • Cheese: The MIND diet recommends limiting your cheese consumption to less than once per week.
    • Red meat: Aim for no more than three servings each week. This includes all beef, pork, lamb and products made from these meats.
    • Fried food: The MIND diet highly discourages fried food, especially the kind from fast-food restaurants. Limit your consumption to less than once per week.
    • Pastries and sweets: This includes most of the processed junk food and desserts you can think of. Ice cream, cookies, brownies, snack cakes, donuts, candy and more. Try to limit these to no more than four times a week.

    Heres to a new year, filled with possibilities, healthy bodies, and minds.

    Have a great week!

    The Mind Diet Vs Similar Diets

    MIND Diet Recipes to Feed Your Brain

    To better understand how the MIND diet works, we need to take a closer look at the diets it was derived from. The Mediterranean diet was designed to support heart health but also protects against chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The DASH diet was developed to lower high blood pressure. Both diets also improve cognition .

    The MIND diet emphasizes whole plant-based foods and limits red meat, sugar, and foods high in saturated fats. It differs from the Mediterranean and DASH diets by specifying serving amounts of specific food groups that reduce inflammation and decrease the rate of dementia and Alzheimers disease. These include green leafy vegetables, nuts, berries, and fish .

    In observational studies ranging from 900 16,000 people over 58 years of age, eating a MIND diet was linked to improved memory, decreased cognitive decline, and lower rates of Alzheimers and dementia .

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