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Miraval Arizona Resort And Spa

How to Clear Your Mind

You’ll want to be present every moment at Miraval Arizona

Miraval is all about mindfulness, and every detail is designed with intention. For example, the illuminating programming which harnesses the transformative powers of the full moon, as well as the trio of classes in the Conscious Cooking Curriculum. And you can enjoy it all while recharging in The Retreat, the propertys most private accommodations, which naturally come with breathtaking views.

Whether youre looking to indulge, challenge, renew or improve, there are more than 120 complimentary wellness activities, lectures and fitness classes offered every week plus spa treatments, personal sessions with experts and as much downtime as you want.

You can safely step out of your comfort zone on a tightrope, a mountain bike or a horse, then step into the comfort of the spa for an Ayurvedic treatment rooted in the healing properties of nature. If you cant bring yourself to leave, no worries. Miraval also offers Silver LEED Certified Villas for sale.

Extra Credit: Take Some Downtime

If you apply some of the things Ive shared, youll find your mind gradually clears up. Youre more present and find decision-making easier. You discover you have enough mental energy for what matters to you.

But getting to this point is exhausting too. Decluttering your mind is a lot of work.

I gently remind you to recharge, friend. Schedule time for you.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

If you want to learn more, I wrote about how you can start taking breaks .

So that was a deep dive into mental clutter.

Its one of the most detailed posts Ive written, and I hope it helps.

Rocky Mountains National Park Colorado

Alright, this park is not really among the unique places to visit in the U.S. It is not less-visited among Americans. Quite on the contrary, they love it, know well and return again and again.

However, visitors from other countries often dont add it to the list of national parks to see. Usually, they head out to national parks in California, Montana, and Utah. Not many of them think this park is worth the visit.

Rocky Mountains National park is huge and has almost unearthly beauty. Spending a day or two there definitely wont be enough. Every season in this park is magical and will guarantee an array of colors.

Side note: If you plan on walking in the snow, dont forget proper shoes or snow grips. If visiting the area in the winter, you should add Rocky Mountain National Park to this bucket list ski road trip itinerary.


THE HISTORIC RAPIDS LODGE AND RESTAURANT is more of a budget option, this lodge is located on the banks of the scenic river not far from Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake. Here, youll find pet-friendly cabins, gourmet dining, old but clean and cozy rooms. The highlight is the view and the river.

ASPEN WINDS ON FALL RIVER a dream-like lodging right next to Rocky Mountain National Park. All condo suites and vacation rentals are facing the river with mind-blowing views on all sides. Clean, quiet accommodation with professional and caring staff. This hotel is great for couples getaways and romantic stays.

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Places To Go Alone To Clear Your Head


As an introvert, I find that quiet time alone is the best way to recharge my mental batteries, but everyone can benefit from taking the time to seek some mental clarity in their own way. Wherever you live, finding places to go alone to clear your head can help you get back to life with a renewed sense of peace.

Hi, Im Ryan

A long walk in the woods filled with introspection has been a godsend when life gets complicated or when I have a million thoughts racing through my head. Using introspection to clear my head has been a powerful tool to calm the noise.

Introduce Regular Exercise: A Long Run A Hiit Session Or A Yoga Class

The place you just want to go to clear your mind.

When you participate in physical activity, your body naturally releases endorphins that trigger positive sensations in the body and mind. Together with the endorphin release, the blood flow increase will help to combat the feeling of fogginess and dizziness. Whether its a run, a dance class, or something calmer such as yoga or pilates, any movement will only result in health benefits.

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Positive Effects Of Being More Mindful

The process of replaying the same thoughts over and over in your head is known as rumination. Research has shown that rumination can be harmful in many ways. Being able to free yourself from this negative practice is an important skill to master.

One of the main problems with rumination is that when you focus on disturbing events in the past or future, you create anxiety for yourself in the present. This anxiety triggers your stress response and robs you of joy at the moment. The result may be chronic stressan unhealthy condition that can lead to a host of physical, mental, and emotional problems.

Learning to avoid rumination , can help you maintain or achieve an improved state of mind.

Lake Louise Alberta Canada

Banff National Park is chock full of amazing scenery and crystalline lakes, but Lake Louise might be the best of them all. Campers and hikers alike can settle by its perfectly blue waters and gaze at mountain views that seem almost too pristine to be real luckily, it is. And it’s quite possibly the perfect relaxing vacation for lovers of the great outdoors.

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How Do You Empty Your Mind

In the end, emptying your mind may not be what you truly want to achieve. Perhaps a focused or clear mind is a better visual than an empty mind is. After all, an empty mind is entirely devoid of thought, thinking, and feeling. On the other hand, a focused or clear mind is one with intention, awareness, and sharpness. Try meditation, mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing, or physical exercise to cultivate a clear or focused mind.

Baja California Peninsula Mexico

How to relax, clear your mind and find answers. Go to your Nothing Box.

This Northwestern Mexico peninsula has no shortage of beaches where you can relax and rejuvenateafter all, it’s right between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. And the luxurious, secluded One& Only Palmilla, which is located on the Sea of Cortez in Los Cabos, is the perfect Baja California retreat for the wellness-minded.

This year, the resort has teamed up with travel company Wanderwell to curate six wellness-focused journeys throughout the year. Each journey lasts three days and focuses on a different theme: New Year, New You on January 11-13 Vino & Vinyasa on March 8-10, May 10-12, and September 27-29 Mindful Wellness on June 7-9 and Eatwell Discovery on November 1-3. Activities such as spa treatments, yoga sessions, and mindful healing workshops will be offered at the different retreats.

Book now: Starting at $616 per person,

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Lumahai Beach Kauai Hawaii

You can find dozens of beautiful beaches in Hawaii, but Lumahai is particularly special for travelers who want to get away from it all. This white sand beach is ideal for lounging in the sun, or for experienced surfers to catch some waves. It’s not recommended for swimming, however, due to the strong undertow.

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Find Peace Of Mind: Discover 11 Places In Europe To Unwind

  • Wed Jul 10 2019

Getting outside can do wonders for your well-being and your mind. Think natural light, fresh air and quiet. Its well known that after just a few days without all the trappings of our modern lives, little by little we start to relax our posture changes, our breathing slows, and calm descends upon us. Hit the restart button to reset the mind, body and soul in all four corners of Europe. The perfect time to reflect on your life where youve been and where you want to go.

Seven Sisters East Sussex England

Clear your mind of all negativity and past disappointments. Let ...

Anglophiles will find paradise in East Sussex. Rolling green hills and a close proximity to the English channel make Seven Sisters the quintessential English countryside that you’ve only ever read about in a Victorian novel. You’ll also find picturesque white chalk cliffs if you decide to take a stroll there.

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Learn To Live In The Moment

One of the best ways to clear your mind is to simply focus on the task at hand. Not only is living in the present moment useful for clearing your mind, but it leads to a higher quality of life as well.

Using an iPhone application called Track Your Happiness, Harvard psychologists found that daydreaming is associated with lower levels of happiness.

The study periodically polled more than 2000 adults who reported what they were doing, whether their minds were wandering and how happy they were.

About half the time, the participants were thinking about something other than the task at hand.

According to the study, the ability to think about what is not happening is a cognitive achievement that comes at an emotional cost.

The study found that people who daydreamed less and were more likely to focus on the task they were doing in the present moment were more likely to be happy.

The question is, how can you train your brain to live more in the present moment so you can more effectively clear your mind?

According to neuroscientist David Rock, taking small moments throughout the day to focus on your senses and youll direct experience network in your brain compared to your default brain network.

This is why I believe micro-meditations can be effective.

The key here is to focus on your breath for 1-3 minutes every hour throughout the day.

Its best to do equal breathing which is inhaling for 4 seconds through your and nose and then exhaling for 4 seconds .

How To Be Mindful Of Your Thoughts

Learning how to be mindful and observe your thoughts non-judgementally can help combat rumination and may lead to better sleep, more effective downtime after work, greater focus, and increased creativity. The practice may even be good for your relationships. So investing some time in mindfulness strategies is well worth it.

If your thoughts about a stressful situation become “stuck” and thinking about an event no longer leads to positive change, its time to take steps to change your thinking.

That said, letting go of negative emotions is easier said than done. There are a few techniques to quiet your thoughts that you can try.

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Best Relaxing Destinations You Need To Visit In 2021

Published by Taylor Trahan on May 3, 2021May 3, 2021

May is Mental Health Month and were sure its not just us that feels like the last pandemic-year put our mental health through the wringer. Even if you dont typically struggle with mental health, or dont have a diagnosed mental illness, the past year has been TOUGH. Now, with travel becoming easier and lower-risk , its a great time to start thinking about some upcoming vacay plans! A change of scenery and a long vacay to one of these relaxing destinations can do wonders for your mental health.

Having a change of pace and scenery, a change to unplug and explore, and a break from normal life and responsibilities can be a great way to reset after a difficult month or year. Taking a break and exploring something new can give us the boost we need to keep going, or help us relax and refresh. Who hasnt experienced coming back from a vacation totally refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life throws at us next?

With that said, were rounding up some of our favorite relaxing destinations to visit for when you just need a break, a chance to reset, or some time to do some serious self-care. Heres our favorites.

Red Feather Lakes Colorado

6 Ways To A Clear Mind | How To Clear Your Mind

Shambhala is more than just a place to gather and clear your mind. Shambhala is a philosophy that speaks to those looking for peace in their life. Opposites can co-exist. By the way, Colorado is one of the top destinations for Spring Break for families.

As part of a six-hundred-acre retreat, the Shambhala Mountain Center is a great relaxation destination because it has diverse environments to meditate in.

Cell phone signals dont work by default to keep the centers peace intact.

Out of all the choices on the list, this one probably has the most programs available. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be something new to try.

Some popular programs are based on bestselling books or have a nature-based focus.

You can bring large groups of people and be assured that each person will have a different experience.

Read this post for the best and easy hiking trails in Colorado.

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Get Professional Medical Advice For Mental Health

If you are unable to escape the chaos of negative thoughts and negative emotions swirling through your mind, it may be best to seek professional medical advice or an expert. There are more mental health resources available today than ever before and plenty of support and treatment facilities that can assist you.

When all the ways to calm your mind just arent working, there may be a bigger or serious issue there. Mental health stigma is changing, so theres no need to feel worried or shame. Theres also nothing necessarily wrong with seeking treatment. Just like youd go and get a prescription for glasses if your eyes began failing you, you should seek treatment if your mind is failing you. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 6.8 million adults in the US suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder yet less than half are receiving treatment.

From Italy To Portugal

What better way to relax and unwind than with a hot bath? Or, in this case, a hot bath in nature? The Isle of Ischia is a volcanic outcrop in the Bay of Naples thats famous for its mineral-rich thermal waters. The beautiful village of Monsanto, Portugal is a strange sight to see, with boulders popping up through rooftops and around corners, but its quiet, rustic, with architectural gems and boulders around every single corner. Walk up and down the cobbled streets, visit the ruins of the Templar castle and experience the living museum that is Monsanto. If secluded beaches are more your thing, albeit black volcanic beaches, then we suggest exploring the Azores Islands in Portugal. The volcanic surroundings breathe life into the abundant colourful and vibrant nature, gorgeous green and turquois crater lakes Lake Sete Cicades and Lagoa do Fogo – and mineral hot springs of Caldeira Velha. Hitting the off switch is definitely possible here.

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What Are Tips On How To Clear Your Mind Of Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts have a habit of creeping into the mind uninvited.

You might be lying in bed trying to sleep when you suddenly remember a bill you forgot to pay. Or, perhaps youre on a date with your partner when it strikes you that theyre acting strangely are they mad? Are they annoyed at you? Do they think about someone else?

Most of the time, the best way to stop these negative thoughts is to act as the bouncer of your mind and to say a hard-and-fast no to non-useful, negative thoughts. If its not a good thought or a constructive thought, dont let it in.

This is obviously easier said than done. With practice, you may see that this muscle gets stronger, and you can resist the lingering dwelling on negative thoughts you once had. Sometimes, clearing your mind comes with a bit of a fight.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park In North Dakota

Reposting @beautiful.planet.2706: Perfect place to clear your mind Tags ...

I bet North Dakota is probably one of the last few states you plan to visit in America.

Overall, the state does not have as much to offer as some other states. Still, we personally couldnt believe how much beauty this national park hides. We visited it on our cross-country road trip from the West Coast to the East and couldnt be happier.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is on the western side of the state and not far from the border with Montana, is rich with wildlife, scenic drives, and stunning vista views. We spent there just a couple of hours in the evening, watching the sunset and observing the wildlife.

Honestly, we havent seen as many bison in our life as in this one park. Yes, I have been to Yellowstone NP too and still cant remember as many bison as in this park in North Dakota. In Theodore Roosevelt park they love resting in bushes, crossing the road, refreshing in the river, and walking wherever they want to.

Therefore, I guarantee the splendor of this park will totally surprise and amaze you. Just visit once and youll want to come and revisit it again!


AMBLE INN this Inn is a wonderful option for budget travelers who are traveling across the country and/or looking to stay next to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The rooms here are big, with comfortable beds, spacious bathrooms. The atmosphere feels like somewhere in the Wild West.

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