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About Paranormal Mind Reading Magic:

Paranormal Las Vegas. Mind Reading Magic Show 2022

The power of the mind takes center stage as international mentalist Frederic Da Silva takes the stage in the Magic Attic at Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

  • This shows magic, mind-reading, hypnosis, and mystery arent just in your head. Da Silva has been honored with numerous awards for his powerful abilities. Hes the 2011 winner of the FISM European Championship of Magic. In 2010, he was awarded the Nostradamus d Or as the best mentalist in Europe and a prize winner in the FFAP French Championship of Magic. Many fans may also know him as a contestant on Frances Got Talent.
  • Da Silvas afternoon show will leave you guessing about what is reality and what is an illusion. He will get inside your head and make predictions that seem unbelievable. He may even know the name of the person youve been obsessing about or predict what you have in your pocket. Prepare to have your mind blown!


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Watching a performance by Frederic Da Silva is like being on first-name basis with a mystery without really understanding it. International mentalist Frederic Da Silva brings his renowned show PARANORMAL to Bally’s Las Vegas. With the powers of his mind, participants feel his touch without his physical presence. Experience an afternoon of mystery, magic, hypnosis and mind-reading that will leave you astonished and amazed.Made famous internationally on European television, Frederic brings his spectacular production PARANORMAL to Las Vegas. Behind the word, “MENTALIST”, lurk notions of magic, divination, suggestion and the paranormal. Voted Best Mentalist in Europe, Frederic has the ability to predict what you are hiding in your pocket, stop a watch at the time that you secretly visualized, or even figure out the name of the person you are thinking about. How does he do it? What is his secret? Is it all an illusion? Is it real? Does he have special powers? You will probably never know… The only thing you will be sure of after seeing the show is that you will never forget… Frederic Da Silva.

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Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show

For almost over a decade, Paranormal Mind Reading Magic under the premise of Frederick Silva dominated the magic arena both in the United States and all across the globe with his marvelous performance. Being both the author and the executive of the prominent TV-series, Frederick Silva became easily recognized as the successful magician .

The magic show, therefore, seems to reflect the popularity of its author with the majority of the visitors claiming that they havent seen the performance of a similar scale before. All of tricks, stunts, magical appearances and interaction with the audience contribute to the fact that Frederick is constantly displaying the surprise factor: every time the performance goes differently, meaning that its always has something to offer.

Rejecting the traditional-stage magic, Frederick da Silva built his name with the unparalleled and daring stunts while simultaneously breaking the threshold of everyones expectations. Without a single doubt, its fair for anyone to claim that Frederick da Silva with his Mind Reading Magic transforms the entire industry with his magic and kicks the scam and boredom out of the room forever!

This, in turn, is surely the reason why no one can ignore the performance of Frederick da Silva l if being an avid fan of magic. There are no strict limitations imposed upon the visitors, meaning that even the kids can attend the performance with ease while visiting the city of Las Vegas.

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Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

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What To Expect At Paranormal Mind Reading

The Paranormal Mind Reading Las Vegas show will leave guests racking their brains trying to figure out how the talented Frederic Da Silva can get inside their minds.

Youll witness everything from a blindfolded recreation of a picture he has never seen, stopping the clock at the time youre thinking of, and even guessing your deepest, darkest secrets.

This is a great show for the family and may even make you feel like a magician. The audience gets to play along with every trick in this interactive set of twists and turns.

Head on down to The Magic Attic at Horseshoe Resort & Casino for a show so mind-blowing you wont even be able to explain it to your friends.

If the paranormal mind-reading magic show cant make you question your reality, nothing can. Frederic is an internationally renowned mentalist who will do his best to unlock your mind through magic, hypnosis, and mind-reading.

A paranormal mind-reading show is sure to leave audiences wondering how it all works. If you think you can figure out Frederics secrets, come to the show and find out!

We cant guarantee that youll be able to get inside his head, but we can guarantee that Frederic will be able to get inside yours. Open your mind to the bending of reality and the impossible feats that will happen before your very own eyes.

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Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Best Las Vegas hypnosis / hypnotist Show 2022. Mind Reading Magic show Paranormal

Frederic Da Silva blew up on the world stage after performing mesmerizing tricks on Frances Got Talent. Now, the award-winning mentalist comes to Las Vegas for the second time for a headlining show at Horseshoe Las Vegas called Paranormal Mind Reading Magic.

The question everyone always asks is, How did he do it? His mind-blowing tricks will leave you scratching your head and asking the same thing. Watch in awe as he recreates drawings from the audience while blindfolded or reading your mind to guest who youre thinking about.

Whether they are just tricks or reality, one thing for sure is that Frederic Da Silva knows how to get in your head.

Attend the show taking place in an intimate venue that creates the perfect environment for lots of audience participation. Youll become part of the show as he reads your mind, performs unexplainable illusions, and hypnosis.

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic is a family-friendly activity with over an hour of mystery and fun.

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Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Review

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic is one of the best afternoon shows in Vegas. Some people describe it as a paranormal show because Da Silva demonstrates special powers of the mind that few other people possess. There is a fair amount of mystery to his shows because you never learn how Da Silva can read your mind.

For example, Da Silva can guess what you have in your pockets before you ever take anything out of them. He can also guess the name of someone you are thinking about in your mind. No one understands how he can guess these names so accurately. Does he have some type of paranormal power? Could he genuinely have magical abilities of the mind? Da Silva will never reveal his secrets.

However, that is the whole fun of the experience. Paranormal Mind Reading Magic keeps audience members guessing and wondering from beginning to end. You are not supposed to understand the secrets of his powers, other than the fact that he has them. Before Da Silva had a magic show in Vegas, he gained international fame on European television. He was even deemed The Best Mentalist in Europe.

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic is a unique magic show in Vegas that uses unfathomable illusions and mental powers. If you like shows where audiences get to participate in the act, you will love this show. Da Silva does not make any physical contact with audience members. He only has to look at you to guess your innermost secrets.

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Paranormal Las Vegas Show Review

Paranormal Las Vegas show is a fascinating afternoon of unsuspecting mental powers of Frederic Da Silva.

This 70-minute event has been leaving audiences amazed as Da Silva works his mental prowess on his volunteers. This family-friendly show is one of the top rated magic events on the Strip and is sure to thrill everyone from six to ninety years old.

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Ticket Prices

The Paranormal show in Las Vegas has four seating sections in the Magic Attic of the Ballys Hotel: Rear General Admission, General Admission, Premium, and VIP. The Magic Attic is an intimate showroom approximately 3,685 square feet in size. The total seat capacity in the Magic Attic is roughly 300 seats. Everyone has a good time in the Magic Attic because there is no bad place to sit. The question is how close you want to sit to the center stage.

Lets explore the four seating sections in more detail below:

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