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Nomadic State Of Mind Romano Sandal

New nomadic state of mind global nomad

Our Romano style sandal in original camel color. With five points of adjustability this sandal boasts one of our most secure fitting sandal. Rope laces can be interchanged with other color laces, this is our only model of sandal where the laces can be changed. This one, you need to know how to tie some sort of knot – there are no rules you can tie it anyway you want. Added heel lift on bottom. Super light, super soft rope, adjustable, and really comfortable.

Sustainable and Eco Conscious

A love for the world we live in isnât just a state of mind – itâs a way of living. Thatâs why all of our products are made in a socially and eco-conscious way. They are vegan and cruelty-free. We also use recycled materials wherever we can and use sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp and RPET.

We Minimize Manufacturing Waste

Finally, our âNo Scraps Left Behindâ program minimizes our manufacturing waste as much as possible by using leftover scraps to create additional products such as rope decor, rugs and art.

About this product

Wandering The Planet Probably The Best Friends For Your Feet

Hand made, adjustable, lightweight, vegan, sandals of foot pleasure. Constructed with your comfort in mind, a super soft polypro rope makes these sandals machine washable and color fast. Our sandals are great for walking everywhere, on the boat, in the canoe, at the beach, shopping, juggling, or around the house…

Nomadic State Of Mind

Nomadic State of Mind rope sandals are made in a small out of work coffee farm in Nicaragua. Although the cities are beginning to bustle in Nicaragua, many jobs are difficult to find for people out in the country. All of their artisans are paid well, and their goal is to offer more employment opportunities to the community as Nomadic State of Mind grows. Their sandal making process is time-consuming, and after extensive training, their artists handcraft each sandal to perfection. They have been working with the same group of people since 2000 and have watched their economic impact positively benefit that community. Buying a pair of handmade rope sandals or rope art directly affects the betterment of a small out of work community in Nicaragua.

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We Are Looking For Distributors In South Africato Help Us Share Our Peace Love And Good Times


Join our global team of distributors and get on board for the 21st century.Our hand-made rope sandals are recognized as simply the best in the galaxy. The perfect sandal for every festival and all the moments in between.

All our products are not only beautiful but also support Fair Trade, responsible manufacturing and are environmentally sustainable.

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Not Quite Chic Just Boho

In our One Great Thing series we highlight the best style, beauty and home stufffound, tested and obsessed over by our editors. Here, the extremely comfortable shoes that have style editor Liz Guber feeling nostalgic.

When I was 19, I dated a guy who lived on the Toronto Island. Our brief, but spirited fling lasted the summer and was largely spent on his fathers rickety boat, or on the shores of the islands quiet, residential eastern end, where tourists were sparse and mellowness ruled.

I dont reminisce about that summer often , but about once a year something will spark remembrancethe distant sound of a ferry horn or the sight of a sailboat on the horizon. But last week, while considering options for this sandal roundup, one pair of shoes brought me right back.

The sandals in question are woven of nylon rope, theyre pancake flat and aestheticallydistinct. They remind me not of the island boy, but of his mother, herself a representation of the larger island cliché: the hip eco-warrior with an artsy job the kind of woman who owns a rain barrel and makes wind chimes out of Nespresso pods. If shes not in Birkenstocks, shes probably wearing a pair of these right now.

The brand behind the sandals is called Nomadic State of Mind, a boho outfit out of Ottawa, a company that eschews last names, preferring the image of the free-spirited backpacker hopping from Bonnaroo to Osheaga on a shoestring budget. Coincidentally, the shoes are made in a village in Nicaragua.

From Square Toe Sandals To Women’s Platform Sandals

Not sure how to update your warm weather wardrobe? Start with your shoes:

  • Try a pair of women’s wedge sandals with a classic dress for a relaxed look.
  • Load up your collection of women’s espadrille sandals to add a bit of romanticism to any outfit.
  • Pair your jeans with square toe sandals for a classy, dressed-up look.
  • Update your collection of strappy sandals to give you a go-to option whenever you’re looking for something elegant, cool, and comfortable.
  • Get a few pairs of slide sandals to make it easy to hit the boardwalk, beach, or pool.

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