National Mental Health Awareness Month 2022


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National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 202: Maryam Oguntola 23 Finds Mental Health Support At Wellness Center

Mental Health Awareness Month | Maurice Benard (May 9th, 2022)

About MaryamFuture Plans: Law degree, MA in social work

What unique challenges do people of color face when talking about mental health?A lack of resources, information, and education on mental health plays a big role in why BIPOC communities struggle with mental health. The first time I learned about mental health was at John Jay. I discovered how to check on my well-being and found a place where I could get the tools and resources to overcome any struggles I was facing.

The first time I learned about mental health was at John Jay. 23

When facing mental health struggles, what helps you feel better?I use two meditation apps, Shine and Smiling Mind. Shine was created by two people of color, and many people providing guidance on the app are women of color. That makes it easier for me to relate to them.

At John Jay, I started using the resources available at the Wellness Center. Ive always wanted to try therapy because I know how helpful it can be. When I decided to try it, I emailed Corey Head, took a survey, and requested to have a therapist that was a Muslim or Black woman. I wanted to speak to someone who had gone through similar experiences.

After seeing a therapist at the Wellness Center for almost a year, my mental health has dramatically improved. 23

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

This Mental Health Awareness Month marks a critical moment for our nation. The COVID-19 pandemic has only contributed to rising rates of mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety, substance misuse, and serious thoughts of suicide and suicide attemptsparticularly among youth and marginalized communities. But, The Jed Foundation is excited by the momentum we see from all corners to change those numbers and meet this moment together. We are particularly grateful to you for doing this important work with us. This MHAM, lets promote and protect the emotional well-being of those who need it mostteens and young adults. Together, we can:

  • Find connection and support.
  • Ask forand offerhelp.
  • Seek and celebrate joy.

The resources on this page are here to help you have important one-on-one conversations, build connections, share your stories, and launch your own awareness campaigns. Please use and share them widely!

History Of Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health formerly known as the Association for Mental Health organized the first Mental Health Awareness Month in 1949. Interestingly, though, it is not the only society that engages in periodic outreach throughout the year. Other organizations, such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, also get heavily involved in annual campaigns.

Mental health issues are, unfortunately, a scourge on our society a hidden epidemic that often rumbles on in the background, hiding its scale. Mental Health Awareness Month, therefore, is an attempt to bring these issues to the fore. In the past, the purpose of the month was to raise funds for those affected by various conditions. But in recent times, organizers shifted the emphasis to the problem of stigma.

Stigma is one of the main reasons why people dont come forward for mental health treatment. Patients view their symptoms as a mark of their character instead of a problem with their biology, outside of their control. People do not see a broken leg as a sign of personal inadequacy, but they may take that view with mental health conditions.

Another purpose of the event is to highlight the fact that treatments are improving with every passing year. Talk therapies, medications, and lifestyle interventions all combine to produce radically beneficial outcomes for patients. Theres no need for people to suffer in silence. Options are available.

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Substance Use Disorder And Overdose Prevention

The crisis of opioid misuse, addiction, and overdose in the United States is a rapidly evolving and urgent public health emergency. Overdose deaths were rising prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but in 2020 there was a 30% increase in overdose deaths, with nearly 92,000 overdose deaths. Provisional data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that overdose have continued to increase, with more than 105,000 overdose deaths predicted in the 12 months ending November 2021.

The burden of overdose expands to other consequences of substance use disorders , including nonfatal overdose, and the human cost of this crisis also takes a heavy toll on families, caregivers, and communities. The HHS Overdose Prevention Strategy prioritizes four key target areasprimary prevention, harm reduction, evidence-based treatment, and recovery support. The HHS Overdose Prevention Strategy prioritizes four key target areasprimary prevention, harm reduction, evidence-based treatment, and recovery support.

What Weve AccomplishedAmerican Rescue Plan

Recent Actions to Expand Overdose Prevention and Access to Treatment

Dlc Partners With The Community To Help Our Troops Battle The War Within When They Return Home

National Mental Health Awareness Week

With more than 108,000 Veterans, their families, as well active-duty service men and women residing in Southwest Florida, many are lacking access to needed behavioral health services. Read more about how DLC has partnered with the community to provide access to services for Veterans.

To improve access to care in Collier County, Home Base Florida and DLC announced a clinical partnership to offer mental health and substance use services for Veterans and military families who call Southwest Florida home at no cost. Read more about the partnership.

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Together For Mental Health

Standing with Mental Health America is the National Alliance on Mental Illness , the nations largest grassroots mental health organization. The NAMI also promotes Mental Health Awareness Month through a series of resources and events.

This year, the theme of NAMIs message is, Together for Mental Health. Throughout the month of May 2022, they will work to bring voices together and to amplify the idea that mental health is health. They explain, Together, we can realize our shared vision of a nation where anyone affected by mental illness can get the appropriate support and quality of care to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

How To Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health is a significant concern in our society, but it is also something that we can each address individually. The good news is that you can get involved with the effort and lend a helping hand to those around you.

The easiest way to get involved in Mental Health Awareness Month is to download the Mental Health Month Toolkit. This resource provides you with practically everything that you need to improve your own mental health, and that of the people around you. It includes material that helps you to own your feelings, look for the positives in situations, and eliminate the toxic influences on your life. It also provides information on how to create a healthy routine, support other people in your community, and connect with those who might be isolated.

The second thing that you can do is learn more about the stigmas of mental health. As we discussed, researchers are increasingly coming to the view that mental health conditions are strictly biological processes. Individual patients do not choose their health problems. You might, therefore, want to reach out in ways that highlight this important point.

Next, you could treat yourself to a spot of pampering or a well-deserved vacation. Regular working life can be tough. But going away for a week in the sun gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and gain a new lease on life.

Finally, you can attend events and share information related to mental health with your friends and family on social media.

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World Mental Health Day 2022 Make Mental Health For All A Global Priority

World Mental Health Day is marked every year on October 10 to raise awareness about mental health around the world and to mobilize efforts to support those experiencing mental health issues. Every year since 2013, the World Health Organization has organized a global campaign for World Mental Health Day. The World Federation for Mental Health announced the theme for World Mental Health Day 2022, which is Make mental health for all a global priority.

At the United Nations, events and activities are organized each year during the month of October to promote the importance of mental health and well-being for our personnel.

For more information about how to get involved please see:

World Mental Health Day 2022

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

World Mental Health Day also known as Mental Health Awareness Dayis observed every year on October 10th. The purpose of this globally recognized day is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health concerns.

In 1992, World Mental Health Day was created by the World Federation of Mental Health , a 74-year-old organization that supports mental health awareness and advocacy in over 90 countries.

There are many ways to participate in World Mental Health Day 2022. Here are a few ideas:

  • Learn more about mental health. Use the Find Center website to curate information on a variety of mental health related topics, read through Mental Health Americas 2022 State of Mental Health in America report, and check out this list of mental health podcasts.
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness and This is My Brave give people the opportunity to share their mental health experiences to help others struggling with their mental health.
  • Take good care of yourself. Taking care of your own mental health is the best way to celebrate World Mental Health Day. Spend time in nature, meditate, exercise, eat healthy foods, and seek out support for your mental health using the resources shared below.

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National Depression And Mental Health Screening Month 2022

Throughout the month of October, mental health organizations and advocates teach people how to recognize signs and symptoms of depression in themselves and others, as well as share resources for mental health screenings and support for depression.

To learn more about depression, check out these articles from HelpGuide, an independent nonprofit focused on sharing trustworthy mental health and wellbeing information:

For free online mental health screenings, Mental Health America and the Anxiety & Depression Association of America have great options.

What Can You Do To Support Mental Health Awareness Month

You can join the movement and support mental health awareness in a variety of ways. If you would like to become an advocate for those struggling with mental health issues, you can do so by:

  • Spreading awareness about the reality of mental illness as a health condition
  • Educating others about how to talk about and promote mental health
  • Being open to conversations and serving as a support system for those struggling

If you have personally struggled with mental health problems and are in recovery, we also encourage you to share your story. Sharing your story can help shed light on the reality of mental health, and show others that recovery and finding fulfillment is possible for them. It can also help other people struggling see that they are not alone.

If you continue to struggle with mental health issues and need support, we encourage you to ask someone you trust a clinician, a therapist, a friend, a partner for help. You do not have to suffer in silence. You do not have to go at this alone. There are many resources available to you. If you are unsure where to turn, you can always contact Turnbridge confidentially for guidance. We are a recognized mental health and substance use treatment center for adolescents and young adults.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Turnbridge. Call 877-581-1793 today.

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Mental Health Awareness Month 202: What To Know

Key takeaways:

  • Mental Health Awareness Month is recognized every year to normalize talking about mental health and share resources to support your mental well-being.

  • Mental health conditions are more common than you might realize they affect about 21% of people living in the U.S.

  • If youre struggling with your mental health, effective treatments are available and many organizations can provide information, support, and crisis intervention.

Mental Health Awareness Month, which is in May, is designed to highlight the importance of taking care of your mental wellness. Its also a great time to share valuable resources and learn where you can get mental health support.

Mental Health Awareness Month was started in 1949 by Mental Health America, and each year the organization chooses a theme. The theme for 2022 is Back to Basics, which focuses on teaching people the fundamentals of mental health now that we are two years into the pandemic.

This article will cover how many people are affected by mental illness, the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, and where you can go to find support.

Building Strength & Resiliency In Children

World Mental Health Day 2022 Quotes and Poster: positive and ...

Mental health in childhood involves reaching developmental and emotional milestones, learning healthy social skills, and understanding how to cope when there are problems.

  • Stressful events during childhood can have a negative impact across the lifespan. Promoting protective buffers is a vital way for public health professionals, health care providers, families, and policymakers to help more children have a healthy future. Learn more.
  • Strong early social and emotional development gives children the building blocks for lifelong mental health. Pediatric care professionals can help children build this foundation by fostering social and emotional development. Learn more.

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Key Mental Health And Depression Statistics To Know

  • 50% of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75% by age 24.2
  • Individuals identifying as being two or more races are more likely to experience a mental health condition than any other race or ethnic group.3
  • 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year.4
  • 56% of adults with a mental illness dont receive the treatment they need.5
  • 32.1% of U.S. adults with mental illness also experienced a substance use disorder in 2020.4
  • Black American adults are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems, such as major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder.6
  • More than 80% of Black Americans are very concerned about the stigma associated with mental illness, which discourages them from seeking treatment.7

Risk Factors For Mental Health Disorders

Many factors contribute to your overall mental health. This can include genetics, your lifestyle, and environmental influences. Many stressful circumstances can increase your risk for mental health problems.

Some examples of these stressors include:

  • Losing your job, worrying about your finances, and not having enough money

  • Being unable to afford or access healthcare

  • Worrying about not having enough food

  • Being afraid about not having a place to live

  • Experiencing violence, discrimination, or racism

  • Facing stigma about mental health issues

  • Lacking enough social and community support

  • Having trouble finding providers who understand your culture or speak your language

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Support Bipoc Living With Mental Health Conditions

As public health professionals and care providers, it’s important to support BIPOC in achieving their optimal mental health by ensuring equal access to quality mental health services and amplifying the voices of people from historically excluded communities. Looking for more resources? We hope you find these insights, tools, and resources to be helpful.

Veterans Mental Health: Awareness & Understanding

2022 Permian Basin Mental Health Awareness Month Community Conversation with Dr. Amanda Compton

This month, DLC is highlighting the topic of Veterans Mental Health and is addressing the challenges that veterans in our community face after returning from duty. These duty members often experience invisible wounds of war which include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder , and traumatic brain injury. That is why we urge the community to come together to help raise awareness on the importance of encouraging our Veterans to receive the help they need. This month, DLC is sharing resources and is addressing important community needs related to Veterans Mental Health.

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Where Can I Find Mental Health Services

If you or someone you love has signs of a mental health issue, there are many types of mental health services available. These options might include:

  • Individual counseling

  • Inpatient care at a treatment center, hospital, or residential program

To start your search for mental health treatment, try your regular healthcare provider. They may have recommendations for psychotherapists, psychiatrists, or other mental health services in your area. There are also a number of online therapy options to fit your schedule.

Here are some other avenues to explore when youre ready to reach out for help:

Mental Health Awareness Month Facts And Statistics

An estimated 53 million people in the United States live with a mental illness, which is about 21% of the adult population. Included in that is almost 6% of adults who experience serious mental illness. About 17% of youth ages 6 to 17 years old experience mental health issues.

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental health condition, affecting about 18% of the population. Other common mental health conditions include:

  • Eating disorders

More than half of people with a mental illness dont receive treatment, according to Mental Health America. And about 11% of those with a mental illness dont have health insurance.

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