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List Of The Best Individual Nootropics

Mind Lab Pro 4.0 Review: Don’t Choose Wrong!

Making the best nootropic stack can be hard work, and there are a lot of options which already have a lot of research on them. Below, were listing what we believe to be the best nootropic substances on the market at the moment for you to use in a custom stack.

Most of these are found in our high-level pre-made stack recommendations and all of them have a good amount of clinical evidence to vouch for them. For instance a lot that we mention in this list are already in our pre-made recommendations like Noocube, Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind.

Idea: If you are new to nootropic stacks, we suggest you start with a simple base like Performance Lab Mind. It contains 4 of the top nootropics for you to test and build on with other options in our list. Dont want to stack individually? Try other options from the Performance Lab range or go with a full stack like NooCube or Mind Lab Pro.

They feature in these nootropic supplements and in our list because they are some of the most effective options on the market.

This doesnt mean that these are the only nootropics you should be using in your smart drugs stacks. You may find other options that we havent covered and may want to research and include those.

Here is a summary of the top nootropics to take for specific goals.

Legit Review Of Mind Labs I Feel Like

Legit review of mind labs I feel like at first I didn’t feel much at all but as I kept taking them after about a week I felt huge bursts of mental energy which to be honest I did not expect this product to work but for me it definitely has has a positive effect without any caffeine crash

Date of experience:18 May 2022

Which Nootropic Supplement Is Best For Memory And Focus

The best nootropic supplement for improving focus and memory is Mind Lab Pro. As a highly rated smart drug with natural, scientifically backed ingredients and thousands of satisfied customers, its no surprise that it earned the top spot as the best nootropic overall.

When taking Mind Lab Pro, you may experience cognitive benefits that include improved work productivity, increased mental clarity and confidence, and the ability to cut through mental fatigue and perform better under pressure.

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Which Is Better Mind Lab Pro Or Noocube

Mind Lab Pro has been voted the best nootropic product for many reasons. Its almost the perfect brain supplement and can be taken by anyone, regardless of age or occupation.

Opti Nutra has developed a nootropic that is extremely effective and can last for many years. Their secret? The formula is simple and contains the best nootropics. It also includes research to determine the right dosage. It contains no BS and nothing that could cause harm to the user.

However, we think that NooCube now rightly deserves the title of best nootropic. This comprehensive stack covers every aspect of cognitive performance, from focus and learning to long-term memory function and anxiety control.

Even better, it protects your brain cells from damage and even promotes long-term brain development.

To top it all off, this safe, side effect-free stack is one of the best value nootropic supplements on the market.

If you are deciding between NooCube and Mind Lab Pro then NooCube is clearly the better choice in our opinion!

Are There Any Nootropics That Actually Work

Noocube Vs Mind Lab Pro

Nootropics can be of two types

  • One which contains synthetic or artificial substances
  • And, the other that contains herbal extracts.The nootropics containing natural ingredients help in bolstering brain function which thereby promotes brain health. These plant extracts which are potent brain boosters perform as vasodilators and expand the small arteries and veins of the brain. The herbal preparations of the natural nootropics aid in enhancing the blood circulation towards the brain and nourish the brain with vital brain-boosting nutrientsand elevate oxygen flow in the brain. These natural extracts also ward off inflammation of the brain by providing antioxidant support to the brain tissues. These herbal cognitive enhancers control the release of major neurotransmitters like dopamine and other primary brain chemicals and enhance the activity of these neurotransmitters for long-term cognitive function and health.

There are a few naturally potent and safe nootropics available that are plant-based and contain brain nurturing herbal extracts and essential nutrients that improve brainpower. These potent and effective herbs like Ginseng Root have been known to boost memory and enhance cognitive power.Some of the high-quality, top-operating smart drugs which help you to unlock your brains capabilities and help you to reach highest cognitive performance and high-level thinking are:

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Performance Lab Mind: Great Brain Pill For Improved Cognitive Function

You can think of Performance Lab Mind as the more affordable sibling of Mind Lab Pro. Its the top brain supplement for professional athletes and those who want to increase mental energy. In addition, its one of the only memory supplements that can enhance cognition and help your brain recover more quickly from mental exertion and fatigue.

Performance Lab Mind has a stimulant-free brain formula to help you attain peak performance, even under pressure. Its different from the other nootropics in our review, which boast all-in-one formulas for stacking.

This popular nootropic contains only a few premium ingredients in advanced forms to help replenish brain vitamins and support new brain cells for cognitive enhancement. Here are the advertised benefits of taking Performance Lab Mind:

Faster Mental Recovery: The nootropics in Performance Lab Mind replenish critical brain chemicals to help you recover from mental exertion more quickly.

Supports Brain Function: The Performance Lab Mind formula supports the fluid neural structures in your brain associated with memory, critical thinking, and learning.

Optimizes Neuro-nutrient Delivery: By increasing blood flow, glucose, and oxygen to the brain, Performance Lab Mind supports healthy neuro-nutrient delivery.

Promotes Neural Regeneration: The advanced nootropics in Performance Lab Mind promote the regeneration of new brain cells for long-term cognitive performance enhancement and mental health.

How Does It Work?

Formula Overview

Is It A Legit Product

Because Mind Lab Pro is incredibly transparent about its ingredients, conducts independent tests via a third party with posted results, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, it seems legit.

In the world of over-the-counter nootropics, it is common for most companies to use a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients, hide in-depth information about their ingredients behind a proprietary blend, and rely on stimulants. Mind Lab Pro is a cut above the rest because it gives detailed information about formula ingredients its stimulant-free, non-habit forming, and vegan-safe.

Be advised, that this dietary supplement has not undergone extensive clinical testing to substantiate Mind Lab Pro benefits brain plasticity or reduces cognitive impairment and oxidative stress. Only the individual ingredients used for the formula have been clinically tested and vetted.

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What Are Brain Supplements And How Do They Work

Brain supplements, also known as nootropics, cognitive enhancers, smart drugs, or brain pills, come in a few different forms: dietary supplements, synthetic compounds, and prescription medication. These nootropics work because they contain ingredients to improve cognitive functioning, support brain health, and increase memory retention and focus.

However, brain supplements work differently depending on the ingredients they contain. Some brain pills increase blood flow and vascularity, bringing fresh oxygen into the brain cells. Others may improve brain health by supporting cerebral functions like molecular processes, neurotransmission, and intracellular signaling.

In addition, some nootropics help your body combat deficiencies by replenishing vital nutrients, like essential amino acid compounds and proteins. No matter how they work, any natural or synthetic compound that improves cognitive function and brain health can fall under the nootropic category.

However, synthetic nootropics are usually only available as prescription medications. For example, Adderall, Ritalin, Noopept, Modafinil, and Piracetam are common prescriptions containing synthetic nootropic compounds that increase focus, concentration, recall, and cognitive skills. Youll need a doctors prescription to try synthetic nootropics.

The Results: The Best Alternative Nootropic Supplements To Mind Lab Pro

Alpha Brain vs. Mind Lab Pro (My Favorite)

After reviewing formulas, brand trust and even customer service, we have decided in a big update that the following two products should be top of your list when it comes to nootropic supplements. Both offer better overall benefits and better valur for money compared to Mind Lab Pro.

1) Nooceptin – The latest and best nootropic on the market. Stronger than most and backed by a huge amount of science.

Nooceptin is a top nootropic stack that you ought to think about trying if you’re looking for an all-in-one, full spectrum cognitive enhancer.

Online evaluations for Nooceptin consistently rank it as the top nootropic for complete cognitive enhancement.

2) Noocube – NooCube is a medication that jump-starts your brain and improves cognitive performance so you can be more productive and mentally robust.

Long-term effects on mood and concentration can take up to three months to become noticeable. The manufacturer suggests taking it consistently for three to six months in order to reap the greatest benefits.

ATTENTION! NOOTROPIC BUYERS – In a 2022 twist, testers are rating Nooceptin as the current strongest Nootropic supplement. And one that works quickly and contains a stronger and more effective formulation than the others on the list. See Nooceptin here.

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Common Ingredients In All 3 Products

  • Bacopa Monnieri Root Extract. It is a strong anti-oxidant that activates other brain antioxidants like superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase . This way the brain cells are prevented from accelerating into the aging process and stay healthy and young for a long time.
  • L-Tyrosine. It is a very important amino acid that comes in handy in synthesizing catecholamine neurotransmitters which act as a powerful memory and mood transmitter. This happens as this amino acid activates the release of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Such neurotransmitters get depleted by high-pressure thinking. L-tyrosine prevents such depletion from happening.
  • L-Theanine.Actuates the release of relaxing neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. This helps a person to remain calm even during tricky situations. People generally mess up after stressing out. Thus, a calm mind helps one enhance creativity and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Vitamin B6. Vitamins help in boosting up the brains function with the help of their key role in homocysteine metabolism. This way the factors of brain degeneration are avoided and hence it highly promotes sharp overall mental performance.

Where The Ingredients Overlap

NooCube and MindLab Pro include four common ingredients, three of which are pretty much fundamental to how they each work. Though each will include various ingredients in different quantities, both NooCube and MindLab Pro dose everything to usable, useful amounts, so you will see benefits no matter what.

To start with, both make use of generous helpings of bacopa monnieri. Bacopa monnieri is a favorite in nootropics and is rarely missed from their formulas. This is because it represents a rich source of bacosides, the ingredients active chemicals. Bacosides improve blood flow to the brain, as well as chemical reactions with the brain, all whilst supporting knowledge retention.

Including bacopa monnieri in your supplement regime will lead to more cognitive energy, improved working and longer term memory function, and a complete lack of brain fog. In supplying your brain with plenty of blood, thus oxygen and key nutrients, it will help to ringfence your long term cognitive health, too.

Then we have the two ls l-theanine and l-tyrosine. Again, you will usually see these two key ingredients in any decent nootropic.

Both are amino acids. L-theanine is commonly found in certain teas and fungi. Its use is widespread in smart drugs as it can boost alpha brain waves the ones your brain produces in a state of relaxation.

They have the same amount of l-theanine, whilst MindLab Pro has triple the amount of vitamin B12.

However, these four ingredients are just the start.

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This Company Is A Scam

Most expensive shipment fees and after 15 days noone knows where are the goods. Customer service answered fast, automated answers, without solution. Still waiting to see what will happened. But one for sure never order from Mind Lab Pro again.Update, after a month they were not capable to localize the order, and told me that they, unfortunately could not cancel the order!!! This is a SCAM, be carefull!!!

Date of experience:16 February 2021

So Which Brain Supplement Is Better

Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia Mind Focus: The Head

Well it would seem that the two Nootropics are virtually neck and neck, and that is the case for most of the way. However, when we take a closer look we can see that the clear winner is Mind Lab Pro.

As we mentioned, choosing to include Citicoline and Lions Mane Mushroom, and as well as maintaining that ALL of their ingredients are sourced from clean regions of the world are absolutely paramount and take it to the next level.

Yes, Noocube is a great supplement and you should give it a try because it will also be beneficial. But if you had to choose, and we do..the winner is clearly Mind Lab Pro.

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Hunter Focus: Highly Rated Nootropic For Focus And Concentration

Hunter Focus is one of the best natural nootropics for high-performing individuals aged 30 and over. Hunter Evolve created this popular nootropic and manufactures it in the U.S. and U.K. at GMP-certified and FDA-registered facilities. The company also produces other dietary supplements, including Hunter Burn and Hunter Test.

Hunter Focus is ideal for men and women over the age of 30 who are ambitious professionals working in high-pressure or demanding jobs. Its one of the leading natural nootropics with a formula that helps to unlock your cognitive potential. Here are the numerous ways that Hunter Focus may help you improve brain health and mental function:

  • Enhances memory retention and recall skills
  • Improves focus so you can easily reach your peak flow state
  • Boosts mood and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Increases energy to combat mental fatigue and brain fog
  • Optimizes brain processing and supports healthy brain activity
  • Unlocks your creative potential and enhances your problem-solving skills

How Hunter Focus Works

Hunter Focus isnt just a smart drug. It contains a formula with 20 natural nootropics that work in three primary ways to boost cognitive function:

Mood Amplification – Your mood directly impacts how you experience each day. Hunter Focus contains natural mood boosters, including phosphatidylserine and ashwagandha.

Formula Overview

  • Acetyl-L-carnitine – 800 mg

Possible Side Effects Of Mind Lab Pro Vs Noocube

I want to mention that you can buy these 2 nootropics supplements without a prescription in most countries and they do not cause serious side effects.

Manufacturers claim that NooCube is a side-free supplement when you take at the recommended dosage.

When we mention the ingredient dosages inMind Lab Pro, we must admit that this is an excellent formula. This formula leads to the side free effect.

However, everyones brain chemistry is very different, so for one person from this supplement might get side effects , and others might not give any beneficial effect.

However, sometimes when using them, extremely unpleasant subjective sensations are possible a feeling of heat, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, and even an increase in body temperature,

For not getting dreadful side effects be very careful with these supplements in the elderly and senile age, in the presence of chronic coronary heart disease, epilepsy and a history of psychomotor agitation of various nature.

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Comparison At A Glance

  • Use Mind Lab Pro if you want the markets leading natural nootropic it enhances your overall mental capacity by improving memory, concentration, mental exhaustion, and perception.
  • Use NooCube if you need some help in getting productive and organized, as this supplement increases your reaction skills.

How Much Do Brain

Qualia Mind vs. Mind Lab Pro (I Chose The Wrong One)

The costs of brain-boosting pills and nootropics vary widely based on several factors: the specific manufacturer, the type of ingredients, quality, how they work, etc. Generally, the best brain supplements cost between $50 and $90 for a one-month supply. However, that doesnt mean youll have to pay the full retail price.

You have plenty of options to help you save money on your next purchase. For example, many supplement manufacturers offer flash sales or limited-time discounts and promotions. You can also purchase your nootropics in bulk to get even bigger discounts and free bottles. Also, dont forget to check whether your order qualifies for free shipping.

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Qualia Mind Best For Enhancing Overall Cognition

Qualia Mind, a supplement from the Neurohacker Collection, is a product that was created to enhance cognitive performance.

After taking a closer look at the product, we found that the different ingredients in the Qualia formula aim to enhance various mental processes.

The product contains natural ingredients such as Taurine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which provide the brain with nutrition while fueling concentration, mental energy, and clarity.

The product also supports adaptive mental change while protecting the brain from damage, fatigue, and brain fog. The formula expands mental endurance, learning, and memory capacities, all while building walls up against stress and distractions, which we think greatly benefits study sessions.


  • Protects users from brain damage
  • Improves mental clarity, endurance, and memory
  • Eliminates stress, distractions, brain fog, and fatigue


  • Sensitive users are prone to side effects
  • Consistent long-term use may lower its effectiveness

Mind Lab Pro Vs Qualia Mind

Choosing between Mind Lab Pro and Qualia Mind can be difficult. They are both supplements that work well to enhance memory and cognitive function. However, they have different ingredients and different dosages.

Both supplements contain a variety of nootropic ingredients. They help the brain function and increase energy levels. They also improve the body’s ability to make neurotransmitters.

Both supplements contain Citicoline, a substance that has been proven to enhance focus. However, Mind Lab Pro contains 100mg more of Citicoline.

Another ingredient, phospholipids, augments the body’s choline pool. This is important because it helps the brain stay healthy. Moreover, it supports the neurotransmission of acetylcholine.

Another supplement, Qualia Mind, has a variety of nootropic ingredients. It also has a few vitamins, including Vitamins B3, B6, B9, and B12. This supplement has been proven to improve mental clarity, focus, and memory.

The supplement is made from natural ingredients and is gluten free. It is also non-GMO. It is safe for most people when taken at the recommended dosage. However, it can cause some digestive issues. It is recommended to take breaks between doses.

Both supplements are expensive. However, Mind Lab Pro is slightly more affordable. It costs around $62 for a one-time purchase. It is also available as a subscription service. This makes it more accessible to a wider user audience.

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