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Annihilation Visually Stunning Sci

A Trip to Infinity | Official Trailer | Netflix

Though its characters are decked out in ensembles reminiscent of The Ghostbusters, Annihilation is nothing like the classic supernatural comedy.

Exploring darker themes and metaphors about cancer and self-destruction, this film stars Natalie Portman as Lena, a biologist who joins a mission to uncover what happened to her husband after his prior expedition into a sinister and mysterious extraterrestrial phenomenon, known as The Shimmer.

Lenas team discovers mutated landscapes and psychedelic creatures within the area, and the visceral cinematography used in this film will confirm delight all cinephiles and sci-fi geeks out there.

Im Thinking Of Ending Things

Like many of the movies on this list, Im Thinking of Ending Things is a surreal psychological thriller. Its also one of the more notable Netflix Original films when it comes to mind-bending flicks. With an all-star cast that includes Jesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley, Toni Collette and David Thewlis, Im Thinking of Ending Things is a must-watch.

Based on the novel of the same name by Iain Reid, the movie follows a young woman traveling with her boyfriend to visit his parents. At the same time, the story of a janitor going to work intercuts the narrative before both stories intersect in the third act.

Editors Pick Best Of Mind Twisted Netflix Series

The better word to describe these shows is, mind-twisted. Youll never be able to predict or expect how the storyline goes, this is where the fun of watching is. Although some are not the latest Netflix TV shows released in 2022, it is still alright to watch. Below are some of the editors picked best mind-bending Netflix TV shows to watch in 2022, not ranked in numerical order.

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Movies And Shows On Netflix That Will Make You Think Twice About Reality

Youll probably need a good long break to analyse or recuperate long after the credits roll.

While some people watch movies to unwind, relax, or escape reality there are others who tune into shows and flicks as a means to release their emotions. Then there are the ones who just cant get enough of new, unexplored stories and mind-bending plots, and then later spend hours, if not weeks, analysing every minute detail.

As filmmakers and screenwriters take on more challenging albeit unique stories, their creations often demand an intermediate-to-advanced level of mental gymnastics. Most of the time, the endings are left ambiguous or vague, where the answers may or may not be revealed throughout the story.

If you fall into the camp of viewers who enjoy this genre, Netflix has got you covered with a bunch of thought provoking films and series that will make you think twice and question your own reality long after the end credits. Here are our picks:

The Devil All The Time

These 19 Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Will Blow Your Mind ...

Run Time: 2 hr 19 min | Director: Antonio Campos

Cast: Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Haley Bennett, Robert Pattinson

A bleak vision of life in America from 1950 to the mid-1960s, director Antonio CamposThe Devil All The Timeis about the most perpetually painful film that you could imagine. Made up of a strong ensemble cast whose lives all end up intersecting, it is based upon the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock who also serves as a fitting narrator for the increasingly dark events of the film. Central to this is Tom Holland as Arvin, a traumatized young man who is trying to make things right for those he cares about despite the sinister trajectory of the world around him. It is one of the roles that Holland really shows his full range and talents in as he holds his own against a terrifying Robert Pattinson as a controlling new preacher. It is not a happy film by any means, though it is one that does a good job of showing the strengths of its characters and comprehensively capturing the horrible world they live in. Chase Hutchinson

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The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

With films like The Lobster, The Favourite, and Dog Tooth,Yorgos Lanthimos has earned a reputation as an off-kilter auteur. His 2017 feature The Killing of a Sacred Deer is the scariest of his filmography, relying on mind tricks for its frights. Loosely based on the Euripides tragedy Iphigenia in Aulis, the film stars Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman star as a married couple who befriend a strange boy with mysterious ties to their past.

Brand New Cherry Flavour

The latest horror limited series to hit Netflix, this show proves to be more disturbing than scary packed with blood-curdling scenes such as puking out kittens, unorthodox brain surgery, and digging into guinea pig stew. Rosa Salazar plays Lisa Nova, a talented, aspiring director who gets removed from working on her own movie by a notable LA producer, Lou Burke. Driven by rage and revenge, she seeks out a hermit witch named Boro to place a curse on Burke but things dont go as straightforward as she wishes. If youre not picking apart the symbols scattered throughout this dreamy, 90s-esque series, youll spend time wracking your brain about how supernatural lineage plays out here.

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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a romantic sci-fi film starring Jim Carry and Kate Winslet in the lead roles. The movie is about an estranged couple, who decided to wipe out the memories of each other after a fight. The film tries to focus on the nature of memory and what importance it holds for romantic love. The film is not your regular romance saga, but it still has a happy ending.

Cube Cube 2 Cube Zero

Netflix & Chills – Mind Bending Catharsis

Cube was the directorial debut of Vincenzo Natali, who has subsequently made sci-fi thrillers such as Cypher and Splice, and directed several episodes of HBO’s Westworld. It’s an ingenious, gripping film about a group of people who must cross through a series of booby-trapped cube-shaped rooms, contained within some mysterious building. The first film’s success led to two follow-ups, both of which you can find on Netflix. Cube 2: Hypercube follows a similar set-up, but replaces the small, industrial rooms of the first movie with large, bright chambers that caused its victims to experience altered perceptions of reality. Cube Zero is a prequel that reverts back to the booby-trapped rooms of the original, while providing some backstory for the whole set-up. All three are well worth checking out.

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Looper Futuristic Action Thriller About Time Travel

Looper brings viewers all the way to the year 2044, where time travel is as simple as taking the MRT except that its illegal AF. The main character Joe is a looper, a.k.a. ahitman who works for a crime syndicate, and his job is to travel to the future to execute targets.

But heres the catch every loopers final victim will always be their future selves so that no connections can be drawn to the mob, which then closes the loop. Starring Bruce Willis as Joseph Gordon-Levitts older self 30 years into the future, this brainy thriller also serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the effects of technology.

The Best Thought Provoking / Mind


  • Instant Watch Options

14A|136 min|Action, Sci-Fi

When a beautiful stranger leads computer hacker Neo to a forbidding underworld, he discovers the shocking truth–the life he knows is the elaborate deception of an evil cyber-intelligence.

14A|136 min|Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

A self-indulgent and vain publishing magnate finds his privileged life upended after a vehicular accident with a resentful lover.

14A|113 min|Mystery, Thriller

14A|90 min|Mystery, Thriller

Stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rain storm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realize that they’re being killed off one by one.

AA|113 min|Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

After narrowly escaping a bizarre accident, a troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a man in a large rabbit suit who manipulates him to commit a series of crimes.

14A|97 min|Drama, Mystery, Romance

As a modern-day scientist, Tommy is struggling with mortality, desperately searching for the medical breakthrough that will save the life of his cancer-stricken wife, Izzi.

14A|118 min|Drama, Fantasy, War

In the Falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.

PG|101 min|Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A woman who lives in her darkened old family house with her two photosensitive children becomes convinced that the home is haunted.

14A|99 min|Animation, Drama, Fantasy

R|115 min|Drama, Horror, Mystery

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Busters Mal Heart Surreal Indie Mystery Movie

Starring Rami Malek as an unkempt and eccentric mountain man on the run from the authorities, Busters Mal Heart is a psychological drama on the events that caused a mans breaking point and the fracturing of his life.

Our main character Buster, once Jonah, used to be a family man but is now surviving the winter alone by breaking into empty vacation homes in a remote community. Though with a dose of dark humour and a puzzling storyline, this movie still manages to be touching and melancholic, making it stand out from the rest.

How To Save Money On Netflix

20 Mind

The list of mind-bending movies on Netflix goes on for instance, Donnie Darko directed by Richard Kelly Shutter Island a must-see for Inception fans Amanda Knox, the tale of a woman tried in a court of public opinion for the murder of an Italian exchange student and many more.

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I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

The name of this movie can make viewers confuse it with a teenage romcom. However, I’m Thinking of Ending Things is the polar opposite of a rom-com. This psychological thriller is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Iain Reid.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a twisted tale of heartbreak and hallucinations that doesn’t leave one’s mind.

The Edge Of Democracy


In this powerful documentary, Brazilian filmmaker Petra Costa intertwines her own family history with the democratic journey of her home country. As she says herself, Costa and her countrys democracy are of the same age. This is not the only reason why she was uniquely positioned to make a film like this: her parents were left-wing activists in the 1970s, who went to jail for their beliefs, while her grandparents were part of the ruling class have made Brazils strong-man politics and right-wing backlash possible. Her mother was held at the same prison that ex-president Dilma Rousseff was sent to. Costa tells the story of Rousseffs demise as well as that of Luiz Inácio da Silva aka Lula, whose future remains up in the air. The Edge of Democracy is thus a gripping and urgent warning that democracy in the worlds sixth most populous country is under attack. In content and form, Costa is obviously opinionated, but she makes a strong point.



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Love Death And Robots

With the Love, Death + Robots anthology series, its amazing how much introspection and wonder can come out from a standalone story thats under 20 minutes. Think Black Mirror, but with more attention to artistry and broader storytelling, since each episode features a different filmmaking style and animation. Stories range from delving into the downsides of an automated future, to seeing the world through the eyes of the authority in an overpopulated, dystopian era.

+ Best Mind Bending Movies You Must Watch Once In Your Lifetime

Top 5 World’s Best Mind Bending Movies On Netflix & Amazon Prime (Part 9)

Well, for starters mindfuk movies doesnt mean or is even related anywhere to prn. These are the movies that keep you confused all the time during the movie and leaves you bedazzled when you are exiting the cinema hall.

Many movie buffs love such movies as it establishes the thrill and suspense around the plot as well as makes them think and think too hard about whats going to happen next! These are not your ordinary films, where theyre a hero, a villain, and the story is wound around them and in the end, the hero saves the day.

Instead, these movies are completely opposite and follow a storyline or plot thats completely out of the box and the climax comes out to be something that you have never imagined. Hence, these movies are grouped as mindfu*k movies as these films literally blow your minds out. Also, most of these movies require you to watch it a couple or more times to really understand the plot and get the story right. The best quality of these Brain Twisting movies is that nobody gets it the first time.

So, in order to blow your minds off, we bring you some of the best Mind twisting movies you must watch before you die.

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I Dont Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Sick and tired of douchebags she sees in her daily life, Ruth reaches her breaking point after her home is burglarized, which in turn sets her off to a path of vengeance. She enlists her martial arts nut neighbor Tony and off they go to exact some much-deserved reparations.

But soon the duo suspects they bought off far more than they could chew, and Ruth and Tony finds themselves neck-deep in a world where they know practically nothing about. I Dont Feel At Home In This World Anymore is not just a plain revenge story but also a sharp examination of our worst assumptions about humanity.

The film makes caricatures out of Ruth and Tony initially, but the high-concept premise soon unfurls into a more subdued and tender portrait of realistic people just trying to navigate this cruel world without losing themselves along the way.

Director: Macon Blair Screenplay: Macon Blair Cast: Melanie Lynskey, Chris Doubek, Marilyn Faith Hickey Run Time: 1h 33m

The Call Korean Time Travel Thriller Full Of Twists

An intense and at times terrifying film that features elements of time travel, The Call sprawls across the genres of horror, thriller and sci-fi. It also stars Pinocchio star Park Shin Hye as the main character, Seoyeon.

Seoyeon returns to her abandoned childhood home and picks up the old phone only to realise she is speaking to Young-sook, a serial killer who lives in the same house albeit 20 years in the past. Brace yourself for suspense-filled scenes and a gripping storyline as Young-sook tries to manipulate her own tragic fate at the expense of Seoyeons past and current life.

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The Best Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

If you want a little more excitement in your weekly watch list, doctors recommend frequent injections of the thriller genre directly into ones brain for maximum movie-watching satisfaction. And who are we to argue with the medical professionals?

With Netflix as a prescription of choice, the O.G. streaming titan is home to hundreds of thriller flicks, encompassing multiple eras and from cultures all over the world. And seeing as its our job to make the doctors proud, weve gone ahead and rounded up all the best thrillers on Netflix this November. Get ready to make your heart pump strong and your mind-gears spin.

Weve also rounded up the and the best thrillers on Hulu if Netflix doesnt have what youre looking for.

Recently added to NetflixGenreStarsDirected byThe Sting: The Undercover Operation That Caught Daniel Morcombes KillerThe StrangerBlack Bird The Stranger StarsDirected byInheritance GenreStarsDirected byA Walk Among the TombstonesA Walk Among the Tombstones StarsDirected byMunich, Munich: The Edge of War StarsDirected byScarface Scarface Next FloorThe Platform The Platform DeliveranceDeliverance Spiderhead Escape from SpiderheadDisappearance at Clifton Hill The GentlemenThe Gentlemen Operation Mincemeat Operation Mincemeat

What Happened To Monday

Mind Bending Movies On Netflix

This dystopian thriller features Noomi Rapace in no fewer than seven roles, as seven twin sisters who were born into an overcrowded future where only one child is permitted. Each is named after a different day of the week and must live in hiding, taking it in turns each day to play their “alter ego” in the outside world. When Monday goes missing, the other six realise that they must risk everything to track her down. This visually impressive, hugely entertaining mix of cerebral sci-fi thrills and gory action sequences features seven great performances from Rapace, a cameo from Willem Defoe, and wonderfully villainous turn from Glenn Close.

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Im Thinking Of Ending Things Unsettling Movie Based Off A Novel

Adapted from Iain Reids novel of the same name, Im Thinking Of Ending Thingsbegins with an intellectual university student visiting her boyfriends parents on a remote farm in the middle of a blizzard. The seemingly mundane setting ironically sees strange and unnerving happenings unfolding, so be prepared for a head-scratching and nail-biting experience.

Heavy on symbolism, this is also the type of film that warrants attention to detail instead of a lighthearted passive watch. And once the confusion clears, you will be left feeling deeply melancholic and unsettled over the message of regret and missed opportunities.

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