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Stress Relief Gift Basket Ideas For Mental Health

Gifts for Anxiety and Depression: Self Care Box

Is there someone in your life who is under a large amount of stress? A stress-relief gift basket is perfect for letting them know you care about them.

Stress will always be something we all need to deal with from time to time. If you have a friend or loved one who is under a lot of stress, it is natural to want to help them in any way you can. Sending them thoughtful gift baskets designed to help them relax and rejuvenate could be what they need to prioritize self-care.

There are many fantastic choices to include in a gift basket to help your loved one destress and boost their mood. Here are the 15 best stress relief gift basket ideas:

How To Make A Diy Self

How you choose to build your DIY self-care kit is almost as personal as what goes into it! The most important thing to remember is this:

There is no right or wrong way to DIY a self-care kit.

While I may have some tips for making your self-care box, you really cant mess it up. As long as it feels good to you, its perfect!

Here is the basic outline of how I recommend making your self-care kit. Take this and make it your own! Add, subtract, and substitute as needed.

Loose Leaf Or Regular Tea

If you do get a mug, it would be plain wrong not to include a little tea to go with it! Or some coffee too, if your friend is more of a coffee drinker. You cant go wrong with Celestial Seasonings teas, or you can experiment with some fun loose leaf teas.

Unless you know exactly what kind of tea your friend likes, I highly recommend going with a sampler set. This organic loose leaf tea sampler is perfect for anyone who loves to drink tea every day. And you cant forget a loose leaf tea infuser to go with it!

You can get an infuser in just about any shape, but this basic stainless steel one fits just about any mug. My personal favorite tea infuser is this cat-shaped one here, because Im a cat lover. So dont be afraid to get something funny your friend will love!

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Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp With Dimmer Switch

I remember seeing Himalayan Salt Lamps at a craft fair years ago but wasnt quite convinced of their value. Years later, when I began to focus more on self care and improved sleep habits, I did some research. Now I have one on my nightstand and wouldnt sleep without it.

Although there are many claims about benefits of these lamps, I can share that it brings a warm ambience to my bedroom that helps me relax and I honestly feel it helps me sleep better. My sinuses and lungs feel much clearer when I wake up each morning. I also feel like it helps reduce static electricity in the air during the winter.

What Is A Self

Mental Health Self Care Gift Basket

A self-care kit is essentially a collection of items that bring you joy, relief, relaxation, or other pleasant emotions.

Just as self-care is personal, creating a DIY self-care kit is also a highly personal experience.

Since we are all individual beings, the contents of our self-care box will naturally look a bit different.

Thats perfectly okay and even recommended! When you create your own self-care kit, you SHOULD be customizing it specifically to you!

That said, there are some self-care items that tend to bring universal comfort. Stay tuned we will get into all those self-care kit ideas later on in this post!


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Mental Health And Wellness Gift Ideas

If youre looking for thoughtful presents this holiday season that promotes mental health and wellness, then are 12 gift ideas for you to consider.

1. Get Well Soon Self-Care Package

If you frequent social media sites like Pinterest, then youve probably come across hundreds of ideas for making your own Get Well Soon self-care package.

Creating a self-care kit can be useful for those struggling with mental health because it helps to reinforce the message that there are things they can do, therapist Daniela Paolone, LMFT told The Mighty.

When emotionally distressed, it can be hard to be able to think of coping skills and other support methods to use in those moments, added Paolone. This is why the mental health self-care kit is so helpful because it is something tangible in the form of a list or handout that the person can refer to as needed.

If you decide to create your own self-care package for a friend or family this holiday season, you might want to include items like:

  • A journal and pen

  • Teas like chamomile, lavender, or peppermint

  • Essential oils, such as lavender or orange

  • Handwritten notes with positive messages

You can also purchase premade self-care boxes on sites like Etsy and 1-800-Baskets.

2. Books

3. Mindfulness and Mood Cards

Items such as Mood Cards: Make Sense of Your Moods and Emotions for Clarity, Confidence, and Well-Beingoffer a fun and accessible way to help you identify and explore your moods and emotions.

4. A Weighted Blanket

8. A Pet

Let Customers Speak For Us

I just got a call from the friend that the basket was sent to and she could not stop raving. She said that was not one bad thing in it and she and her partner have been busy munching on all the goodies. She is a very fussy person and I was apprehensive about her reaction but my worry was needless. You done good! Thank you!

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Why Do You Need A Self

To answer this in the most basic way possible, having a self-care box sets you up for success.

A self-care kit was first recommended to me in online therapy and has been one of the most valuable tools in my self-care practice.

Having a self-care box or self-care kit makes self-care feel convenient and easy.

Oftentimes, the days we need self-care the most are the days that we feel the least motivated to seek it out.

Ironic, I know.

But think about it. If youve had a really tough day at work, you may be tempted to come home and continue that stress throughout the evening.

Or maybe you are tempted to sit on the couch and mindlessly scroll for hours.

Having a self-care box filled with productive and effective self-care activities that I can reach for is much more helpful.

MY DIY self-care kit has come in handy more times than I can count.

With a self-care kit, no effort, planning, or thinking is required on my part. Thats the dream!

Things For Physical Self

What is Self-Care? | Mental Health Literacy

Physical self-care is anything related to showing love and respect to your physical body. Here are some ideas!

Bath/Shower Supplies

A self-care shower is one of my favorite ways to practice self-care. Add some luxurious shower/bath products to your self-care box.

Some of my favorite ideas include:

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Skincare is another great form of physical self-care. Consider including an extra-luxurious face mask or facial scrub in your self-care box.

My favorite skin-care line is Elemis by far! I have their Superfood Midnight Facial in my own kit!


Much like skincare, hair care can be a luxurious way to show yourself some TLC. If you have a hair mask or hair-care product you LOVE, toss that into your DIY self-care box.

If you are looking for hair-care suggestions, check out my self-care shower routine for all my favorites!


Good sleep is an essential part of physical wellness. Adding some sleep care products to your box is one of my favorite ideas!

Sleep-Care Ideas:

Favorite Snacks

Nourishment is also a form of physical self-care! Treat yourself to your favorite snacks. As a sweets lover, I like to keep some candy or other sweet treats in my self-care box! Never fails to make me smile!


Good Smells

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Things For Spiritual Self

Spiritual self-care often connects you to something larger than yourself, such as the environment, universe, religion, etc. Here are some self-care kit ideas for incorporating spiritual self-care.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are one of my favorite ways to connect with my spiritual self.

I recently got this deck of tarot cards and have been loving reading my cards at night before bed or first thing in the morning. Its a really great way to connect to something larger than yourself.


Crystals are another great way to connect with the universe.

I love visiting my local crystal shop and picking crystals that really speak to me. They can have incredible healing powers, among other things.

Not to mention, most crystals are small so they are a totally practical idea for a self-care kit!

Manifestation List

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are something that I swear by.

Keeping a in your self-care box is a great reminder of your spiritual connection to the universe.

Meditation Tools

Meditation is a wonderful self-care tool, although a bit difficult to physically put in your DIY self-care box. Maybe you could include something as simple as writing down the name of a podcast, playlist, or app to remind you to meditate.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are such a beautiful way to show yourself love.

Add some positive affirmation cards to your self-care kit to boost your mood and remind you to be kind to yourself.

Pin these self-care box ideas!

Mood + Stress + Sleep Supplements From Dr Emil Nutrition

Finding the right sleep aid that doesnt leave you groggy the next day is only what we all aim for, right? Youre in luck, because these mood + stress + sleep supplements from Dr. Emil Nutrition are designed exactly with that goal in mind! Its all natural and non-habit forming, so no worries there either!

These supplements target serotonin, a chemical largely responsible for regulating your mood and helping you feel good. Perfect for improving your stress levels a little more naturally, without prescription meds!

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Sensory Rings / Anxiety Rings

These excellent anxiety relievers have many names. I typically use the spikey ones that are rigid metal. They can be twisted, rolled between the fingers, or worn. They activate the nerve endings and pressure points in the fingers. Most of the time, kids and adults forget they are fidgeting with them and have them. They are small and discreet so that schools will not complain about them. However, the best part is you can buy a 10-pack of spiky rings on amazon . They do also sell nice/pretty-looking anxiety rings that spin. Grichell Pelizzari, LMFT at Thriveworks

Many people find themselves fidgeting with whatever they can find, but a specific fidget ring can really help calm anxiety and other mental health challenges. Lily Thrope, LCSW, PLLC

White Noise Sound Machine

17 best Coping Toolbox Mental Health images on Pinterest

If stress keeps you disrupted from falling asleep and staying asleep, a white noise machine might give you the relief youre looking for. Theyre known to ease stress and help you drift off to sleep in a soothing way. Try this white noise machine with 6 soothing sounds ranging from white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook to mimic the natural environment.

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Fitbit Fitness & Activity Tracker

Ive been wearing Fitbits for years. Ive had several Fitbit Charges but my next one is going to be a Fitbit Inspire 2 because its smaller and more lightweight. Plus, the newest models of each one are both under $100 now.

I think the software is easy to use and understand plus I like that it tracks my sleep patterns. Ive had a problem with sleep due to PTSD for the past several years. So I can take the sleep data to my doctor and we can analyze how new sleep strategies are working, or not working.

Honestly, this product is probably one of the best investments Ive made in the name of self care over the years.

+ Unique Items For A Self Care Diy Gift Basket

Now that you are fully aware of the meaning of self care, take a look at these items and consider whether you may be able to apply them to your self care routine, or whether they would make a great gift for a self care DIY gift basket for someone else.

Ive bought all of these self care products and use them regularly. I think youll see something that helps makes life a little easier and/or supports healthy self care practices!

Remember, it is vitally important to take good care of yourself! You are worthy and deserve to prioritize yourself.

But self care is NOT selfish.Caring about yourself is essential so you can be your BEST for those you LOVE!

Please note that purchases made through genuinely recommended links on this website may earn a commission at no extra cost to the user. There will NEVER be links on this website that are not personally supported and endorsedLearn more here.

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Things For Emotional Self

Emotional self-care is exactly what it sounds like! Its self-care related to feeling, expressing, identifying, or addressing emotion!

Here are some self-care kit ideas for emotional self-care.


Journaling is a great self-care tool. Whether it be a brain dump, free writing, or responding to guided journal prompts, a journal allows you to express and identify emotions. Definitely a great tool for your self-care toolkit!


Listening to music can be a useful tool for getting in touch with our emotions. Consider adding a pair of headphones to your self-care box for when you need to get lost in the emotions of music. Great resource!

Art Supplies

For many, art is a way to express emotion.

As part of your emotional self-care, you may choose to include some art supplies in your self-care kit.

Toss in some pens, pencils, paint, paper, and whatever else you may want to create!


Crying it out is sometimes the best thing you can do.

Give yourself permission to cry when you need to. Add a pack of tissues to your self-care box for a simple reminder that its okay to be emotional!

Loved Ones to Call

Talking to someone can help you practice emotional self-care. Make a quick list of people you love and trust that you could call to have a deep conversation. Stick that in your DIY self-care kit for when you need to phone a friend.

The Ultimate Snack Care Package

Self Care Gift Baskets

While comfort food may differ for everyone, snacking can give anyone that feeling of consolation during tough times. So, here’s the Ultimate Snack Care Package to give your loved one a moral boost. It contains 40 Frito-Lay snacks, including a variety of salty and sweet flavor cookies, crackers, chips, popcorn, nuts, and pretzels.

This concludes the list of mental health self-care gift basket ideas for friends and family.

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Best For Introverts: Introverts Retreat

As an introvert myself, introvert self-care is my favorite form of self-care. Introverts Retreatincludes solo activities and self-care tools just for introverts. From books to candles, teas to salty snacks, and much more, Introverts Retreat is a great self-care box option for my fellow introverts!

Let Go Of Emotional Overeating And Love Your Food: A Five Point Plan For Success

This book is an enjoyment-oriented guide to better health and fitness written by a Columbia University trained licensed psychotherapist who is also a former emotional overeater. Give the gift of healthy habits so pleasurable and practical theyll last forever! The book has received excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly, BookList, and more. Arlene B. Englander, LCSW, MBA

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Looking For The Best Mental Health Gift Basket Ideas For The Perfect Pick

If theres anything weve learned this year, its that self care ISNT selfish! And with self care comes prioritizing our mental health too. Wherever were at in life, we could all use a mental health pick-me-up! Thats why I put together a list of mental health gift basket ideas that are bound to make anyone on your Christmas list feel a little betterno matter what theyre battling!

Mental health gifts are growing increasingly popular as we recognize the importance of taking care of our health in ALL aspectsboth physical and mental health.

So get ready to help yourself and your loved ones with these thoughtful mental health gift basket ideas for self care, anxiety, stress, and more!

Give Unique Sympathy Gifts On Any Occasion

Self Care Kit Mental Health Care Package HEY WARRIOR All

Losing a loved one is not the only time you may have a friend or family member in need of a pick-me-up. You can choose to send a self-care gift to your network at any time of sadness or struggle. Remember, your gift will help to make your friend feel loved and valued. There is no better way to send that message than through a thoughtful wellness gift.

You dont have to overthink it. Simply create a basket of items that they can use to spoil themselves during a challenging time. They will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Our Farewelling Editors are constantly reviewing and curating resources to help you with your planning. We may receive a small commission from any purchases made through the links.

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