Mental Health Internships For Undergraduates


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Jobs You Can Get As A Psychology Major

Mental Health Counselor Internships*MSW Approved* Grad School Tips 2021

Wondering where the psychology internships near me are? Internships for psychology majors can fall under any of the following roles weve listed here for you! Internships are meant to guide you towards your true desired career path and your summer 2021 psychology internship could kick it off in the right direction.

For internships, it doesnt matter if youre on the hunt for clinical psychology internships, neuropsychology internships, paid psychology internships, or sports psychology internships. The following job roles and suggestions on where to apply for psychology internships can guide you in the right direction for whatever youre looking for.

Social Worker

Social workers help and advise people in many different situations and fields with their lives.

Companies you can apply to: NYC Health, Youth Villages, Parsons

Average pay: $50,470

School Psychologist

School psychologists offer mental health and therapy services to students facing emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges. As they work at a school, they help students with any issues they may be encountering both in their academic and personal lives by offering support and advice backed by their background in counseling psychology. Child psychology internships are a great way to start on this path.

Companies you can apply to: Youth Villages, Autism Society of North Carolina

Average pay: $45,000

Clinical Psychologist

Companies you can apply to: Kennedy Krieger Institute, KGS Technology Group

South Of Market Mental Health

Description of Services:

South of Market Mental Health Center is a specialty clinic that offers outpatient treatment for the severely mentally ill adult residents of San Francisco. The outpatient team consists of a multidisciplinary staff of psychiatrists, pharmacists, behavioral health clinicians, nurses, health and support workers that offer an array of treatment modalities and interventions that promote wellness and recovery through community stabilization. Essential services include daily intake evaluations, crisis interventions, case management, psychiatric medication management, individual and group psychotherapy and linkages to primary care. Most of the clients reside in the South of Market, Tenderloin and Western Addition neighborhoods. Bilingual services in Tagalog and Spanish are available. LGBTQ identified/sensitive staff are available.

Responsibilities of Interns:

Interns will manage a caseload of individual psychotherapy clients, provide as-needed case management services and support in conducting intake interview assessments of new clients.

Type of Supervision Offered:

Benefits Of The Who Internship Programme

WHO provides all interns with medical and accident insurance coverage during the duration of the internship period. Insurance coverage before the start date of the internship and after the end date of the internship,including travel to and from the duty station location, is the sole personal and financial responsibility of the individual intern.

As of January 2020, WHO provides living allowance to eligible selected interns who need financial support. All interns must complete a legal Declaration of Interests form. This formrequires intern candidates to declare any relevant financial disclosures, including any financial support in the form of grants bursaries, scholarships, etc. Based on the information provided in this form, the intern candidates eligibility to receive financial support from WHO will be assessed.

Lunch vouchers may be provided at some duty stations.

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Application And Deadline Information

We begin accepting applications in January, and encourage early submission. The first screening of applications will begin on February 15, 2023.

An application must include:

  • A letter of intent. We would like applicants letter of intent to introduce themselves, to detail their interest in the CCSFs Internship Program, their clinical experience, as well as what they hope to gain from participating in the program, outlining their interest in the site and reasons why it would be a positive match.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Contact information for three professional references, including at least one clinical supervisor.
  • Submit completed applications by email to: Felicia King –

    All applicants will be notified once their applications are received, and are informed of next steps. Applications are reviewed and interviews are scheduled during the month of March. The interviews are conducted in person at the Student Health Center at the Ocean campus of CCSF. Interviews are in a group format and consist of the applicant highlighting experience, desires and goals for participation in CCSF, and a briefcase presentation.

    Upon acceptance, a signed letter of intent to participate will be required within two weeks. Before the internship starts, TB clearance must be obtained, a background check must be completed, proof of liability insurance provided, and the contract with Mental Health Services at CCSF must be signed.

    Covid-19 and Flu vaccinations must be up to date.

    Mental Health Internship Jobs

    Mental Health Internships For Undergraduates
    • Specific coursework relative to the basic understanding and treatment of mental illness would be beneficial.
    • By the start of the internship, the student should
  • Estimated $62.4K – $79K a yearInternship
  • Prefer experience or interest in mentalhealth field.
  • And/or provide support in the achieving MH priorities, including: enable scalability, continue innovation,
  • Estimated $45.3K – $57.3K a yearInternship
  • Answer and direct phone calls.
  • Help organize and schedule appointments.
  • Attend meetings and take detailed minutes.
  • Must be available for 8-16 hours per week.
  • Eugene, OR 97401 Estimated $56.5K – $71.6K a yearInternship
  • You will receive advanced training in evidenced-based interventions along with a high level of supervision and support.
  • An understanding of public health and public health policy.
  • Bachelor’s degree in areas such as public health or health administration.
  • Bethesda, MD 20814 Estimated $54.1K – $68.5K a yearInternship
  • We have licensed Clinical Supervisors on staff.
  • Baldwin, WI 54002Part-time +1
  • Under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor, the Intern is an active part of the group of mentalhealth professionals serving a wide array of
  • Remote in Springfield, MO 65803Estimated $32.9K – $41.6K a yearPart-time +1Monday to Friday
    Easily apply
  • Perimeter Behavioral of Springfield is daily committed to improving patients lives by using a patient centered collaborative approach to provide high quality
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    Student Opportunities During The School Year

    During the school year, Columbia University Seminar Series on Global Mental Healthinvites scholars and community leaders to speak about their work in the global mental health field.

    Individuals can to receive email reminders for upcoming Seminars.

    University Seminars are open to the Columbia Community and to the Public.


    Young Minds for Mental Health

    Young Minds for Mental Health is a coalition of college students striving to raise awareness and reduce stigma through conversation. They write weekly blog posts that are insightful, informative pieces about mental health to initiate dialogue, promote awareness, and give a voice to young people that empowers them to speak up in their own local communities, especially on college campuses.

    Young Minds for Mental Health recognizes how important mental health is, and through these blog posts hope to give young people power to help make a change in their local communities. Check out the work of Young Minds for Mental Health at:


    The Humanology Project

    Logos Course: Communicating Mental Health in the Media

    Sanaya Shikari and Lucy Siegel, both Summer Interns in the Global Mental Health Programs, contributed to the development and completion of this course.

    For students interested in taking the Logo course on stigma reduction, please visit the following sites:

    • The lectures for the training course can be found here
    • The workbook paired with the lectures can be

    Felipe De Sande Palma

    As a medical school applicant, this experience was worthwhile. As a volunteer at Mt. Meru Regional Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania, I got a chance to further my medical knowledge all while making a lasting impact within the local community. The doctors were so welcoming and went out of their way to explain unique clinical cases in depth. Following my volunteer experience, I can truly say I have a greater appreciation for medicine. The IMA staff were really friendly and ensured everything I needed was taken care of. I have done multiple volunteer trips in East Africa and I can say without hesitation that IMA is top tier when it comes to providing students a seamless experience. In the future, I would strongly consider doing an elective with IMA again.

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    Child & Adolescent Mental Health Summer Internships For Undergraduates

    Summer internships are available for undergraduates from any NYU school or college in NYU Langones Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as part of a minor in child and adolescent mental health studies .

    In order to participate in a CAMS summer internship, you must be enrolled at NYU as a matriculated or visiting student, and you must register for CAMS-UA 300 Internship I during the first six-week summer session and CAMS-UA 301 Internship II during the second summer session.

    How Is Ima Different From Other Internship Or Study Abroad Programs

    University students’ mental health: Calls for more academic support, resources on campus

    Our study abroad and internship programs uniquely combine intensive clinical shadowing, service learning, didactic experiences, and expert admissions support to help you advance your career in healthcare. With IMA, you have designated mentors and support available 24 hours a day, looking after your needs. In addition, you are provided a structured lecture schedule, hospital rounds, community outreach, and clinical work. Your transportation is taken care of by our private drivers, and your personal safety is our priority at all times.

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    Special Programs For Youth

    Description of Services:

    Special Programs for Youth is the clinic inside San Francisco Juvenile Hall that provides medical and behavioral health services to youth in custody at Juvenile Hall and Log Cabin Ranch. It is part of the Community Behavioral Health Services division of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. The Behavioral Health division addresses all the in-house behavioral health needs of youth detained at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center Care in accordance with California Standards Authority for juvenile detainees.

    The behavioral health team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and masters and doctorate level trainees. On-site behavioral health support is available 12 hours-day, seven days-a-week. The SPY Behavioral Health pager is carried 24-hrs a day, by Behavioral Health staff during the day and by nursing staff overnight, for response to urgent BH needs of detained youth. An on-call psychiatrist is always available to JJC after hours and on holidays.

    Individual and Group Therapy

    Group Therapy is provided on some units utilizing evidence-based curriculums such as Aggression Replacement Training , Seeking Safety, and Girls Circle.


    At each admission to JJC, youth meet with Behavioral Health staff for an assessment interview to review mental health symptoms, psychosocial status, adjustment to juvenile hall, and identify current needs.

    Suicide Prevention


    Southeast Child Family Therapy Center

    Southeast Child Family Therapy Center provides accessible and culturally relevant outpatient behavioral health services to children, youth, and families primarily from district 10 or the Southeast Region of the city.

    The Kuumba Health Project which is a component of SFCTC provides African centered behavioral health services to children & families of Black/African dissent. KHP is embedded in the San Francisco Unified School District where trauma informed academic and clinical services are provided on-site. KHP also collaborates with the National Alliance of Mental Illness in providing culturally relevant psycho-educational services.

    Responsibilities of Interns:

    Students usually carry 3-4 clinical cases for therapy. This will include individual therapy hours, collateral sessions with parents and teachers, case management, and family therapy if appropriate.

    Students must complete required clinical documentation in a timely manner. This includes intake assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes. Interns will have the benefit of working with seasons clinicians to utilize assessment tools and create safety plans.

    Interns will complete the intern orientation process and participate in weekly individual supervision. Group supervision at SECFTC .

    Due to COVID-19, interns may work a hybrid schedule of both on-site and telecommuting.


    Period of Internship:

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    Remodeling #trending Mental Health And The Making Of Neuroscience Course

    #Trending Mental Health and the Making of Neuroscience is a two-credit course is a two-credit course offered as part of CAMS to undergraduate students at NYU Grossman School of Medicine that provides an overview of both seminal discoveries and recent developments in the science of the human brain. Psychology and neuroscience majors are encouraged to apply to this internship to contribute to the class content and structure. The intern researches the scientific literature, finds brief content-rich videos, and revises and creates class presentation slides. Students learn how to develop course materials in collaboration with the course founders, Argelinda Baroni, MD, and F. Xavier Castellanos, MD.

    Faculty: Argelinda Baroni, MD, , and F. Xavier Castellanos, MD, Number of interns: 1

    Undergraduate Summer Internship Program

    Mental Health Internship in Mumbai

    Since 2016, the Columbia University Global Mental Health Programs have hosted a competitive summer internship for rising senior undergraduates interested in the growing field of global mental health. Students participating in the summer internship program will be exposed to a wide range of didactic seminars and experiential learning opportunities and will be mentored by 1-3 departmental faculty focused on various global mental health initiatives. Additionally, students will gain exposure to networking within the healthcare research environment and develop the skills to apply an equity-informed lens into global mental health research and implementation. The summer internship runs for 8 weeks , with students working 4 days a week with the Columbia Global Mental Health Programs. The application for 2023 will open in December 2022.

    2022 Summer Interns

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    How Does An Ima Internship Abroad Help Me Get Into Graduate School

    Graduate schools like to see that their candidates have gone the extra mile towards learning as much as possible about the field of mental health and psychology. This is proven to them through volunteer work, working in the healthcare field before they pursue a graduate degree in mental health or the pursuit of opportunities that allow them to learn more about the field of psychology and mental health. An IMA internship allows shadowing medical professionals in both the best and worst of environments. It helps you gain resourcefulness and a true realization of the importance of mental healthcare throughout the world.

    What Is The Structure Of Your Programs Will There Be In

    Interning in a foreign country can be a rewarding and life-changing experience but it can also be quite challenging. It is important for interns to assure their chosen organization provides structured experiences with ample local support. For families and loved ones back home, it is equally important that such organizations provide a single-point of contact that can be reached in case of an emergency. IMAs programs balance structure with ample local guidance and 24-hour, U.S.-based support for interns and their loved ones.

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    Are You Ready To Discover Your College Program

    For many psychology students, an internship is an integral part of their education. These hands-on experiences provide learners a real-world context to apply what they’ve learned in their lectures and readings. In short, an internship can make those theories corporeal and observable.

    Not all psychology students need to take on an internship to graduate. Undergraduate learners often can choose whether or not to participate, while graduate students usually complete an internship as a requirement for their programs. Ultimately, internship requirements depend on the subdiscipline. Even if the curriculum does not make the internship mandatory, students can benefit from gaining supervised experience before beginning their careers.

    Distance learners enrolled in online courses can also participate in internships, however these opportunities may be difficult to find. This guide outlines the benefits of participating in an internship, as well as how to find one. You can learn more about psychology internship and practicum requirements here.

    How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Shadowing Experience

    Psychology Internship Program Virtual Tour

    The best way to get everything you can out of your shadowing experience is to ask a lot of questions and to keep a journal. Asking questions can serve more than one purpose: it can get you answers and it can help you bond with the doctor who you are shadowing. Any relationships you can cultivate with members of the healthcare profession can serve you well later, as these are the same people who will be writing you letters of recommendation for medical school. The journal you keep can remind you of the details of your observations during your volunteer internship.

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    Summer Internship Program In Biomedical Research

    COVID-19 Update: At this time we expect that the 2023 NIH SIP will be in-person. We will continue to update this page and notify applicants with any changes as they occur.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: SIP is only for college, graduate school, and professional school students.

    • If you are a high school student, please apply to High School SIP , HiSTEP, or HiSTEP 2.0.
    • SIP subprograms organized by the NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education are described at the end of this page. Be certain to take a look and see if any of them interest you.
    • You can also apply directly to two additional summer subprograms using the SIP application: the Biomedical Engineering Internship Program and the NIDDK Diversity Summer Research Training Program for Undergraduate Students.
    • Subprograms are exclusive. If you apply to one of them, your application will be visible only to the selection committee for that subprogram until their selections have been finalized. If you are not selected, your application will be released to the general SIP application pool.
    • Finally, several NIH Institutes and Centers run their own summer programs. You can find a list of these programs here. All of them require that you complete the general SIP application, but they may have other requirements or eligibility criteria as well. Please contact the programs directly if you have questions.

    What Does A Typical Work Day Look Like For Program Participants

    Interns will typically spend 6-8 hours in the hospital and have downtime in the afternoons for activities and local excursions. Interns are welcome to participate in one night shift per week as well. Weekends are free for excursions or treks alternatively, you are welcome to work in the hospital on the weekends. Once admitted, you will work closely with your Program Mentor to develop your program schedule. You may view a Sample Program Schedule on our website.

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