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Licensure And Careers With A Certificate In Counseling

Codependency, Addiction and Insecure Attachment: What is the Connection?

By completing a certificate in counseling, you may open up new employment opportunities in one of the major counseling-related fields: , school counseling, professional counseling, substance abuse counseling, or rehabilitation counseling. Specific career opportunities will be based on your state and the licensure requirements, but license titles that may be available for you with your certificate include:

  • Licensed Clinical Supervisor *
  • Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

*Typically in addition to a masters degree.

For more information about licensing with a masters in counseling, check with your states board of professional counselors or see our guide to counseling licensure by state.

The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology

Your future is waiting.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology® is a not-for-profit, regionally accredited institution with more than 6,000 students at locations across the country and Online. TCSPP has been an innovator in the field of psychology and related behavioral science since 1979. TCSPP offers more than 30 degree programs and a wealth of opportunities for international experiences.

What Is Mental Health And Why Is It Important To Learn

The concept of mental health refers to an organismâs psychological well-being and ability to intellectually process both internal and external stressors or trauma.

In scientific studies, Mental Health refers to the field of medicine concerned with improving the psychological state of an individual. Learners explore how social factors promote mental health, influence the onset and course of mental illness, and affect how mental illnesses are diagnosed and treated. Details about different types of mental illnesses and therapeutic methodologies are explored as well.â

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Designed For Practicing Professionals

Learn to compassionately serve others and think critically while gaining the knowledge to become more competitive for mental health counseling positions. Prepare for careers in mental health organizations, psychiatric hospitals, private practice, family court systems, outpatient care centers, and residential mental health and substance abuse facilities. This certificate is 100% online which creates a flexible and optimized learning experience. You will learn in a supportive environment that will prepare you for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

The courses for this certificate will be provided by a Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs approved counseling program at USD. You’ll receive training in clinical supervision, crisis intervention, co-occurring disorder counseling, psychopathology and psychopharmacology. The certificate allows practicing professionals flexibility, as all four of these courses will be offered online.

Best Online Mental And Behavioral Health Certificate Programs For 2022

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There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right online certificate program for mental and behavioral health. Accreditation, affordability, curriculum, convenience, and access to student support services are all important.

Weve considered these factors and more in selecting the best of mental health and behavioral health certificate online programs spotlighted below. These spotlights give you a good idea of the features to look for. Youll also get a sneak peek at our full program rankings for the top mental and behavioral health certificate programs, coming soon.

University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota undergraduate Behavioral Health Certificate is designed primarily for current students working on degrees in healthcare and social work to give them a better understanding of how biological, cultural, psychological, and social factors impact human health and behavior. The program also provides students with the opportunity to distinguish themselves in competing for the best jobs in a highly competitive job market.

The curriculum for this three-course behavioral health certificate online consists of required courses in Health Psychology and Behavior Modification and Therapy, along with one elective course in Abnormal Psychology, Diversity Psychology, Human Sexuality, or Helping Skills in Community Services. All coursework can be completed 100% online with no required campus visits. The program takes about one year.

University at Buffalo

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Mental Health Counseling Certificate

Mental health counseling involves the psychotherapeutic assessment and treatment of mental and emotional disorders in individual and group settings. Certificates in this area of specialization include clinical mental health counseling, mental health counseling, and professional counseling. In every state, a masters degree in mental health counseling is required for state licensure certificate courses can be helpful to candidates with a graduate degree that does not meet licensure requirements or to licensed counselors interested in focusing their practice in a specific area, such as child and youth mental health, co-occurring disorders, and mental health and aging. Learn more about the opportunities available to counseling degree and certificate holders in our Mental Health Counseling Degree Guide.

Can I Become Licensed With A Certificate In Counseling

Generally speaking, counseling certificates are designed to meet specific skills and knowledge gaps. For example, a licensed clinical mental health counselor may complete a certificate in marriage and family therapy to provide additional services to clients. On their own, certificates in counseling do not provide the coursework or work experience needed to meet counseling licensure requirements but they may enable individuals with relevant experience to meet licensure requirements more quickly.

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What Will You Learn

You will learn to use assessment instruments, provide mental health counseling and psychotherapy, clinical assessment and evaluation, treatment planning and case management, prevention, discharge, and aftercare services. The program is designed to teach students to employ effective methods of counseling and psychotherapy to treat individuals with disorders including:

  • Adjustment disorders

In addition, you will learn how to assist patients to develop skills and strategies to address issues such as:

  • Parenting and career skills
  • Problems in adolescent and family communication and functioning
  • Couples, marital and relationship problems
  • Preventing the occurrence or reoccurrence of alcohol and substance abuse

Use More Of The Credits Youve Earned To Accelerate Your Career

Biopsychosocial Impact of Addiction & Mental Health Issues | Addiction Counselor Certification

Move your education forward without repeating courses. At Bellevue University, you can transfer your entire associate degree even your A.A.S. toward a bachelors degree.**

See how your credits transfer.

No repeating coursesreceive credit for all college courses you’ve taken from an accredited institution.**

No transfer fees or application feesavailable for community college students from partner schools

A faster path to graduationcomplete your bachelors in an accelerated cohort program

See how your credits transfer.

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Masters In Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The Chicago Schools Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program combines rigorous coursework with supervised clinical training, providing opportunities to put theory into practice in real-world settings. Students prepare to provide counseling services for individuals, families, couples, and groups, while developing the necessary skills to help their clients work through a wide variety of issues including:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Suicidal impulses

The programs also focus on a strength-based approach to counseling in a variety of settings with diverse clients, including children and adolescents, adults, and families, and couples.

Hear From A Usd Student

I chose USD because they have a strong program. It is my hope that USD will enable me to encourage others to see the possibilities within themselves, reinforcing that idea that small and slow progress is still progress. I am incredibly excited about what I have experienced so far at USD and look forward to the growth and development that I anticipate happening in my own life.

Grace Bootsma

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Let’s Put Your Mind At Ease About Online Learning

  • 100% Online
    This program is presented 100% online. You will not be expected to attend any classes on campus.
  • Live classes
    You will learn in real-time while the instructor leads the class. Courses are similar to in-person classes, but you participate online.
  • Same faculty as on-campus
    The faculty that teach online classes are the same faculty that students learn from on-campus.
  • Personal concierge
    You will have one person who acts as a single point of contact for any and all questions you may have.
  • Learn by doing
    Participate in field experiences such as internships, clinical placements, and service learning to apply your academic knowledge in the world.
  • Access to a personal tutor
    You will have access to a tutor when you need assistance with any of your classes.
  • SUNY Online Plus Program
    In addition to the features listed above, this SUNY Online Plus Program includes 24/7 support, incorporates industry-leading teaching practices, and targets an area of high employer demand in New York State and beyond.
  • Why Mental Health Counseling At Ub

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    The features of our program include:

    • emphasis on personal and professional growth, respect for human diversity, multicultural competence, social justice, client strengths, and ethical responsibility
    • demonstrating multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills, and principles of social justice practice
    • developing reflective mental health counseling practitioners who will help diverse clients in a compassionate and effective manner within a variety of mental health service settings

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    How Do I Know If Learning Mental Health Is Right For Me

    A career in mental health is right for you if you understand how important it is for people to manage their mental health in order to improve and enjoy their lives. Because you will most often work in a medical or clinical setting, you never know who you may encounter. You must be open-minded and willing to work with anyone who walks through your door, no matter the severity of their mental illness. You must also be a team player. In the mental health field, you’ll find yourself working not just with patients, but also doctors, teachers, social workers, families of your patients, and other professionals to ensure patients and clients receive the most comprehensive care available.â

    What Can You Do With A Certificate In Mental Or Behavioral Health

    Students earn mental and behavioral health certificates online for a number of reasons. Some need the coursework and field experience hours for state licensure as LPCs, LCPCs, or LMHCs. Some want to expand their knowledge and skills and advance in their current healthcare or education professions. Others earn them to increase their attractiveness to employers for entry-level jobs in mental health, education, or related fields.

    Check out this list of some of the most common job titles for careers that you can start or enhance by completing a mental or behavioral health certificate online program:

    • Clinical Psychologist

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    Licensed Mental Health Certification

    Demand for licensed mental health counselors is enormous and on the rise. Now, more than ever, we need mental health workers to support the millions of children, youth, and adults whose lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. If you are interested in becoming licensed as a mental health counselor, Butler University offers a graduate, non-degree certificate program in mental health counseling. This program is designed to provide the content required by the State of Indiana for the License in Mental Health Counseling. Many states offer reciprocity for licensure and this program is open to students from any state. Students are encouraged to check with their own state license board to find out if this certificate program will work for them.

    California University Of Pennsylvania

    Releasing Trauma from Your Body | Reprogramming or Resetting the Vagus Nerve

    Tuition: Varies Per Credit Unit

    The California University of Pennsylvania offers an online certificate program that focuses on spiritual, ethical, and religious counseling. It is perfect for enhancing your professional background in ministry, counseling, social work, and other related counseling fields.

    In this program, students are expected to learn theories that they can apply to the specialized field. They will be able to learn the ropes involved in grief and loss counseling and care. They also gain a better understanding of contemporary spiritual perspectives. The courses are applicable toward continuing education units. They can also help counseling professionals meet the academic requirements for Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor credentials. The programs three courses are worth three credit hours, namely Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling, Grief and Loss Counseling, and Applied Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Counseling Therapy. The courses can be completed in 15 weeks.

    Those who earned this program can consider working in various counseling and ministry settings, including hospitals, community agencies, shelters, churches, other faith-based centers, and even military facilities.

    Types of Aid: Loans, Scholarships, Grants

    Admission Requirements:

    • Resume of work and education
    • Complete graduate school application with a non-refundable fee of $35

    Accreditations: Middle States Commission on Higher Education

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    Balance Learning With Your Life Commitments

    As a working professional with a busy schedule, you already have a lot on your plate. But with access to convenient learning options, you can still make earning a degree happen for you.

    Want a more flexible learning environment?

    Financial savings and supportsave more on your degree at one of the most affordable private, nonprofit universities in the country by getting credit for your previous college and work experience

    Supportive and flexible learningaccess the resources needed to help you be successful

    Accelerated and seamless transferspeed up your time to graduation by applying the credits you have toward the career you want

    Want a more flexible learning environment?

    Save $250 On Your Med Apply Between Sep 13 And Oct 24start Nov 14

    This $250 savings offer is limited solely to new students who apply between Sept. 13, 2022 and Oct. 24, 2022 and start class on Nov. 14, 2022. The M.Ed. in Applied Digital Learning, Master of Music in Music Education, and all certificate programs are excluded from this offer. The $250 savings applies to your first course. A limited amount of funds has been set aside for this promotion. The maximum award amount allowable per student under this promotion is $250. This award is available for up to 130 students. This funding is not available as a credit on a student ledger account and will not be provided to a student in the form of an overpayment or cash in the event any type of refund is due. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

    Have questions?

    To get started, fill out this form:

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    Types Of Certificates In Counseling

    Counseling is a broad field with many specializations to choose from. Licensed counselors can complete certificate programs to gain specialized knowledge or earn a dual license in another area of counseling. Certificate programs are available in all the major areas of counseling specialties and typically range in length from six months to two years of study that may be taken full-time or part-time. They may include a practicum or internship as part of the curriculum. Learn more about counseling certificate programs in each of these fields below.

    Online Graduate Certificate Programs In Clinical Mental Health And Rehabilitation Counseling

    Overview of Human Sexual Response (1 CE)

    It has become increasingly common for schools to offer clinical mental health and rehabilitation counseling graduate certificate programs using online instructional tools and technologies. This allows colleges and universities to expand the reach of their programs to students who live and work beyond commuting range of the schools campus. It has the additional benefits of providing mid-career professionals with a more convenient and flexible alternative to traditional campus-based programs.

    Online graduate certificate programs in clinical counseling provide the same general training and instruction as traditional on-campus programs. They do so via online instructional platforms, often referred to as learning management systems . These technology platforms allow programs to stream live and/or prerecorded lectures, virtual classes, and training sessions to students located anywhere with a secure internet connection, and to provide those students with a range of other instructional assets. In some programs, students are required to log on to the programs LMS at specified times for classes, which is a component of what is known as synchronous instruction. In contrast, some programs use only asynchronous instructional methods, which encompass a broad range of learning activities that do not have a real-time component, including pre-recorded lectures and instructional modules that can be accessed at a students convenience, 24-7.

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    Graduate Certificate In Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    This 15-hour certificate is designed to increase the range and depth of the services offered by marriage, couples, and family counselors and school counselors. The certificate is open to current UAB counseling graduate students concentrating in marriage, couples, and family counselor or school counseling and to practitioners with an M.A. in marriage, couples, and family counseling or school counseling who wish to advance their careers.

    Admissions Requirements

    Current counseling students in marriage, couples, and family counseling and school counseling concentrations do not need to apply for the CMHC Certificate program through the Graduate School. Rather, they can simply notify their faculty advisor that they intend to pursue the certificate.

    Candidates seeking admission to the Clinical Mental Health Counseling certificate who are graduates of a Masters level counseling program must complete an application through the UAB Graduate School, as well as submit a statement of purpose and their graduate-level transcript. Equivalent completed coursework from a CACREP counseling program may be substituted for a required course for the certificate.

    Admission is accepted for the summer term only.

    Summer Admission Application Deadline: April 1

    Ology For Top 20 Most Affordable Online Counseling Certificate Programs

    This ranking of the 20 most affordable counseling certificates from accredited colleges is from an initial pool of 23 programs online. Certificate programs are ranked by in-state tuition costs taken from the College Navigator website. Profile information was retrieved from individual school program websites. Contact your school of interest for the most current program and tuition information. Students seeking licensure should contact their state licensing agency. Here, they will learn about specific education and clinical hours requirements in their state.

    1. Albany State Univ., Albany, GA

    2. Kennesaw State Univ., Kennesaw, GA

    3. Utah State Univ., Logan, UT

    4. Univ. of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD

    5. Lamar University, Beaumont, TX

    6. Post University, Waterbury, CT

    7. Univ. of South Florida, Tampa, FL

    8. University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

    9. Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ

    10. University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

    11. University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

    12. Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ

    13. Montclair State Univ., Montclair, NJ

    14. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

    15. Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN

    16. Gwynedd Mercy, Gwynedd Valley, PA

    17. Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

    18. Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

    19. Madonna University, Livonia, MI

    20. Saint Josephs University, Philadelphia, PA

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