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Career Potential With A Degree In Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Residency

Career Potential*

  • Child and Adolescent Mental and Behavioral Health counselor
  • Clinical Director
  • Professional Counselor
  • Substance Abuse Counselor

*Positions may require additional experience, training, and other factors beyond successfully completing this degree program. Depending on where you reside, many positions may also require state licensure, and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all licensure requirements are met. We encourage you to also review program specific requirements with an NCU advisor. Any data provided on this page is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee that completion of any degree program will achieve the underlying occupation or commensurate salary.

Careers For Online Masters In Mental Health Counseling Majors

The job outlook for clinical mental health counselors is positive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for mental health counselors is rising 23%, which is faster than average. By 2030, you can expect at least 75,100 more positions.

With a masters in mental health counseling, you have so many career options. Of course, you could become a clinical mental health counselor and work with individuals, families, and children who deal with mental and emotional problems.

You could also specialize in a specific concentration and become one of the following:

  • Substance abuse counselor

In addition, the opportunities of where you can work are vast. Here are some options:

  • Mental health clinics
  • Private practice
  • Education settings

As you can see, not only is there a need for clinical mental health counselors, but you can potentially work just about anywhere!

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Gse Mental Health Counseling

Degree: M.S.Ed.: 60Career Path: Program graduates will be eligible for employment in mental health clinics, community mental health centers, hospitals, non-profit counseling agencies, college and university counseling centers, corporate mental health services , and are eligible to open independent private practices after licensure.

Start Semester: FallCampus: Lincoln CenterFull-time/Part-time

The program has a reflective practitioner orientation and includes a strong multicultural counseling emphasis. It can be completed full-time in two years or part-time in three years .

Graduates of the program are eligible to obtain a New York State License as a Mental Health Counselor once they pass the licensing exam and accrue 3,000 hours of post-master’s supervised mental health counseling experience. Find more information on New York State’s Mental Health License requirements.

The M.S.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling is accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council for the period of January 2015 through January 2025.

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Are There Undergraduate Degrees In Mental Health Counseling

Only a few schools in the US offer an associates or bachelors degree in mental health counseling. It is more common to find undergraduate programs in related majors such as human services, social services, psychology, and addiction counseling. Associate and bachelors degree programs can provide an introduction to mental health counseling and are built on a foundation of liberal arts courses, such as communication, math, and introductory sciences, meant to support advanced study or entry-level careers. If you are planning to become professionally licensed as a mental health counselor, you will need to earn a bachelors degree as a prerequisite for the masters program.

References: 1. US News & World Report National University Rankings: 2. National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator: 3. College Factual:

Master Of Science Degree In Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Masters in Mental Health Counseling

The Counseling Program offers a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This 60-hour track prepares graduates to counsel in clinical mental health settings such as mental health centers, private counseling agencies, drug abuse treatment centers, centers for counseling older adults, child protective services, child counseling clinics, family counseling centers, pastoral counseling settings, private practice, and business and industry. Students completing the entire sequence of course work will meet the educational requirements for the Texas State License in Professional Counseling. However, to obtain a License in Professional Counseling, the State of Texas stipulates additional requirements such as passing the national counseling exam and obtaining 3,000 clock hours of supervised clinical experience after the Masters degree has been obtained.

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University Of New Haven

The program offered at the University of New Haven equips students to diagnose, treat, and prevent mental health and emotional problems as well as promote overall mental well-being. New Havens program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of vocational contexts, including work in academic settings, social service agencies, and substance abuse centers.

The 60-credit program is specifically designed to meet the program requirements to be a Connecticut licensed professional counselor , though the skills translate to counseling licensure in other states as well.

Choosing this program will allow you to pick from one of three concentrations:

  • Forensic Mental Health
  • Online Student Support Services

    An integral aspect of online learning is having the support of the university and program department on your schedule. Some online masters in mental health counseling programs have online specific student support, with an understanding of the need for flexibility to meet your needs. Unlike on-campus students with office visits, as an online student you should have access to faculty and student support staff when you are logged in. These online student support offices may have extended office hours, virtual meeting times, and an array of online resources to support you and your graduate education.

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    Ms In Mental Health Counseling

    Become licensed to treat adults/children with emotional, mental, and physical challenges through Fishers masters in mental health counseling program.

    The program prepares you for work in a variety of settings, including:

    • Community agencies
    • Managed behavioral health care organizations
    • Outpatient mental health programs
    • Residential treatment and rehabilitation settings
    • Substance abuse treatment programs
    • Schools and corporations with employee assistance programs
    • Colleges and universities
    • Private practice

    Two options exist within the program. You can earn either your master’s degree or advanced certificate in mental health counseling. The latter is ideal if you already possess a master’s degree in counseling or a related discipline but wish to build upon your educational foundation in the field.

    Mental Health Counseling Masters Programs

    Lenoir-Rhyne University offers Mental Health Counseling master’s degree in Columbia

    Mental health counseling can be a rewarding profession. As a licensed professional counselor, you can help clients cultivate greater well-being within their daily lives, whether theyre struggling with mental illnesses or facing distressing life events.

    In addition to possessing emotional intelligence and outstanding listening skills, its beneficial for aspiring mental health counselors to obtain the required career development education and counseling profession licensure to practice in their state.

    Below, well discuss everything you need to know about mental health counseling masters programs. Well also review mental health counseling requirements and employment opportunities that may await you post-graduation.

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    What Marketable Skills Will I Learn

    • Conceptualize and utilize one consistent theory of counseling with community clients
    • Critically evaluate and resolve ethical dilemmas in work with community clients
    • Demonstrate culturally competencies, including advocacy and social justice, in work with community clients
    • Demonstrate use of accurate microskills and advanced skills in work with community clients
    • Applied principles of social justice in a semester-long collaborative team project

    Preparing For Counseling Licensure

    In addition to the educational requirements and work experience, students are required to pass the state board exam in their respective state as a last step to becoming licensed. These exams are designed to test different aspects within their specialization to guarantee that the licensees going through the program meet state standards for practice with the public.

    Each state values the integrity of its licensure system, making it a very thorough process regardless of the location. View our state counseling licensure information.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Online Counseling Degrees

    What is professional counseling?

    Professional counselors or mental health counselors are licensed professionals who use expert knowledge in human psychology to help people heal from emotional trauma, overcome harmful behavior, and offer mental health guidance.

    The act of counseling itself may be performed by non-licensed professionals who have experience in helping people overcome emotional and psychological struggles. However, licensed counselors have met specific, rigorous standards for training. LPCs have also undertaken a broad-based, in-depth study of psychological conditions and their treatment. This background better prepares counselors to handle a wider variety of issues, utilize one of several counseling techniques, and use the chosen technique to help clients get the help they need.

    How can you earn a counseling degree online?

    Many students looking for how to get a counseling degree are confused by online formats. While these programs are online, state-recognized counseling licensure requires hands-on experience showing many hours of counselor-patient experience. With Libertys online LPC program, the hands-on experience is handled through a practicum and internship in or near your local community.

    How long does it take to earn an online counseling degree at the graduate level?

    What is an LPC degree?

    How much do LPCs make?

    Can you get a counseling license without a masters?

    Can I start my own practice with Libertys masters in professional counseling?

    Where Can I Get My Master’s In Counseling


    Schools around the country offer master’s in counseling programs. However, to help you narrow it down, the college you choose truly needs to be right for you and your goals.

    Southern New Hampshire University is one such school that offers a master’s in mental health counseling program.

    Why might you consider choosing SNHU for your master’s in counseling program?

    Contact an admission counselor today to learn more about SNHU and how our online counseling program can work with your professional goals.

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    Do You Need A Degree To Be A Mental Health Counselor

    Yes, you need a masters degree to be a mental health counselor. This is because counselor is a protected title, meaning only those who are qualified by state law are able to use it. All US states require that prospective mental health counselors hold a masters degree and be licensed in order to practice counseling. Other types of counselors, particularly substance abuse counselors, may be able to become licensed with a high school diploma, associates degree, or bachelors degree.

    Hear Directly From Students

    My name is Leo Castillo, and currently I work as a mental health specialist for the courts and I also teach here at Northwest in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, and I actually graduated in 2017. So I chose to pursue a master’s degree because of the opportunities that it can provide. My ability to, you know, kind of acquire some specialized skills and education to be able to make a bigger impact in my community. And I felt like just I wasn’t able to help to my full capacity. So I heard of Northwest through a cousin of mine who was attending the ICD program. I also was working at a mental health agency and my clinical director was actually a graduate of Northwest, as well as two of my other colleagues. And they had, you know, nothing but great things to say about the university. And and that spoke to me. They had a very superior work ethic. And that was definitely something that I wanted for myself, was to kind of acquire those skills.

    These classes have really taught, you know, taught me to shape my counseling skills and how to identify some necessary therapeutic interventions to de-escalate people who are suffering with a crisis or through a crisis. The program definitely, you know, has a cultural and social justice component to it. And it really teaches from that framework of, you know, helping out marginalized communities, how we can provide equitable treatment and services to those who are really in need.

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    Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    The Clinical Mental Health Program only admits for Fall entry terms . The next entry term cycle is Fall 2023. The application deadline is January 15, 2023.

    The GradCas application portal will open for Fall 2023 submissions in September 2022.

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    The Master of Education degree in Counselor Education with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to prepare graduates to assess, diagnose and treat clients with mental disorders as well as those with problems in living. Graduates will have completed all the academic requirements to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. The emphasis of this Master’s degree program is on developing skills in counseling individuals, families and groups, using the best theoretical and research-based practices. The goals are to help clients to become stabilized and to achieve as optimal functioning as possible.

    Preparing for Your New Career

    The 60 credit hour Master’s degree program provides a solid foundation in counseling theories and techniques with specialty courses in issues in mental health counseling practice, psychopathology, substance abuse counseling, and human sexuality counseling. During the practicum, advanced practicum and internship that total 1000 hours, students are assigned to mental health agencies where they specialize in areas of interest to them. They provide individual counseling, family counseling and lead groups.

    Where are MHCs Employed?

    How Do I Become A Licensed Counselor

    Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    There are a few steps you need to take to become a licensed counselor.

    First, you’ll need your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Earning your bachelor’s in psychology or sociology degree, among similar majors, can be beneficial, but it’s not necessary. SNHU’s online master’s in counseling program welcomes students from a wide range of academic backgrounds.

    You’ll then need to earn your master’s in clinical mental health counseling. Most states require 60-credit hours of coursework â which Southern New Hampshire University also asks of its students. SNHU’s curriculum has 18 courses typically required by states, then gives you the opportunity to tailor your other 2 courses based on any requirements in your state or your own interests.

    Counseling programs typically require residencies, practicums and internships. During SNHU’s online master’s program, you’ll take part in 2 face-to-face week-long residencies with your classmates. This gives you the hands-on training needed for your practicum and internship experiences.

    You’ll also need to understand your state’s own requirements for licensure, because application processes vary. Your state may specifically require the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination or the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification â or even both.

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    Why Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    • Help people manage and overcome mental and emotional disorders and problems with their family and other relationships
    • Help clients understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives
    • The need for mental health counselors is projected to grow 20 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.

    Master Of Arts In Mental Health Counseling


    Prepare for a career as a licensed mental health professional or to pursue further studies in psychology, counseling, or related fields. With its emphasis on social justice, our program trains you to serve the mental health needs of individuals, groups, communities, and systems and to promote and advocate for social change.

    Most students take 20 courses .

    Full-time students typically finish in two years.

    You can begin the program only in the fall semester.

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    What Can I Do With An Online Masters In Mental Health Counseling

    The online MA in mental health counseling prepares you to pursue licensure as a counselor who helps clients of all ages reach their potential as individuals and members of their community. As a graduate of the online program, you will be uniquely prepared to:

    Assess individuals and groupsApply a variety of counseling skills,Form helping counseling relationships

    Interested In Our Combined Med/eds Program

    Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    This combined program in Counselor Education pairs the 60-credit Master of Education program with the Specialist in Education program. Students enrolled in this program apply once and are eligible to graduate with their master’s degree after they have completed 60 credits of coursework. After completing an additional 12 credits for a total of 72, students would receive their specialist in education degree.

    For more information, please contact the Department of Counselor Education at 561.297.3602.

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    Is An Online Masters In Mental Health Counseling Right For You

    An online counseling degree is just one of the many graduate degrees available via distance learning. But is an online master of mental health counseling degree right for you? If youre asking yourself that question, it might be helpful to start with some of the traits and characteristics of online students:

    • Self-motivated learners capable of studying in a nontraditional online class setting
    • Comfortable working independently
    • Organized and good at meeting deadlines
    • Prefer flexible class schedules
    • Have a computer and internet access

    Does this sound like you? If so, you may be a fit for an online master of mental health counseling degree program.

    Sort Programs By:

    MPCAC curriculum retrieved from MPCAC 2017 Standards.

    Best Online Masters Mental Health Counseling Programs

    An online masters in mental health counseling is a flexible, fulfilling pathway to becoming a licensed professional mental health counselor.

    An online masters in mental health counseling is a flexible, fulfilling pathway to becoming a licensed professional mental health counselor.

    According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness , nearly 47 million American adults battle mental illness each year. The number is increasing steadily, especially this year amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, so effective mental health counselors are desperately needed in many types of professional settings.

    Successful mental health counselors are:

    • Helping clients to cope, heal, and live their best lives.

    However, to obtain counseling licensure to become a mental health counselor, you need a masters degree.

    Check out our top online masters in mental health counseling programs and begin your journey toward your dream job as a mental health counselor.

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