How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind


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Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind While Sleeping

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind – Self-Image Reprogrammed

Our conscious mind rests while we sleep. On the other hand, our subconscious mind is as active as ever. This allows our subconscious mind to function without disrupting the conscious mind. Thus, making sleeping hours the best time to reprogram ourselves for success.

While you’re sleeping, your subconscious mind actively processes the data consumed in your waking hours, neglecting irrelevant information and storing what it considers can be used in the future. Thus, it’s the best time to embed new habits, thought patterns, and winning mindset in your subconscious.

To embrace a robust entrepreneurial mindset, these processes should be consistently repeated until results show up. The ideal time to continue the process is at least a month. Your subconscious may reject this process at first. With consistency, it will form new habits, patterns, and assertive self-belief.

Learn Self Hypnosis Techniques

A typical state of hypnosis is one that we enter several times during the day when we are focused on something in particular. When performed by a trained hypnotherapist, hypnosis can change your life. During hypnosis, the conscious and subconscious minds communicate to cure oneself.

There is no danger in hypnosis, and you always remain in control. In the end, its your experience that matters. Anytime you want to terminate the hypnosis session, simply count to five and tell your subconscious to wake up. You may hypnotize yourself by following the steps below:

  • Find a location where you can rest and feel comfy.
  • If you want to relax, try progressive muscle relaxation or other hypnotic induction techniques.
  • Install a proposal.
  • Return to your average alertness level.

From essential relaxation to pain management during labor, hypnosis is an exceptionally flexible therapy. Its simple, cheap, and has long-lasting effects. Nearly no adverse side effects can occur, and it can provide various advantages at the same time.

Let Go Of The Need For Certainty

Certainty is indeed desirable. However, it is a luxury not everyone can afford to have. In case you are not among the chosen few, do not despair. You can learn to embrace uncertainty with equal ease. And, it is not bad after all.

When you learn to trust another person or when you give without expectations, you are embracing uncertainty. You will understand that you can still enjoy the journey called life without the need for certainty.

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Expose And Transpose Emotions

Know that the stronger the emotional reaction, the more people pay attention to the cause. Long-term memory and emotions are highly linked. Lets look into how the subconscious causes this:

  • An emotional reaction occurs when you think you cant control your thoughts.
  • If this lasts any longer, it becomes a mood.
  • Let this happen for an extended period. It becomes your temperament.
  • And longer again, it evolves into a part of your personality.
  • So you can see then that one negative experience can create lasting damage to your whole bring if you let it.

    In the limitless potential of the universe, its a shame to focus solely on the worst-case scenario.

    We keep firing and wiring those circuits. Like operating on autopilot, a thought enters, and the program runs. You need to step into the river of change and get comfortable with discomfort.

    Realize that the best way to create your future is from the unknown, not the known. Close your eyes and rehearse the action of what you want. The body doesnt know the difference and stops replaying the past. Instead, it designs a map of the future.

    You cant wait for your healing to feel whole.

    Incorporate Positive Beliefs With Affirmation Repetition

    How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

    Affirmations are “winning mantras” or positive statements written and repeated in the present tense personalized to comply with your desired results. Reading these affirmations minutes before bedtime allows your subconscious mind to work on it while you’re sleeping.

    Your subconscious mind can’t differentiate between reality and fiction. It believes and follows everything you repeat with conviction. Repeating an affirmation, “winning mantra” or statement can trick your brain into believing it’s true and form habits encompassing entrepreneurial success.

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    How Your Subconscious Mind Operates

    Every moment that you are awake, your five senses are taking in a constant stream of information. These experiences are stored as memories, like a computer stores data. But we do not need to actively recall most of this information. In fact, we probably forget 95-99% of our daily activities.

    However, we know these thoughts and images are still in your brain because hypnosis can bring back deep memories.

    Studies in the field of psychology on how the brain works indicate that the experiences we have shape the way we think and act, especially experiences in our early childhood. Although you do not remember most of your life data, the unconscious data in your head influence 90 to 95% of your behavior.

    Your subconscious mind can be compared to flying a plane on autopilot. It is constantly running programs to control how we walk, sit, breathe, talk, and so on. We dont have to think about these things, they just happen because the information to do them is stored in your brain.

    Your subconscious mind has what is called a homeostatic impulse. It keeps your body temperature at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, just as it keeps you breathing regularly and keeps your heart beating at a certain rate.

    Through your autonomic nervous system, it maintains a balance among the hundreds of chemicals in your billions of cells so that your entire physical machine functions in complete harmony most of the time.

    The Key To Manifesting Heaven On Earth

    No matter who you are, what you do, and what goals you have, theres one thing I think holds us all back from leveling up: limiting beliefs. How we speak to ourselves on a daily basis will determine how we perceive EVERYTHING around us our lives, our situations, and our world.

    So how do we silence our subconscious mind? How can we reprogram our brains to cheer us on rather than pull us down? In todays episode, the one-and-only Dr. Bruce Lipton is going to show us how to get started. I cant WAIT for you to learn from his timeless insight.

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    The Conscious Vs Unconscious Mind

    The conscious mind is the part of us that we are fully aware of. It includes things such as sensations, perceptions, memories, feelings and awareness of the world around us that we can talk or think about in a rational way.

    The unconscious mind is where we store some memories, habits, desires and urges. According to Freud, the unconscious stores all repressed thoughts and feelings, which can be manifested in unexpected situations, usually caused by a trigger. Even though its difficult to measure the unconscious mind, Freud believed that we can access it through psychoanalytic therapy. This allows us to lure and confront these repressed emotions in the unconscious, which can be the source of many psychological issues.

    The unconscious is a process that happens automatically, whereas the subconscious is part of our conscious processing. It is not active in focal awareness but we can explore and support its transformation.

    Changing Habits: Using Your Conscious Mind To Properly Program Your Subconscious Mind

    Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza

    Since your subconscious mind has such a great amount of control over your positive and negative behaviors, the key is to train your brain to produce more positive behaviors.

    This is where your conscious mind comes in. You can use your consciousness to reprogram or retrain your subconscious mind to do things that are more beneficial to your world now and for your future.

    Do you have goals you want to reach, habits that seem impossible to overcome, hopes for a dream job that would change your life, or a vision of the future that looks very different from today?

    Using your conscious thoughts to program your subconscious mind can bring you the success in all areas of your life that you are looking for.

    It starts by following these four steps:

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    Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind With Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a state of relaxed focus that allows you to access your subconscious mind on a very deep level.

    Hypnosis works by sending suggestions directly into your subconscious, telling the subconscious mind very clearly which new reality to create. This is one of the most powerful weapons when it comes to reprogramming your subconscious to achieve your goals.

    Catalyse Your Reprogramming Process With Music Therapy

    Your mind is influenced by words, images, and music. After chanting affirmations , and visualization , it’s time to constitute music in your reprogramming process.

    Music therapy has been proven to calm the nervous system and stress response. It also maximizes our learning capabilities and memory. Affirmation coupled with calming music therapy reaches the subconscious without any interruptions.

    Play the music therapy in the background at a comfortably low volume while sleeping. You can either record your own voice repeating affirmations or seek the help of a professional music therapist to benefit from the immediate results of binaural beats.

    Disclaimer: The article is solely the views of the author. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.

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    Listen To Subliminal Audios

    You can reprogram your subconscious mind while sleeping by listening to subliminal audio. The conscious mind hears music or someone speaking on one level, but the subconscious mind hears another level of information recorded under the audible part.

    In the awake state, the conscious mind is distracted by the audible portion of the audio, which makes it harder to reach the subconscious mind.

    Here is subliminal sleep programming audio you can use while sleeping:

    Using techniques like the ones mentioned above can help you reprogram your subconscious and clear out the negative thoughts buried there. Imagine living freely without the automatic dysfunctional behaviors that have driven you for years!

    You can achieve more when you turn a negative attitude into a positive one. And by doing so, you clear your mind from negative programming so you can thrive and live your best life.

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    The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

    Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind (Removing Negative Thought ...

    The subconscious mind is a lot more powerful than you might think. It shapes our lives. For example, if deep down your beliefs are along the lines of you arent good enough, youll never go far or thats not a real career, it truly impacts how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

    We can choose to limit our lives and relationships with these repeated mantras or decide to create a life full of possibility, success and happiness by reprogramming our subconscious mind.

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    Tell Your Subconscious Mind A New Reality With Affirmations

    Yes, exactly, you can talk to your subconscious mind. Tell it clearly what you want, and with enough repetition, it will eventually acknowledge what you want as a new fact and do everything in its power to make it a reality.

    Affirmations are an excellent way to tell your subconscious mind where it should take you.

    Here are a few guidelines to help you create affirmations that get you where you want to go:

  • Use the present tense. Tell your subconscious mind that this new reality is already happening, that you have already achieved your goal.
  • State the affirmation positive. As I said, your subconscious mind does not actively think. If you say what you dont want, your subconscious mind will have problems understanding the DONT. Be clear, say what you want, formulate it positively.
  • Start with I am to reinforce the whole thing.
  • Be specific and keep it short. You want to say exactly where you want to go your subconscious mind needs clear guidance. And less is more when it comes to affirmations a short, clear sentence has a stronger effect than if you describe your goal long and complicated.
  • Use power words, especially those that express an emotion and action words .
  • You should speak out loud your affirmations every day. Repetition is key. You can also write them in your journal or stick them on your vision board.
  • Maybe you already heard about the 55×5 manifestation method? Its about writing 55 times your affirmations down for five days in a row.

    Visualize The Success That You Want

    One of the most effective ways to reprogram your subconscious mind is by visualizing exactly what you desire for your life. Examples of such a vision is seeing yourself living in a beautiful home of your own, having a specific number of kids, performing your dream job or even running a particular business. When you visualize specific things, you are able to direct your subconscious mind to the desired direction. When you know where you are going, your subconscious mind will get you there.

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    However It Can Be Reprogrammed Over Time While Working To Break The Strong Mental Patterns That Exist There And Replace Them With More Positive Alternatives

    Think of your conscious mind as seeds that are sprouting to life while your subconscious mind is the soil.

    If the soil is crap, it will be harder for you to grow amazing things in your life, right?

    If you however work to change that crappy soil, like a diligent gardener would, to make it healthier and more fertile, then you can expect that the seeds planted there will grow and sprout results that are far stronger and more resilient in your life.

    Working On The Breathing

    How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind | Mind Control Basics

    Lie down your back, keep both legs apart and arms extended from your body. Keep your palms facing down and relax. Find a place where there is no disturbance.

    Keep your phone aside and try to focus on the positive things. Here are the ways tips for working on the breath

    • Take a deep breath and then exhale. While exhaling, feel the wave of relaxation going through. Let go of all the negative thoughts and tensions.

    • Do the breathing seven times. It will help in improving conscious awareness. Each you take a breath, imagine yourself going into a deep state of relaxation. Continue doing this until your body is entirely tension-free.

    When the individual reaches a state of peace, the subconscious mind doesn’t have to work hard on things like the movement of the muscles.

    As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment-Joseph Murphy.

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    This Post Has 5 Comments

  • Fred Carpenter 6 Oct 2019Reply

    The collective unconscious is far more powerful than the person subconscious, and money decides whats important and whats not important. Thats why people with an extremely high IQ make little to nothing and may even be considered mentally ill. Most people simply arent capable of that depth of thought and tend to play an unconscious game of follow the leader. Im one of those people. I saw through college in less than two weeks. Im surrounded by people who live on the surface, and the easiest way to become brainwashed is to be born. Id rather die than become another mindless automaton.

    The truth is that most people spend their entire lives asleep in the midst of a steady stream of continuous projections that even a NDE is not enough to awaken them from. Most people arent very smart but they like money like packs of Pavlovian dogs.

  • Jessi Wilder 7 Oct 2019Reply

    YES Humility is key

  • Fred Carpenter 7 Oct 2019Reply

    One time a psychiatrist tried to diagnose me with schizophrenia because I inadvertently talked over his head, outside his area of specialization. I am not schizophrenic. He was projecting. As I read what he wrote, with each successive word, sentence and paragraph, I could see his ego imploding.

    Specialization is for insects. -Robert Heinlein

  • Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

    Recently my 16-year-old son bought a bunch of new music on i-tunes and because we share the same account, all of his new music ended up automatically downloading onto my phone. Next day when I jumped into the car and hit play, instead of acoustic surf grooves I got heavy UK rap. I quite enjoyed it for the morning, but got to thinking how he would feel if I loaded his phone up with all my music. Imagine if 95% of the songs on your player were actually downloaded from other peoples playlists without you even knowing it? And what if the vast majority of those came from your parents? Would they match the music you want to hear and create in life?

    In a recent conversation with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, he drew this same comparison when speaking about the subconscious programs that each of us take on during the first seven years of our life how these patterns and beliefs shape our reality and how we can shift, change and re-write these programs to become more powerfully conscious co-creators of our life.

    Conventional belief was that your life to a large degree was determined by your heredity. The new science of epigenetics says, no, your life is a result of your participation and your minds influence on whats going on. Bruce Lipton

    Imagine if the songs on your player were downloaded from other peoples playlists.

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    Let Your Subconscious Mind Take Over

    The point is to eventually allow your conscious relax and let your subconscious take over. Once you have given your unconscious the other way to respond, it will assume that is the way it should respond.

    With the right word, action, or idea, you have created a new way for your subconscious mind to search its databanks and find a positive, uplifting, and empowering way to respond.

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