How To Get Your Mind Off Someone


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A Real Psychic Confirms Why

How to Get Somone Off Your Mind

When you can’t get someone off your mind, it’s not because they’re still on your timeline or in your thoughts.

It’s because their energy is still with you, whether or not they are physically present in the world.

Psychics have the ability to see a person’s energy field and determine what kind of connection they have with another person.

The strongest connections are between people who share a love bondwhether it’s romantic, platonic, or familialand those that are closest together emotionally are also likely candidates for soul mates .

The human soul is eternal it exists before we’re born and continues long after our physical bodies have passed away.

When two souls meet in this lifetime and form an intense bond , both parties’ souls will be drawn together again in future lives as well as other dimensions of existence beyond life here on earth.

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They are one of the most trusted sources for reliable psychics who can give you readings on your love life.

They can help you answer questions such as why can’t I get this person off my mind? or am I supposed to be with this person?.

How To Let Go

13 ways to move on from a relationship for good Posted by:Team TonyWeve all had an ex that we cant get out of our minds. A harmful friendship we hold on to even though it exhausts us. Or even afamily member who is toxic. Why cant we learn how to let go of someone, even when we know theyre not good for us?

Holding on is a natural human instinct and its also a critical way that we stop ourselves from reaching our goals. Because ultimately, not letting go of someone you lovecan harm you: it prevents you from achieving your true potential.

How Long Will It Take To Stop Thinking About Someone

Everyone wants to know the exact timeframe it takes to get someone off your mind. Most people will tell you that it depends on the level of intimacy and the mindset of the people involved. If thats how youre going about this moving-on thing, you may be in for a ton of disappointment.

According to science, there are two possible theories that tell you how long it takes to get over someone, but not necessarily stop thinking about them. One is that it takes an average of 18 months after a divorce to get over your ex. The other is that it takes 11 weeks *about 3 months* to get over a regular relationship.

Bear in mind that these are standardized experiments that involved only a miniscule percentage of the general population. Its not an exact science. If you really want a satisfying answer as to how long it takes to stop thinking about someone, this is the best we can do for you: You wont forget about them for at least three months.

The good news is that there is something you can do to ease that process and speed it up.

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Give Yourself Time To Cry

One thing you should never do at the end of a relationship is pretend that everything is okay. The people closest to you know that this is not the case and, deep down, you are also aware of it.

Precisely for this reason, do not hide your emotions, but externalize them and bring out all your pain: cry, vent, scream against a pillow, listen to the saddest songs on your playlist or watch a movie of tears. These gestures should not be seen as excessive, but as cathartic: they help you to take the suffering out of your soul and to face it.

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Why Its Hard To Stop Thinking About Someone

Being Unable To Get Someone Off Your Mind

When someones stuck in your mind, youve usually succumbed to rumination obsessive, constant and repetitive thinking. Think of it as thoughts running endlessly on a hamster wheel.

How difficult it is to stop thinking about people comes down to who they were to you and what they meant to you in your life at the time, according to Jane Greer, a marriage and family therapist and author of What About Me?

Maybe a former flame had given you visions of forever. Maybe a friend offered comfort in your time of need. There are many reasons people keep thinking about others, even when they dont want to.

And its not just past connections who may be running a loop in your mind. You can ruminate on new friends and acquaintances too.

The good news is that doing this occasionally is completely normal, according to Dr Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist.

It only becomes a problem when coping skills dont help and you feel like you cant control your thoughts.

So why might your mind latch onto thoughts of someone?

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Dont Spy On Her Social Media

I understand you need some time to absorb things. If for example your girlfriend left you and then you start browsing Facebook or Instagram to find proof of why she left you and find out what she is doing, then I recommend that you do not do it, as you will be even sadder, especially when you see her new photos of her laughing and carefree.

So Delete it from your friends and dont enter your name into Google to think of something that hurts you even more.

Write About What’s On Your Mind

One of our favorite pieces of advice to our readers is to write about whatever’s keeping you down.

Grab a piece of paper, write the date on top, and start writing down every negative thought that’s on your mind. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience by doing this:

  • Writing down your issues forces you to actually confront them in a structured way.
  • It allows you to better deconstruct the issues without getting your thoughts distracted.
  • Writing something down can prevent it from causing chaos in your head. Think of this as clearing the RAM memory of your computer. If youve written it down, you can safely forget about it and start with an empty slate.
  • It allows you to look back at your struggles objectively. In a few months’ time, you can look back at your notepad and see how much youve grown.

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Replace Their Thoughts With New Ones

This point follows the same principles as point number 4 and 5 above but explains them a bit in-depth with the psychology behind doing so.

Now, if you look at it, are you doing anything for fun? Do you have anything that you enjoy? Think about some hobbies that you have.

Maybe you can watch a movie, read a book, go dancing or exercise. Whatever it is you are doing right now, can you have fun while doing it? Probably not.

And this is precisely why you cannot get that person off your mind because you are not allowing other thoughts to get some space in your head.

If you can enjoy yourself by simply distracting yourself from thoughts, then clearly the person you love, and their leaving cannot create a void.

You can only miss them when you think about them.

Get Busy With Your Life

How to finally get him off your mind!

Get off your phone, get off your computer, and do something outside. Go to the mall, go to the gym, play a sport. Just pick-up a basketball and leave your house.

Go and dance, join a dance class. Write something in an external setting like a park or a busy street. Or you might even meet up with some friends.

Go through your phone and hit people up. If youre going to be on your phone or the internet, it should be about learning important things.

But primarily, your focus should lie on meeting people in person, as we said above.

So, if someones in your head, get them out of your head by introducing new activities in your life or by meeting new people.

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You Reminisce Good Times

Youve started to reminisce old, good times with your friends, ex, or someone else. Life was good.

Constantly thinking about people that youve had common past with is a sign of partial unhappiness and having too little to do with your time. Its great to spend evenings to revitalize your memory and enjoy happy moments of the past.

Do just once what others say you cant do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again. – James Cook

However, being stuck in those thoughts and thinking about people related with those memories for days might provoke anxiety and depression. You dont feel happy at the moment. You need to get out of this cycle.

Ill be showing how to do that in the upcoming section.

Engage In Outdoor Activities

Though sitting at home and doing little activities is how to get your thoughts off someone, most of the time, for a lot of people, its quite hard to engage in activities for the most part of the day. Indoor activities can take your thoughts off things in a way, but its still easy to get fixated on overwhelming thoughts, especially since youre the only one doing the activities.

If this pertains to you, then you would also need to engage in outdoor activities. When youre outdoors, there are multiple other things happening at the same time, which can awaken your senses, stimulate your mind, and make you forget about someone even faster.

You can decide to go alone, but its better to go with someone else, who would further take your thoughts off the person. Try doing things you havent had the opportunity to do in a while, or perhaps, havent done.

In whatever way you decide to engage in outdoor activities, ensure to make conscious efforts to be engrossed in the activity. The more your head, and not just your body, participates in these activities, the more youll forget about the person constantly on your thoughts.

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Youre Falling In Love

And just as attraction is an obvious reason, love is probably one of the most common reasons you cant get someone off your mind.

You may think its just the excitement of falling for someone thats stopping you from thinking of anything else, but its deeper than that.

When you fall in love, chemicals like dopamine are released the hormone responsible for making you feel good, normally associated with feelings like reward and pleasure.

And we all like to feel good, right?

So even if youre not with the person you love, your body may be craving the feeling they give you. Love is addictive, but it can feel all-consuming especially if youre struggling to get on with your daily life.

If Possible Speak To The Person Involved

If you can

How can you resolve things then? One way you can resolve things is speaking to that person.

Though thats not always possible for various reasons like in the instance of that person being dead or your ex refusing to speak to you.

But the bottom line here is to have a clear mindset of taking the bull by its horns whenever possible.

Whether a conversation is possible or not is not in your hands. But having a strong mindset is. They say that time heals wounds.

Time does not heal all wounds, but time certainly heals wounds faster if you find closure.

XYZ is the exact step I am going to take to win over my situation.

Say it out loud. That frees up the brain to work on other things.

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You Want To Give Them A Hand

It makes you feel good on the inside when you help others. And when youre helping others, youre actually helping yourself too!

Did you realize any hidden potential inside the other person? Or are they suffering in life, and youre concerned about them?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, maybe you want to help them, which is why you cant get them off your mind.

You dont want that persons potential to stay unrealized and go in vain. Or if they are stuck in something, You know theres something you can do to provide them substantial help or maybe change their life forever.

What To Do?

Firstly, if you really have an intention to offer a helping hand to the other person, I salute you. There are much lesser people who want others to climb up than people who want to pull others down.

Coming back to the topic, if you really want to help the other person in any way, you need to identify first whether they need your help or not. If they dont require your assistance, they will obviously push you away.

These few signs will help you know that they need help:-

  • They are unable to express their feelings.
  • Even when they smile, you can identify the pain theyre covering.
  • Theyve changed recently and seem to be more sad than happy.
  • Theyve started distancing themselves from people and spending more time alone.

Write Down Why It Didnt Work Out

During and after a break-up, you go through an entire hurricane of emotions.

Anger, happiness, regret, joy, confusion, sadness every feeling you can think of, youll feel it.

And thats normal you just lost a huge foundational element in your life, and now youre expected to carry on without him or her, even in your thoughts.

This is why its so easy to forget what went wrong. All you might be remembering are the good times, the great parts of the relationship that made everything worth it.

You dont think about the fights, the incompatible bits of both partners that made the relationship impossible, and all the many reasons why the relationship didnt work out.

So write those reasons down. Focus on them, and give your mind the opportunity to truly remember and internalize them.

The only thing worse than a heavy break-up is reliving it all over again, simply because you didnt learn from your mistakes the first time.

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Dont Lose Hope Easily

Are you sure that you wont be happy anymore? Maybe whatever has happened will give you more opportunities to be with friends.

To make new friends, to engage with your hobbies, and perhaps youll find somebody else that you find more worthy of your time.

It is very much possible that all these things could wind up, making you happier without this person.

You being unhappy will always act as a catalyst for further negativity. You will fall into the trap of feeling and behaving like a victim.

Feeling hopeless is another feeling you might encounter. Start examining what thoughts create your unhappiness and how to deal with them.

Just by dealing with these thoughts, youll end up a much happier person. If you lose the thoughts that make you unhappy, you end up being happy.

How To Stop Thinking And Having Feelings For Someone You Like

Get your mind off your manifestation with my technique: “I remember, I forgot!” ?

You may have your own reasons to stop thinking of someone.

While the reasons to stop missing someone may be plenty, the ways are all similar.

Here are the most powerful and, yet, easiest tips on how to stop missing someone and realize where youre going wrong at the same time. Try all of them, one at a time, and youll start to find yourself again in no time.

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Recognise That Thoughts Are Thoughts Not Reality

If you were arecovering drug addict, you would quickly question any thought about how great the drugs were, and how you should go back to that lifestyle.

When its a person we can try to convince ourselves its different. Its not. You need to question each and every thought you have about them.

Your obsessive thoughts about the other person will often be false, romanticising what happened, or giving you dishonest beliefs like you cant live without them. You can, and you will.

Is It True When You Can’t Sleep That A Person Is Dreaming About You

Usually, this is a psychic belief. However, it is possible that someone may be so deep in his or her thoughts about you. If you feel the same about that person, it may also affect your sleep. A dream is typically a product of what you imagine or what you wish. So, it’s possible to have someone thinking deeply about you. On the other hand, you may also really care about the person to an extent where it causes you to skip sleep for a night or two. Sometimes, this happens when you just started dating someone.

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Learn To Let Go And Move On

Remember that refusing to let go will not bring someone you care about back. Continuing to hold on only hurts your emotional and physical state, keeping you from fully enjoying life. Embrace living in the moment and understand thatuncertainty can be beautiful if you look at it from the right perspective.

The key to letting go of someone you love is facing what has happened, accepting that you cant change it and moving on. Once youre able to move on and appreciate the growth that came from the relationship, better opportunities will present themselves. You will have successfully learned how to let go of someone you love and can begin writing your new story.

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While this is okay when it comes to getting to the bottom of deep-rooted issues, a licensed professional is the best way to go.

Mental health counselors act as unbiased third-party that can point out damaging behaviors and thought patterns that may cause obsession over someone. It may surprise you that when you cant stop yourself from thinking about someone and cross personal boundaries, the issues behind the obsession are with you not the other party.

Stopping The Cycle

Outward expressions of obsession often have to do with unhealed pain within from when you feel rejected. Most times, the pain experienced during the loss of an emotional affair or relationship disconnect can turn inward and express itself in the form of a lack of self-worth, confusion, and obsession.

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