Healing Your Body With Your Mind


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Selfless Service To Others Will Help You Too

How your mind can heal your body – with Jo Marchant

How does helping others help you?

Dr. King made the point that people who may be unwell or injured can help to heal themselves more quickly by healing others. He also described this process in more general terms, i.e. that giving spiritual healing to others helps to improve the energy flow within our own chakras, aura and subtle nervous system:

If you want to develop yourself psychically, spiritually giving healingthe physical act of giving healing over and over and over again to numerous peopleis one sure way to do this. Its not as quick as some of the other advanced yoga methods, nobut it is a safe way. And you will never over-activate a psychic center, because every time you do give healing, and when youre concentrating on giving healing, all your psychic centers gradually begin to take on a different balance. And the energy begins to flow through your aura and not, shall we say, collect in static pools which causes psychosomatic tensions which results in dis-easebecause your energies flow. So while you are healing others too, you tend to heal yourself. Certainly mentally. Certainly spiritually. And very, very often physically as well. Such are the glories of healing.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Allowing Movement When Grief Keeps Us Frozen

Our bodies are designed to be in motion. All of the processes within our bodies are based on movement. While many do not think of movement when booking a massage, initiating movement is precisely what massage does for your body. Massage therapy is by definition, the systematic manual manipulation of soft tissue to enhance health and well-being.1 Through this manipulation, our systems are instructed to re-organize and reset.

Stress in our bodies creates a state of non-movement. This is precisely what I experienced with my shoulder. Despite my best attempts, I was only addressing the physical aspect. My body was a direct reflection of my minds and hearts desire to not move. Direct therapeutic touch coaxed my body out of its frozen state.

As a result of my own experience, I have become passionate about massage therapy as part of a healthcare regimen. Massage improves the blood and lymph circulation allowing more oxygen to be delivered, and in turn helps the immune system be more effective.

In grief, our normal self-care routines are broken. Soon we realize our bodies and spirit are worn down and exhausted. The thought of going for a simple walk, getting back to the gym, or just stepping outside can feel daunting. Having always been an extremely active person, I struggled resuming my physical routine.

Healing Your Body With Your Mind

Eefje became a student of the renowned Dr. Joe Dispenzas meditation community, after being told she would not survive her battle against cervical cancer.

She had been through chemotherapy, changed her diet and followed all medical directions, only for the cancer to spread and her condition to worsen. Still, she wanted to believe she could find a cure.

According to Dr. Dispenzasblog, Eefje found Dr. Dispenzas videos online and began meditating. Then, she enrolled in one of his workshops in Mallorca. On the last day of the workshop, she received an invite as one of the people at the center of a healing circle.

The healing began, and her body started moving uncontrollably, without ever being touched by anyone, Dr. Dispenza wrote. Energy was affecting matter. This kind of arousal continued along with profound feelings of pure love. At some point, she felt as if something or someone reached inside her and pulled something out of her body.

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Griefs Effects On The Body

What we feel, experience, and interpret with our minds will have an effect on our bodies. This has never been more evident to me when I experienced my loss.

When we are first launched into grief, our bodies respond in a way to protect us. This is a completely automatic response from our brain when we are threatened in some way we are reflexively dropped into a fight-or-flight mode.

Emotions of extreme loss, heartache, and shock are interpreted by the body as trauma. Chemicals and hormones flood our bodies in an effort to maintain balance within our systems and keep us going.

Unfortunately, when the release of these chemicals does not subside, as is often the case with extreme stress, there is a severe disruption of balance within our systems. We may have trouble sleeping and low energy. Often we feel that we might be getting sick, have muscle aches, digestive problems, sensitivity to noise, heart palpitations, headaches, and changes in appetite and weight. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and it is different for everyone.

Create A World Beyond Ordinary

Pin on Healing &  Body Mind Connection

Tribal News Inc., an online campus for Medicine Women from around the globe. A call to come together as one and create a world beyond ordinary. To find inspirational women to befriend, to collaborate with to be inspired by. A tribe of like-minded energy warriors, changing the world by living the truth of who we are. Our passion is to create sustainable generational change, changing the world one act of courage at a time.

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Personal Prayer For Self

Most of the time when we talk about prayer in The Aetherius Society, we are talking about unselfish prayer for the world as a whole or a situation in crisis, or spiritual healing for someone else in need.

But it isnt wrong to pray for yourself as well, providing you do it with the right motive.

In fact, it is extremely important and can bring about lasting positive change in your own life.

One aspect of this prayer is to pray for your own healing, inspiration and strength to overcome the challenges you may be faced with.

In a short talk entitledThe Secret of Personal Prayer, Dr. King outlines a very specific formula that you can use to achieve this, and says that if you follow this formula:

You will have confidence, you will have determination, you will have courage, you will have fortitude, you will have better health, be it mental or physical healthwhich we all need In seven days the change could be very definite. In 30 days you would not be able to recognize yourself if you applied this most holy formula.

Connect With The Intelligence Inside You

When Dr. Joe Dispenza first embarked on his journey to research and study the minds power to heal the body, he started with a simple question: Has anybody else done it? That question led him to seventeen different countries and interviews with hundreds of people who had experienced sudden healing from health conditions.

After interviewing all those people and compiling his research, Dr. Joe began to notice some similarities. He saw that people of all different races, genders, and sexual preferences could experience spontaneous remission. But no matter their walk of life, people who experienced that kind of miraculous healing from the mind had four things in common:

  • The first one was that they all believed and accepted that there was an intelligence that lived within them that was giving them life. Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • According to Dr. Joe, we all have an intelligence inside us. There is a divine force that gives us life, and were all connected to it.

    But sometimes we can become disconnected more on that in a minute. When we become disconnected from the intelligence that gives us life, we get sick. Our bodies get out of alignment, and we experience diseases and injuries.

    When that happens, we have to reconnect with the intelligence. We have to develop a relationship with it.

  • The second thing was that they realized that it was the mismanagement of their emotions and the hormones of stress that really began to create their condition. Dr. Joe Dispenza
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    Compassion For People Who Are Suffering

    You dont have to be a saint, but you do need some degree of selfless compassion if you want to give effective spiritual healing.

    This means:

    • a deep feeling for anyone who may be suffering, and
    • a burning desire to help them in whatever way you can.

    Dr. King even went so far as to say that: Without this kind of outlook and empathy for one another, no one can become a successful healer.

    Then It Would Help If You Cleared Out Any Opposing Thoughts Or Beliefs About The Issue

    Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool

    Once youve done these exercises, you are ready to clear out any negative thoughts or beliefs about the issue. To do this, you must repeat positive affirmations that correspond with your desired outcome. For example, if you have a sprained ankle and want it healed as quickly as possible, one of your affirmations might be My ankle is healing quickly every day. I am strong enough to support myself while walking on my injured foot. The pain will not last forever I am always safe and secure within my body.

    Another way to clear out any negative thoughts or beliefs is by writing down what those thoughts or beliefs are on a piece of paper. Then read them aloud in front of a mirror until they feel authentic. Ensure enough privacy when you do this. You can also write down these statements on sticky notes and place them around your house until they feel true for you. Also, you could put some in your pocket or wallet when going out into public places where obstacles may block the path towards achieving your goal. However, if you do this step, make sure that whatever statement resonate with YOU before putting them into practice.

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    Say Yes When You Want To Say No

    When your entire being is rejecting your experience, saying I dont want this. I cant handle this. I could never bear a life of this. Play with it and start a sentence with Yes. Try saying Yes, I needed it to be this way to get where I am going next or Yes, this is hard. Really hard. Or, simply, the word Yes over and over.

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    The Healing Power Of The Mind

    The subconscious mind healing program is triggered by belief, or programming, but that trigger is not always obvious. It could be the color of the pill, your doctor’s white coat, or being wheeled into an operating room. When people believe that a drug, surgery, treatment or a particular doctor is going to heal them, they experience relief or a cure even if the treatment is a sham. This mind healing power of the placebo effect is so strong that it accounts for one-third of all improvements and cures noted in many studies.

    When I was a child, my family had a ritual to make pain go away. I did the same with my children. We would “kiss it to make it better.” It didn’t always work, but more often than not the tears would stop. Today, I see my grandchildren receive their healing kiss before running off to play again.

    As adults we have our rituals for healing as well. We pray, go to the doctor and the pharmacy, have surgeries, or stay home and eat chicken soup. We take pills and potions or follow certain rules. When our rituals support the deeply held programmed beliefs of the subconscious mind, they help us get better.

    Activate Your Soul Codes

    Patricia A. Bloom, MD


    With the information, activations, tools and strategies in our training, youll have everything you need to create the freedom and abundance activating the creation codes in your soul blueprint for yourself, or others on their journey.


    Something, that is profound but impossible to put into language. Their presence is often powerful and polarizing they can feel misunderstood, restless and feel they dont belong. They feel the pain of others and the suffering in the world.


    So, often we can get lost in the illusion. Becoming who we feel we should be. Shaped by the world around us rather than shaping the world by being how our soul was born to be. This creates a deep soul longing to come home to ourselves. It takes up out of alignment with who we are. What we love and what is encoded in our DNA that energizes us.


    WE can feel kike a ghost of our former self. Living half a life, disconnected from Self and Source. We try many ways to keep Self busy do that we dont have to FEEL the emptiness rising from our Soul.

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    What Is A Good Subconscious Mind Exercise You Need To Picture The Part Of Your Body In Pain Or Affected As Already Healed

    You need to picture the part of your body in pain or disease as already healed. Imagine it as whole and healthy with no pain or illness anywhere in your body. Imagine yourself filled with light from head to toe and see this light spreading throughout your entire body, healing all of the other parts of your body. By visualising the part of your body that is in pain or disease as already healed, you are going directly into the subconscious mind to make changes.

    Change Your Thinking And Rewire Your Brain

    Weve got to change our thinking.

  • The third thing they said was, Okay, so now that I know that I cant mismanage my thoughts and feelings Ive got to watch how I speak, Ive got to become conscious of how unconscious I am. Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • We have to develop an awareness of how we think.

    Notice how you react to things in your environment. Think about your family, friends, and coworkers how do you usually respond to them? Think about your stress Where does it come from? How do you react when youre stressed?

    Now think about the people you admire most in history? Who are your role models? Consider the qualities you admire in the people you look up to and then start rehearsing how you can develop those qualities in yourself in your mind.

    Think about your role models. How do they handle stress? If you can learn to manage your stress response and stop reacting negatively to your environment, you can prevent your mind from signaling genes that cause disease. You can stay well, and you can heal yourself from diseases you already have.

  • The fourth thing is that, when they were doing that rehearsal process, that they had long moments where they lost track of time and space. Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • People who do this who rehearse emulating the qualities they admire in other people get really into it. They go deep into their imaginations, and they stay there for a significant amount of time.

    Isnt that amazing?

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    All Conditions But Not All People

    All conditions can be treated by spiritual healing but not all people.

    Some people are less receptive to healing because of their own mental outlook. A positive outlook a practical approach and faith in God, the healer and the technique should help the spiritual healing process. However, this isnt faith healing, and it is perfectly possible for a skeptic with no belief in the technique whatsoever to benefit from spiritual energy sent to them in this way.

    In addition, we all have to go through certain experiences in life and these can sometimes be very painful. Sometimes people are not able to be healed of a particular condition because they have to go through a certain experience as a result of their karma, and no amount of healing can alter that fact.

    You may work extremely hard to heal them, and persevere with treatment after treatment but with insignificant results. This can and does happen even with the greatest healers, like Harry Edwards and Dr. King:

    These setbacks happen to everybody and they will happen to you. Whats important is that you are strong enough to carry on.

    It is important to remind yourself in those cases where no improvement is apparent that it does not necessarily mean no good has been done.

    It is extremely rare for someone to receive healing and then report no improvement afterwards whatsoever, and indeed many people report that they feel a great deal better, often where other treatments have failed.

    When You Expect To Get Better It Just Might Happen Faster

    How your subconscious brain can heal your body

    There’s a clear connection between the way your brain thinks and the way your body feels. And just as you can use your body to reduce your psychological distress, you can use your mind to improve your body.

    Simply changing the way you think and taking charge of what occupies your mind can improve your physical health and well-being. Positive thinking won’t cure everything, but a healthy mindset is a key component to a healthy body. Here are seven ways you can use your mind to promote physical health:

    1. Make your treatments more effective by expecting them to work.

    Countless studies show the placebo effect influences the effectiveness of treatment. If someone tells you that a pill will cure your headache, you’re more likely to find the treatment helpfuleven if the pill was a sugar pill. Whether you’re trying physical therapy for a bad knee or you’re seeing a chiropractor for pain in your back, your belief that those treatments will work may be more effective than the treatment themselves. So before you undergo any kind of treatment, think about all the reasons the treatment is likely to help.

    2. Sleep better by writing in a gratitude journal.

    3. Live longer by focusing on your purpose in life.

    4. Be optimistic and boost your immunity.

    5. Slow aging with meditation.

    6. Build muscle by imagining yourself working out.

    7. Reduce your risk of heart disease by laughing.

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