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Boost Determination & Commitment

Super Senses (Full Episode) | Brain Games

When playing word games, an individual is required to stay attentive and show a high degree of concentration. The winning is dependent upon the players skill to remain alert throughout the game while solving crossword puzzles, riddles, finding missing words, and so on. Irrespective of the difficulty level of the game, a player will always find it rejuvenating and delighted once he or she completes it. Moreover, the harder the game gets, the more watchful the player is. After all, everybody wants to have a strong mental ability to overcome obstacles in their lives. So, playing such games can be a great way to stay determined and focused for a long time.

The History Of Brain Games

The first brain game was created in Japan in the early 1980s. The game, called “Niko Niko Pun”, required players to remember a sequence of numbers and then repeat the sequence back.

Since then, brain games have become increasingly popular and sophisticated. In recent years, there has been a boom in “neurogaming” or “brain training” games, the popularity in mobile technology allows for people to have easier access to enjoyable content.

Some of the original brain games include:

  • The crossword puzzle

Combine Mental And Physical Training

Combining mental and physical training through activities such as dancing is a great way to keep the elderly fit and active, while also encouraging social interaction. Through dancing your elderly loved ones brain will be stimulated by learning new steps and routines, helping to decrease blood pressure levels and increase general wellbeing.

Check for nearby dance classes, especially ones tailored for the elderly, these types of classes usually include chair dancing to ensure all abilities are included.

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Brain Games As Adhd Therapy

In a UCSF study, Dr. Gazzaley found that after eight weeks of training, children who played the game showed significant improvements in ADHD symptoms, including increases in working memory, inhibition, and task-switching abilities. These improvements were still present four weeks after the children stopped playing the game.

“This is the first demonstration that a form of cognitive training can enhance cognition in children with ADHD”, said Dr. Gazzaley. “The results have implications far beyond this particular disorder, as they suggest that cognitive training can improve specific neural circuitry and perhaps serve as a new approach for treating other disorders characterized by impaired executive function”.

Even the FDA in 2018 cleared a cognitive game as a treatment for ADHD.

Special Tasks To Boost Memory And Attention

Keep Minds Active with Brain Games Kids

Memory loss is one of the most common complaints among elderly adults, which is why its important to engage in some simple games to help with improving memory and retention.

Consider the following games:

  • Stating the months of the year in alphabetical order
  • Using the letter S name six or more things you can wear on your feet
  • Observe the objects around you for two minutes, then try to find five red items that will fit in your pockets and five blue objects that are too big to fit
  • Say two objects for every letter in your first or last name, stating different objects each time

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Keep The Hands And Mind Busy With Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are one of the best activities for the elderly to participate in as not only does it encourage the use of the mind, but it keeps the hands busy too. Using their hands helps to maintain dexterity, and being able to explore their creative side helps with the use of the imagination. Your elderly loved one might like this activity simply because they enjoy being creative, or perhaps they want to create a gift for family and friends.

Consider trying these easy arts and crafts at home

Brain Games For Adults Are Fun

Getting older doesnt have to mean you settle for cognitive decline and eventual dementia. In fact, if you use what you learned in this article, you now know 20 more ways to keep your brain active as you age and have some fun along the way.

As long as you stay physically active, eat for brain health, and stay mentally and socially active, you can keep your brain engaged and healthy for the long run. And if youre ever worried and wondering if you have dementia, you can always take memory tests doctors use to diagnose Alzheimers.

But do remember: at the end of the day, time spent on brain training games always incurs a cost.

In my own tests using the Memory Palace technique for the ultimate brain workout, Ive found that Tetris is better than, say, Fishdom. This conclusion might be purely anecdotal, but it could give you a metric for making your own decisions.

When I play Tetris, after the game ends, Im done. But when I play Fishdom, I sometimes have this part of my brain that is still lining up seashells and exploding bombs. Its not really something I want coming up in my awareness like that.

Tetris might not have this effect due to the nature of the game involving solving pieces so that they disappear without explosions.

Either way, they both allow for a little bit of entertainment while diffuse thinking takes place with some brain exercise.

This is really the best brain game for adults. I dare you to prove me wrong. Game on!

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Benefits Of The Games For Your Brain

Various types of brain games facilitate different aspects of cognitive development. For example:

  • Attention games improve your concentration and short-term memory.
  • Logic games enhance your reasoning and boost your arithmetic and problem-solving skills.
  • Linguistic brainteasers help you build your vocabulary, increase your lexical fluency and considerably improve your conceptualization abilities.
  • Take The Hidden Brain Challenge

    Altered States | Brain Games

    Grades K-12

    Did you ever play”Where’s Waldo?” Well, here is your chance to play “Where’s the Brain?”on-line! To play this game you will need the Quicktime 4 Plug-in for yourbrowser. Also, the file containing this game is large so if youhave a slow Internet connection, it may take up to 5 minutes todownload.

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    Improves Memory & Creativity

    Gamers who play online word games have observed that their memory retention power improves when they play. Skill-based games have been proven beneficial for memory improvement. They assist in making the brain active and help to remember both short and long-term goals. Most online word search games require one to unjumble words. One ideal way to achieve success in them is to search for new words online and memorize them. This helps to strengthen existing learning with new ones, and therefore increases retention power. Having a good memory is one of the greatest qualities anybody can possess. The more the memory capacity, the more likely we are to be a winner.

    Laden Sie Who Is Brain Teaser & Riddles Mit Dem Gameloop Emulator Auf Den Pc Herunter

    Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles, das vom Entwickler Unico Studio stammt, lief in der Vergangenheit auf Android-Systemen.

    Jetzt können Sie Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles problemlos auf dem PC mit GameLoop spielen.

    Laden Sie es in der GameLoop-Bibliothek oder in den Suchergebnissen herunter. Nie mehr den Akku beäugen oder frustrierende Anrufe zur falschen Zeit tätigen.

    Genießen Sie einfach Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles PC kostenlos auf dem großen Bildschirm

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    Years 100 Million Members

    4.7 rating on iOS App Store

    “I am surprised and delighted by your games. I appreciate the variety and multiplicity of games and the feeling of personalization. The daily workouts are welcome, more fun than push ups, and they make my day go even better.”

    “I really like this app. Lots of great games and it comes with tutorials that help you understand the game. I love the Insights I receive every time I train. It’s also nice that I get to choose what to play.”

    Rashmi, California

    Brain Games As A Digital Therapeutic BRAIN GAMES KIDS

    Russell A. Barkley, PhD, says “This is a potentially important advance in the treatment of ADHD”, an ABC News medical contributor and author of âTaking Charge of ADHDâ. “One of the problems we have with medications is that they don’t help with all the symptoms of ADHD, and they don’t help with the everyday executive function deficits that people with ADHD have”.

    While more research is needed to confirm the long-term benefits of using video games to treat neurological problems, this study provides preliminary evidence that cognitive training with brain games like CogniFit can improve symptoms in children with ADHD and possibly other cognitive deficits.

    In the Horowitz-Kraus study, it was observed that CogniFit cognitive training had an impact on both executive functions and reading literacy in ADHD children with and without reading problems. In fact, CogniFit has a wide range of scientific studies of the highest scientific quality on healthy people or people with a disorder, and CogniFit studies are almost the only ones whose trainings produce significant effect sizes .

    John Hopkins University psychiatrist and researcher Joshua W. Buckholtz, PhD. exclaimed “The finding that a video game can serve as an effective treatment for ADHD is very exciting! It opens up a new avenue for brain training development”.

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    Improves Mental Reasoning Ability

    Having an intellectual mind is much more important than learning and memorizing. Its about encouraging a positive mindset. Having strong cognitive abilities increases the chances of acquiring success in any task we perform to get desired results. Many people feel comfortable and rate word games as a stress buster. It helps them to overcome the concerns they are facing in their day to day lives. In short, it gives them a much-needed break in their hectic work schedule. A good mental health contributes towards a good lifestyle. Hence, it is vital that we indulge in such games that ensure our well-being.

    Easy And Fun Party Games For The Elderly

    Just because someone is elderly, does not mean they no longer enjoy celebrating. Some party games may become more challenging as we age, so its important to choose suitable games that match your loved ones mental and physical abilities. A popular and easy game to try at your next celebration is Partners in Pen.

    Heres how to play Partners in Pen:

    1. The game must be played in pairs

    2. Player one requires a pen and paper

    3. Player two will have a bag of objects

    4. The player with the objects must choose one and describe it to the other player

    5. The other person must then try and draw what is being described

    6. The purpose of the game is for the player drawing to guess what item it is theyre drawing

    7. You can make it a little more challenging by adding a timer

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    Makes Brain Work Effectively

    There are certain online word games that make it possible for an individual to exercise their brain and one such example is Wealth Wordle. This is one of the most popular and exciting games that players love to play. It is a fun and engaging game where a gamer is required to guess a five-letter word in 6 attempts. There is a study conducted which shows that playing wordle persuades ones mind to think and operate incessantly. When one plays a skill-based game and is able to solve the clues successfully, he or she gets a sense of achieving something big. In other words, such games help them in the search of joy. It is an effective way to de-stress and learn something useful in an engaging way.

    Are Puzzle Games Good For Your Brain

    This Is How Old You Are | Brain Games

    Brain exercise puzzle games strengthen the connection between our brain cells and develop mental speed. Therefore, playing these games is good for both kids and adults brains.

    In the multi-awarded learning app MentalUP, you can find lots of brain puzzle games alternatives according to your pursuits. These games are designed by pedagogues, and they are suitable for different age groups.

    Also, when you finish the game, you can compare your scores with your peers and check out other entertaining stuff such as brain teasers, educational activities, or mindfulness exercises. Start without wasting any time and boost your brainpower.

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    The Classic Game Of Chess

    Chess is a game of strategy and is beneficial for strengthening logical reasoning and problem solving among elderly chess players. Your elderly loved one might be worried about playing chess as it can seem complicated at first. However, once they get the hang of it, after just a few months they could see great benefits such as an increased IQ and increased levels of focus. If you have a chess set you can play with your loved one in person, or they can play alone online here.

    Try A Brain Training App

    As long as your elderly loved one has a mobile phone or tablet they will be able to download apps to help with brain training. The best thing about using apps is they can be used and accessed anywhere. Depending on the type of app being used, these apps can improve concentration levels, visual-spatial skills and problem solving. A quick search in the app store will provide you with hundreds of brain training apps to choose from.

    Here are a few app suggestions that may help stimulate your elderly loved ones brain:

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    Why Should Adults Try Brain Games

    To prevent your brain from falling victim to dementia and the decline of cognitive abilities, ensure that you keep your brain active. Eat healthily, stay socially involved, and ensure that your brain is engaged for a certain amount of time. There are many brain training games to choose from. Let us know the types of memory games for adults.

    Brain Age Concentration Training

    EventsMindgame: Brain teaser games for adults, result Free brain games ...

    Brain Age Concentration Training is a brain training and mental fitness system for the Nintendo 3DS system. It includes a huge number of games to hone your concentration, memory, calculation, and other brain skills. It’s fun, portable, and challenging. Brain Age is also available for the Nintendo Wii U, but not for the Switch, Nintendo’s most up-to-date gaming system.

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    Benefits Of Playing Brain

    People of all ages use brain-training games to improve mental functioning and prevent brain aging. Backing them up is research showing that brain-training games may help improve attention levels, memory, response time, logic skills, and other measures of cognitive function if played over a long timespan.

    To give your brain a workout while having fun, try these games and activities that may improve your mental focus and fitness.

    Keeping Your Aging Brain Healthy

    As we all know, humans are social beings. When we feel lonely, it affects our brains more negatively than we can imagine.

    Loneliness causes stress that affects our brains directly. We start to feel more hopeless, cant find enough energy to take positive steps for anything we want to make, and slowly lose our social skills.

    Specialists suggest that social life, exercise, and nutrition are critical for keeping the brain healthy. When our ages get older, we should be more careful about keeping our brains sharp. Playing brain games is a great way of doing it.

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    Brain Games For Adults

    While there are options to play most of these types of games and puzzles online or on your device, you might want to stick to the traditional forms.

    Why? Because the social aspect of the games makes them more powerful by getting together with a friend you can boost the brain-health factor.

    Lets start with a classic game for brainy people.


    When you think of mentally challenging and complex games, chess is probably one of the first that comes to mind. Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, some of the greatest players of all time prove that chess is a game of strategy and concentration.

    The game of chess helps train your working memory and improves your brains executive function as you plan and strategize. It also improves fast decision-making, while honing your concentration.

    Crossword Puzzles

    When it comes to minimizing cognitive decline, crosswords have been declared the go-to solution. These puzzles contribute to the development of memory and attention skills, as well as increased fluency .

    Like all the games and puzzles well cover today, if the puzzles start feeling too easy its probably time to switch to another brainy pursuit. For example, if you usually play American crosswords you might try switching over to the British style to test your true riddle- and puzzle-solving skills.

    No matter their difficulty level, crosswords are known to encourage cheating but if you cheat youre not getting the brain exercise you think you are!

    Jigsaw Puzzles


    Fun Facts About Brain Games:

    The Chunking Trick | Brain Games
    • Crossword puzzles and Sudoku, one of the most popular types of brain games, have been shown in studies to help with memory and cognitive ability in later life.
    • Brain games are often used in early education to help children develop problem-solving, logical skills.
    • Certain types of casual games, like brain games, were proven in a study to be just as effective as guided meditation in providing stress relief and mental balance.

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    Free Brain Games Online

    It’s not all just fun and games here! Studies have shown that many casual games have powerful cognitive benefits…call them brain games, if you will! Depending on the game, these range from – but are not limited to – strategic thinking, better memory, quantitative skills, and increased vocabulary. Whether you’re racking your brains for that crossword puzzle hint, or placing numbers for a sudoku grid, brain games can help enhance your mind and keep it sharp throughout the years.

    Many of our fun brain games provide the option to choose your difficulty level, so it’s safe to say we’ve got brain games for adults, brain games for kids, and everyone in between!

    Who said taking care of your brain had to be boring? Take a break, have some fun, and keep your mind sharp all at the same time…play brain games online, right here at Arkadium!

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