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The Brain Balance At-Home Virtual Program: How It Works

“I would say we noticed a huge change in Jacksons confidence within a few weeks of the program, he was reading at a different level, he was talking and expressing himself more confidently. He was more confident in class. His grades went up right away. Having him just be himself in school was just priceless.” Sommer D., Brain Balance Mom

It’s worth every single dollar It’s an amazing process to watch and to know that you are hitting the root of the problem rather than applying temporary band-aids.” Sadie’s Mom Sarah, Brain Balance Mom

Be Aware Of These Nine Questionable Clinics

John Watson

For caregivers of children with developmental disorders, the lack of clarity around why these conditions occur and how to best treat them can be maddening. Brain Balance Achievement Center is a growing company that says it can offer desperate parents answers to these questions. This June, National Public Radio published the result of a year-long reporting effort into Brain Balance that offers much to be wary of with this “new theory of the brain.”

Brain Balance is a nonmedical, drug-free program for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder , autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, and other developmental disorders. It posits that such disorders occur when areas of the brain are electrically unbalanced or out of sync. They claim imbalances of the right hemisphere, the seat of emotions, can cause autism and ADHD, and imbalances of the left hemisphere, where our capacity for logic is housed, can cause learning disorders.

Brain Balance offers a tailored three-part intervention consisting of conventional academic exercises nutritional advice, such as decreasing gluten and sugar intake and sensory motor training. The third element is said to apply physical exercises and stimuli that emphasize the side of the body contralateral to the “unbalanced” hemisphere. In a child whose left hemisphere is thought to be the culprit, the right side of the body may be subject to visual, auditory, or physical stimuli, such as vibrations to the arm.

They Are Interested In Making Money

Parents who say the program doesnt work resent the thousands of dollars they spent to test it out.

Srikanth Mamidi was so angry about not seeing lasting benefits for his autistic son after six months in a Brain Balance program in Cary, North Carolina, that he tracked Melillo down at a ribbon cutting for another center and confronted him.

It was a time waster, an energy waster and a money waster, Mamidi said.

The program had seemed wacky to him, but he and his wife were determined to avoid giving medication to their son, who was 11 at the time and was struggling to make friends and pay attention in class, he said. They were hopeful when they paid $10,000 for the program and committed to driving 40 minutes each way for the training sessions.

But Mamidi said the small changes they saw in the beginning, such as a slight improvement in their sons ability to communicate, faded quickly.

When Mamidi confronted Melillo in 2016, the company founder just walked away, Mamidi said. They are interested in making money rather than improving peoples lives, he said.

Melillo said he did not recall the confrontation but notes that Mamidi is just one disgruntled parent among thousands who swear by the results.

The family has made sacrifices to adopt the programs strict dietary and screen-time guidelines and make the hourlong drive to trainings. But its all been worth it, she said.

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What Is The Brain Balance Franchise Failure Rate

Brain Balance franchise failures comprise franchise terminations, franchise non-renewals, and franchises that ceased operations for other reasons. The failure rate is one of the most important franchise metrics to consider when investing in a franchise!

Brain Balance failure rate over the past 3 years is 51%. Over the last year we have data for, Brain Balance had a franchise failure rate of 21%.

Without a comparison, this number doesnt mean much. Compare how the Brain Balance franchise for sale rate compares to 2,000+ other franchises and Industry franchises like Brain Balance. More info in the Brain Balancemetrics tab.

A Brain Wellness Program

Brain Balance

The Best of All Methods

Our Program incorporates proven cognitive, brain performance, and nutrition methods and combines them into one optimized approach, without medication.

Backed by Research

Harvard University and Cambridge Brain Sciences research found the Brain Balance Program effectively improves focus, attention, and reasoning.

We Are Here For You

This is not a one size fits all’ program. Your dedicated performance coach customizes a brain training program to your goals and performance level.

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Is Brain Balance Franchise Eligible For An Sba Loan

Brain Balance is eligible for SBA loans including the 7 loan. To find out more about the SBA loan program for franchising click here.

Brain Balance franchise was assigned the SBA Franchise ID of S0247 on 10/01/2017. This DOES NOT mean the SBA endorses this franchise. The SBA Franchise Directory will only include business models like Brain Balance that are reviewed and found eligible under SBAs affiliation rules and other eligibility criteria. Currently, there are over 7,000 franchise opportunities that the SBA has deemed eligible for SBA financing.

Option : In Person In Your Local Center

If you are enrolled in a local center, your child will meet with his or her cognitive coach 3 times per week. During each session your child will complete a series of cognitive, sensory and physical activities that are geared towards engaging and activating many different regions of the brain. Examples of these activities include core strength exercises, cognition exercises, and visual, auditory and multi-sensory tasks involving rhythm and timing.

You will also meet with a nutrition coach to ensure your child has a strong foundation for physical and cognitive wellness.

The length of the program is a minimum of 3 months and can be longer based on your childs baseline and your goals. As you progress through the program, youll receive progress reports and support from your Brain Balance team to make sure you are meeting milestones and noticing breakthroughs at each phase.

Many of our Brain Balance team members have had their children go through the program, and know all too well what you are going through. Weve been there too and we are here to help you at every step.

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What Is The Brain Balance Franchise For Sale Rate

The Brain Balance systemwide health and franchisee satisfaction can be measured by the Brain Balancefranchise for sale rate. The franchise for sale rate is calculated by the percentage of units transferred to new franchisees and reacquired by franchisor.

Brain Balance franchise for sale rate over the past 3 years is 22%. Over the last year we have data for, Brain Balance had a franchise for sale rate of 5%.

Without a comparison, this number doesnt mean much. Compare how the Brain Balance franchise for sale rate compares to 2,000+ other franchises and Industry franchises like Brain Balance. More info in the Brain Balancemetrics tab.

Unbiased Review Of Brain Balance

Brain Balance Virtual Program – How it Works

What I hope to accomplish here is give an unbiased review of Brain Balance. I know all too well the energy spent trying to do what is best for your child. I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours researching things to help my children, especially my middle child, who completed the Brain Balance program in 2015. Back in 2014 when we were considering the program and saw the price tag, we did our due diligence to look into the program. It was not cheap and not covered by insurance.

This post contains affiliate links through the Amazon Associates program and any purchases made through such links will help defer the costs of maintaining this website .  This is absolutely separate from the Brain Balance franchise.

Is Brain Balance a Scam?

It was frustrating to find that most people labeled Brain Balance a scam. Those comments did not come from other parents whose children completed the program. I wanted to hear from parents Did they see an improvement in their child with the program? Did they think it was worth the hefty price tag? Was Brain Balance the golden ticket to helping their child?

Hard to find Unbiased Reviews

Some Background

We heard about Brain Balance shortly after his 4th birthday.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Brain Balance Program

Some supplements were recommended. The main one I remember is probiotic.

As part of the program we did his exercises at home on the days he did not have a session with his coach.

That depends on your situation.

2) Diet:

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We Want Science To Drive Treatment

Much of the growth in brain training is in apps and games that people use at home or in school, said Alvaro Fernandez, CEO of SharpBrains, a research firm that tracks the neurotechnology industry. The global market for direct-to-consumer technology grew from $475 million in 2012 to $1.9 billion last year, Fernandez said.

Those numbers dont include franchises like Brain Balance or LearningRx, which Fernandez says are more difficult to track financially. But these centers are now in most major U.S. cities. Brain Balance has 108 locations and said it brought in $51.3 million last year. LearningRx has 70 centers in the U.S. as well as 85 centers called BrainRx around the globe. The company declined to provide revenue numbers but says it hopes to add eight U.S. centers and 20 international centers next year.

Other companies include Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, which made headlines in 2017 when U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos disclosed that she and her husband are major shareholders.

Groups that advocate for people with autism and ADHD, including Autism Speaks and Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or CHADD, warn parents to be wary of companies like these that claim to address a long list of disorders without much scientific proof.

We want science to drive treatment and intervention, not just anecdotes, said Max Wiznitzer, a pediatric neurologist in Cleveland and the co-chair of CHADDs professional advisory board.

Brain Balance Centers: Part 4 Of Myth Busters: Alternative Therapies For 2e Learners

What is it? In 2006 Dr. Robert Melillo a chiropractor – entered into a partnership with his nephew to launch the Brain Balance franchise model. Since then, over 130 franchises have been purchased across the country. The concept is based on Dr. Melillos book: Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorders. He describes his program as a non-medical and drug-free approach based on cutting edge brain science for achieving optimum body and brain balance. He argues that kids who have learning or behavioral issues have inadequately developed sensory and motor systems and because the brain is built from the bottom up, sensory and motor work must be done before any higher learning, behavioral or academic changes can truly happen.

In addition to the 3 hours per week your child gets at a center, the program includes nutritional recommendations and exercises to be done at home.

Most families are advised that their child requires two 3-month sessions at a cost of $6,000 per session, plus several hundred dollars for the assessment and proprietary nutritional supplements . Total cost is approximately $13-14,000. Cost per session works out to about $182/hour, of which the coach gets approximately $10. None of the cost is covered by health insurance.

Can it help? Lets break the question down into what part of it work, and for who?

Can it hurt? Yes – your pocketbook.

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Did You Know The Brain Can Change At Any Age

Change in the brain can refer to new pathways being formed or connections becoming stronger and more efficient. New pathways are formed through sensory stimulation, life experiences and new information. These connections and pathways are important because they communicate with all regions of the brain, allowing us to successfully perform daily cognitive and physical tasks, and facilitating our executive functioning.

When new pathways in the brain are formed, the brains ability to perform cognitive and physical tasks is improved. The strength and integration of our cognitive and physical skills build our ability to have successful executive functions – impacting our attention, decision-making and comprehension. We can notice these positive changes in our mood, memory, focus, behavior, social skills and relationships. These breakthroughs can be felt in the way we live and experience our daily lives.

How Much Does A Brain Balance Franchise Owner Make

Disconnected Kids : The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for ...

Brain Balance franchise earnings and revenue can vary significantly from one franchisee to another. The Brain Balance franchise owner profits can be influenced by labor costs, lease rates, hours worked as well as other factors.

Brain Balance discloses financials at the unit level. In other words, they show how much Brain Balance franchisees made in the past. Through analyzing this information available in the metrics tab, it can serve as a good basis to further explore the opportunity or not.

At Vetted Biz, we advise you to speak with 5 to 10 franchisees to understand how much money they are making from the Brain Balance franchise. Roughly 60% of franchises disclose financials and it makes the process easier when filtering potential franchise opportunities like Brain Balance. Dont just speak to existing franchisees, call franchisees who have recently left the system and try to find out how much those Brain Balance owners were making.

Visit the Brain Balancemetrics tab to explore the financials for this business.

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Who Is Brain Balance For

Brain Balance® is intended for children 4 years and older, teens, and adults striving to improve focus, keep organized, control impulses, and stay calm.

Brain Balance® does not require a medical diagnosis nor does it clinically diagnose medical conditions, but it may benefit children with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, processing disorders, or learning disorders.

Brain Balance Is Considered An Educational Program Outside Of The School Day It Costs $15000 For 6 Months Is This Therapy Considered A Deductible Expense

FormIRS’s Publication 502:

Youcan include in medical expenses the cost ofattending a school that furnishes special education to help a child to overcomelearning disabilities. A doctor must recommend that the child attend theschool. Overcoming the learning disabilities must be a principal reason forattending the school, and any ordinary education received must be incidental tothe special education provided. Special education includes:

  • Teaching Braille to a visually impaired person,
  • Teaching lip reading to a hearing-impaired person, or
  • Giving remedial language training to correct a condition caused by a birth defect.

Youcannot include in medical expenses the cost of sending a problem child to aschool where the course of study and the disciplinary methods have a beneficialeffect on the child’s attitude if the availability of medical care in theschool is not a principal reason for sending the student there.

Medicalexpenses are under the deductions and credits tab.

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Detailed Information On Brain Balances Initial Franchise Fee Royalty Fee + 20 Other Fees

1. Initial Franchise Fee: $45,000 for a Standard Brain Balance Center $25,000 for a Brain Balance Satellite Center

  • The initial uniform franchise fee for a Standard Brain Balance Center is $45,000 and is payable in a lump sum at the time you sign the Franchise Agreement.
  • A satellite center concept is available to franchisees who currently own at least one franchise location for a minimum of 12 months, are in good standing with no Franchise Agreement defaults, and have a minimum of $400,000 in revenue per franchise location during the prior 12-month period. A satellite location can only be located within the franchisees existing market.
  • Brain Balance Satellite Centers are facilities that only deliver programming and do not handle lead intake or assessment of prospective enrolling families, post-Program assessments, or administrative functions, so they are smaller and have fewer features.
  • The initial franchise fee for a Brain Balance Satellite Center is $25,000.

2. Software Fees: $15,000 for the Software license for a Standard Brain Balance Center and a prorated amount of the $1,596 annual software maintenance fee for the balance of the first year of operation at the time the Software is activated

3. Royalty: 8% of Gross Revenue, with a minimum of $1,000 per calendar month

  • Due Date: Payable monthly on or about the 7th day of the month.
  • Due Date: As incurred.

5. National Advertising Fund: 2% of Gross Revenue, with a minimum of $200 per calendar month

What Studies Have Been Done On Brain Balance

Brain Balance Virtual Program for Kids Who Struggle

A small, exploratory study from McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, referenced on the Brain Balance® website, found that Brain Balance® could have clinical, behavioral, and neurobiological effects similar to stimulant medication in alleviating some ADHD symptoms in children. These findings were based on subjective parent reports, as well as clinician ratings, and brain imaging and Quotient test results. However, this study included just 16 children with ADHD and eight children without ADHD a small sample size and noted improvement after 75 Brain Balance® sessions conducted over 15 weeks, which assumes five sessions per week.

Research published in the Journal of Mental Health and Clinical Psychology found that 75% of showed a 20% improvement or more in panic or anxiety attacks after program participation, and 25% of children demonstrated an 85.7% improvement or more, with an average of 49.4% and a median of 60%. The study focused on children, aged 4 to 17 years, who were at or below developmental milestones and evaluated the parent-reported changes in their behavior before and after undergoing five to six months of Brain Balance®. These findings were based on archived survey data from approximately 2,200 students enrolled at Brain Balance® Achievement Centers and did not compare participants results to those of a control group. Primary study author Rebecca Jackson works for Brain Balance®.

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