Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage


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Why Would You Take Nootropics

5 Brain-Boosting Nootropic Supplements | Doug Kalman Ph.D.

We have all been through times where a nootropic may have proved very useful.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to concentrate, forgetting small things, being less productive, and feeling unmotivated?

These are examples of times when you may have wanted to enhance your brain function.

Are you a student with exams coming up? Or an athlete preparing for a big sporting competition?

These are just a couple of examples of the typical demographics who often consider nootropics for their cognitive-enhancing effects.

Some general benefits of taking nootropics include:

  • Stabilizing mood
  • Neuroprotection

Side Effects And What To Do About Them

Because many products that are considered nootropics are available over the counter, people sometimes incorrectly assume they are safe to take. In addition, any nootropics are passed off as dietary supplements, which are largely unregulated and often dont have clinical testing to demonstrate their efficacy and safety.

Common side effects of using nootropics can include migraines, headaches and skin rashes. In some cases, such as when too much of a nootropic is taken or different kinds of nootropics are mixed, the results can be life-threatening.

Some people can also experience major sleep problems , even after they stop taking nootropics. This can diminish overall sleep quality, which can negatively impact the quality of ones daily life.

Withdrawal symptoms are also an issue for some users of nootropics. For example, some people who took Provigil and then quit the drug showed signs of low energy, depression, concentration problems and overall fatigue.

Amphetamine-based drugs used as nootropics are normally prescribed for ADHD . They also lead to spikes in dopamine and epinephrine in the brain, which can lead to tolerance to the drugs and possible habit formation. They can also have impact appetite, mood swings, irritability and sleep.

Smart Drugs For Brain Fog

Racetams refer to a group of over 20 compounds with similar backbones which help improve focus. Scientists still dont fully understand how they work but they seem to increase acetylcholine receptors, boost neuronal metabolism, improve GABA function, and counteract cellular oxidative stress.39 They also boost blood flow to the brain. In the US, racetams are borderline unapproved drugs due to the lack of clinical data.

Modafinil is a stimulant medication used to treat daytime sleepiness in narcolepsy, sleep apnea, jet lag, and shift work sleep disorder.40 Modafinil helps an unrested brain perform as if it is well-rested by improving driving simulator performance and reaction time. It increases glutamate, serotonin, histamine, and orexin levels outside of neurons in the brain, while reducing GABA.41 Reported long-term side effects of Modafinil in a clinical setting were headache, nervousness, and nausea.42

Adderall is an amphetamine medication indicated for ADHD. In non-ADHD people, it has small cognitive-enhancing effects. Adderall improves an individuals ability to focus and stay on task.43,44 Keep in mind that it also has many possible side effects which can cause changes in the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and central nervous systems.45 It also has the potential to be addictive and may cause hallucinations.

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How Do I Get Started With Nootropics

The best way to get started with nootropics is to assess what your needs are in terms of cognitive health. For the best results, your nootropic formula should be unique to you and include only the ingredients that will support your neurological health at this time.

What works for your sister may not work for you. What worked for you seven years ago may not be that effective for you now. Theres a little trial-and-error involved.

You can take this quiz to zero in on a personalized formula for your unique situation and goals.

Modafinil Is The Most Effective Nootropic

Nootropics, the Powerful Brain Boosters. How to Cope with Burnout ...

Although modafinil is known to significantly improve cognitive abilities, some studies have suggested that it could also cause brain damage. Studies have shown that modafinil can affect the prefrontal cortex, which controls executive function and attention, which is developed in the late 20s. These neuroplastic changes can lead to behavioral problems and affect working memory and decision making. There are also concerns that modafinil may only be effective for people with low IQs. However, it does enhance target sensitivity and improve overall attention.

Because modafinil does not have a prescription, it is widely available. There are some shady internet communities that offer the drug. Some users order the drug illegally from shady pharmacies, which can be dangerous and illegal. Others take the drug as prescribed by their doctor. Despite the risks, modafinil is a relatively safe drug. It does not appear to cause any brain damage in most users, although it can cause some side effects.

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Poor Blood Sugar Regulation

Your brain is your most energy-consuming organ. It contributes to only about 2% of your body weight yet consumes up to 20% of your glucose intake at any given time. Therefore, unhealthy fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin resistance can adversely affect your brain health. It makes sense then that brain fog, fatigue, and other types of cognitive dysfunction are known symptoms of diabetes.20 Also, this is why Alzheimers has been dubbed type 3 diabetes.21

You dont have to be diabetic for your brain to be affected by poor blood sugar control. You can experience the effects just by eating a single meal that creates a blood sugar rollercoaster. Also, glucose is an oxidizing sugar. High blood sugar can increase oxidative stress that suppresses the activity of orexins. Orexins are nerve cells that multi-task to regulate a set of vital bodily functions such as sleep/wakefulness, appetite, energy levels, and cognition.22 Suppressing orexins can make you tired and brain fogged. On the other hand, low blood sugar can also leave you feeling cranky, tired, brain fogged, and hungry.23

One of the best things you can do for your brain is to eat a diet that keeps your blood sugar steady. I usually have my patients use continuous glucose monitoring to see how each food, activity, or stressor affects their blood sugar.24 Many of them are surprised with their blood sugar response to certain foods or stressors.

What Do Nootropics Do To The Brain

As briefly mentioned above, Nootropics work by increasing neurotransmitters in the brain.

These neurotransmitters allow for more efficient communication between brain cells, which can result in improved cognitive function.

Nootropics also increase the blood flow to the brain, resulting in better oxygen levels and nutrient delivery to the neurons.

Some examples of popular nootropics that help with cognitive functioning:

When we talk about Nootropics and how they work on the brain, it’s important to distinguish between synthetic- and natural nootropics.

Synthetic nootropics like Piracetam can be designed to work on specific neurotransmitters in the brain.

For example, Modafinil is a synthetic nootropic that is thought to increase histamine levels in the hypothalamus and has been shown to affect dopamine and norepinephrine levels as well.

Meanwhile, natural nootropics like L-theanine are plant-based and work by increasing the production of neurotransmitters generally.

This is why natural nootropics are often considered safer than their synthetic counterparts.

L-theanine is commonly found in green tea and works by increasing GABA levels in the human brain.

It also increases dopamine levels, which can improve mood, relaxation, and motivation.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that some nootropics can actually impair your cognitive function if used incorrectly or over an extended period of time

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Can Nootropics Increase Your Iq

Nootropics work by increasing your cognitive function, attention, learning capabilities, memory retention, creativity, and motivation. Therefore, if you land on the right formula for you, they may help you to access higher levels of innate intelligence and learning capabilities. Whether nootropics can increase innate IQ is yet to be determined.

Negative Effects: Is Alpha Brain Risk

Overview of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Alpha Brain appears like a rather safe supplement to us. We are taking care of exclusive blends here, so obviously there is a level of uncertainty to emulate.

Whether a supplement is going to cause adverse effects as well as just how severe those side effects are constantly depends on the serving sizes of the ingredients.

We dont recognize every one of the active ingredient doses in Alpha Brain, so we can not be particular when it pertains to side effect risks.This is a huge issue. We will usually stay clear of any type of supplement that produces any level of uncertainty around side effects. There are a lot of nootropics around that offer complete formula openness why utilize one that doesnt?

That stated, Alpha Brain does look very unlikely to create negative effects. Alpha BRAIN has medical trials with real results. The Boston College research revealed that Alpha BRAIN users had 12% better verbal recall. It likewise showed an increase in psychological handling speed by 21% contrasted to standard numbers. Imagine what you want a supercomputer operating 21% quicker. As a business owner putting on numerous hats, this item was impressive.

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How Do Nootropics Affect Your Brain

Nootropics may influence the hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters in your brain. They may do this by improving your brains oxygen supply, or by stimulating nerve growth. However, nobody knows how they do this exactly. Nootropic herbs, according to literature, may enhance your neurotransmitter levels while also increasing blood flow to the brain, increasing oxygen and nutrients. This may help improve brain function as well as memory.

In addition to improving blood flow and neurotransmitter function, nootropics may also influence inflammatory responses in your brain and function as vasodilators for smaller veins and arteries in that area. This vasodilating benefit is responsible for the increased blood circulation in the area and corresponding oxygen and nutrient increase.

With regards to their neurotransmitter activity, nootropics may help stimulate the release of various neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, as well as the uptake of choline and other substances necessary for proper brain function.

The Difference Between Prescription Vs Natural Nootropics

The main difference between prescription and natural nootropics is that the former may cause brain damage along with some other adverse effects, whereas the latter plays almost the same role as would the food in your diet.

Some prescription drugs are Nuvigil, Provigil, Adderall, Ritalin, and Racetams. These might relay some kick-ass short-term effects, but might take a toll on your health in the long run!

Natural nootropics on the other hand are completely different!

They may only pose a threat whence taken incorrectly! A good example would be that of the cyanide in apple seeds!

Ever heard of cyanide poisoning?

Yes, ofcourse Cyanide isnt considered a nootropic, but Im sure you get the point!

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Nootropics And Brain Health

Stress may cause an imbalance in brain hormones and can, in turn, affect brain health. But because your brain forms part of a holistic whole, other body functions can also become affected. Your adrenal health included, which could lead to issues like Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome .

You could end up with not only impaired brain function but end up with other health issues that include heart disease, diabetes, and various others.

Nootropics promote brain health in several ways. In so doing, they may also promote the health of other bodily functions and aid in deterring the development of certain health issues.

Insufficient And Poor Sleep

What Your Brain Needs to Know About Nootropics

During sleep, your brain processes new information and stores memories, while also cleaning up toxic wastes. Your body also undergoes a hormone, detoxification, and circadian reset. Lack of sleep is not only stressful for the body but also increases oxidative stress and inflammation, which impair your brain function.25,26

As a busy executive, sleep is a worthwhile investment of your time, but you want to get the most out of your time investment. Sleeping well involves more than just lying still for eight hours every night. For your brain to function optimally during the day, you need to enough achieve deep and rapid eye movement sleep, and sleep through the night without disruption.

To optimize sleep quality, we start with sleep quality data obtained from wearables such as the Oura ring or BioStrap. Then, you can work on improving your sleep hygiene and adding interventions that can maximize your sleep quality. For example, L-theanine promotes relaxation by increasing GABA and serotonin, so it reduces the time you need to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.27

While many supplements and interventions can improve your sleep or counteract the short-term effects of poor sleep, there are no nootropics that can replace good sleep. Therefore, optimizing sleep is an essential component of overcoming any kinds of cognitive issues.

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Other Substances Including Herbs

  • BR-16A – a herb from India
  • Ginkgo Biloba – an extract from a tree that hasbeen used as medicine in China andEurope. This herb increases cerebral circulation, increases glucoseutilization by the brain and increases choline reuptake. It has beenused to treat patients with Alzheimer’s disease, but other studies show ithas no effect on healthy males.
  • Ma-huang – a herb from China
  • Oxymethacil – reduces oxidation of molecules inthe brain.
  • Pyritinol – similar to vitamin B6 also increases cerebral blood flow.
  • Some smart drugs can be found in health food stores othersare imported or are drugs that are intended for other disorders such asAlzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. There are many Internet websites, books, magazines and newspaper articles detailing the supposedeffects of smart drugs. There are also plenty of advertisements andmail-order businesses that try to sell “smart drugs” to the public.However, rarely do these businesses or the popular press report resultsthat show the failure of smart drugs to improve memory or learning. Rather, they try to show that their products have miraculous effects onthe brain and can improve mental functioning. Wouldn’t it be easy tolearn something by “popping a pill” or drinking a soda laced with a smartdrug? This would be much easier than taking the time to study. Feelingdull? Take your brain in for a mental tune up by popping a pill!

    Onnit Alpha Brain What Is It Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage

    Alpha Brain is a nutritional supplement that aids support cognitive features, including memory, mental rate, as well as emphasis.Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage?

    If you want your brain to work much better, you need to concentrate on two points: getting it to make even more alpha waves, as well as supporting the production of natural chemicals. Alpha Brain was made with both of these objectives in mind. With a trademarked blend of earth-grown nutrients like Bacopa, Cats Claw, Oat Straw, and Huperzia Serrata, Alpha Brain aids construct a setting in which the brain can operate all cyndrical tubes, promoting enduring psychological quality.Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage?

    The nootropics these days are energizers of the central nerve system. The main target of these nootropics is the executive functions. Executive functions include memory, inspiration, emphasis, as well as inhibitory control.

    In basic words, nootropics aid people to manage unnecessary impulses. Moreover, they force the brain to focus on a particular job available. In this Alpha Brain Evaluation, we will see what this popular nootropic is, exactly how it works, and whether it deserves acquiring.Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage?

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    Some Nootropics May Reverse The Adverse Effects And Damage

    Some nootropics can reverse the symptoms caused by prescription nootropics any guesses which ones?

    The natural nootropics!

    Many of them have healing properties that can help, at least, alleviate the symptoms.

    They act as brain boosters and stimulants that can promote better health and neurogenesis which is the birth and repair of brain cells.

    A few of them are cited below:

    Do Nootropics Have Side Effects

    What Happens in Your Brain During a Seizure | WebMD

    Some nootropics may not be compatible with your individual biology, in which case you might experience side effects like headaches or upset stomach. If youre taking prescription nootropics, side effects like increased heart rate, blood pressure, and insomnia might occur.

    If you experience side effects from your prescription nootropic, call your doctor or pharmacist to see if your reaction is to be expected. If youre experiencing side effects with over-the-counter nootropics, discontinue use and read the packaging and inserts thoroughly to see if what youre experiencing is expected. Consult your doctor if youre concerned..

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    Adderall Mechanism Of Action

    In your brain , vesicular monoamine transporter 2 moves monoamines from inside the neuron, into its synaptic vesicles. These vesicles are like the neurons chemical storage units.

    When you take an amphetamine like Adderall, and it enters a neuron. It interacts with VMAT2. And the transporter reverses direction of transport. Which releases stored neurotransmitters from inside synaptic vesicles back into the neuron.

    Amphetamine also activates the protein trace amine-associated receptor 1 which is located in the presynaptic neuron.

    When TAAR1 is activated, the receptor causes the neurons monoamine transporters to either stop transporting those neurotransmitter molecules altogether. Or like VMAT2, transport them in reverse.

    In plain English the reversed neurotransmitter transporter pushes dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin out of the neuron and back into the synaptic cleft.

    Amphetamines like Adderall help those with ADHD and narcolepsy by increasing the activity of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain.

    What Are The Most Popular Nootropics

    Caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba are the most widely used all-natural, research-backed nootropic substances, while Noopept and Modafinil are the most popular synthetic brain-boosting drugs. Other commonly used nootropics include bacopa monnieri, Panax ginseng, choline, l-theanine, ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, and MCT oil.

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    Brain Damage And Brain Injury: What Is It

    It is important to clarify what we mean by brain damage and brain injury.

    For our purposes, there is a big difference between a brain injury caused by trauma and brain damage that is either genetic or caused by the body itself .

    In simple terms, a TBI is a brain injuries caused by things like boxing, or falling from height, or banging your head in some way. In other words, its when the external world effectively causes the injury.

    An ABI, in contrast, is caused either by a genetic fault or by some kind of internal event such as a stroke or aneurysm.

    Obviously, natural nootropics are not effective for protecting against ABIs. Nor are nootropics particularly useful for promoting recovery from ABIs or systemic brain damage.

    But some natural nootropics have been found to be effective for protecting against and promoting recovery from traumatic brain injuries and minor brain damage.

    Before we go any further, we need to point out that nootropics are not as effective for treating brain damage or brain injury of any kind than the medicine or treatments prescribed by your doctor. Brain injuries are extremely differential and very serious you need tailored medical care to treat them and recover from them. Natural nootropics are not the answer they just might help some people.

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