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Absolutely Amazing To Use This

Elevate App Review (2021) – Are Brain Training Apps Worth It?

I can not thank the creators and the team behind making these absolutely astonishing and superbly thought about games !!!!!!! I have suffered an extremely bad brain injury and was in a coma for 5 weeks forgot how to walk talk move my entire left side of my body and cognitively I was unable to remember very much at all and thanks to using this every single day its cognitively made my mind exactly how it used to be just by using this game constantly I have been signed off by my psychologist doctors and they say they have never seen someone with as strong as mind as I have considering the amount of dead brain I have !!Ive managed to play this wonderful game for 169 conservative days and I play it for well over an hour each day !!

Neuronation Brain Training & Brain Games

The main focus of NeuroNation is in the development of operational memory. The virtues that NeuroNation seeks to improve are: memory, concentration, logic, and perception, as well as reducing stress.

Unlike the rest of the best brain training apps, NeuroNation is based on 8 specialized courses. But share the same training benefits and statistics. You can also compare your progress with that of your friends or that of people your age.

The exercises are based on the most recent studies of neuroscience and were performed hand in hand with experts in that field. Recently the application was certified by the Freie University of Berlin as extremely effective for brain training. Besides, the app is certified by Dr. Gunther Karsten, winner of the World Memory Championship.

You can opt for a premium subscription that will further enhance your experience with NeuroNation. Available on iOS, Android, and its web version.

Best Free Brain Games For Sharper Memory

These best free brain games are great ways to improve your cognitive skills and enhance your memory. Most games are great for all ages, while some of them also make great memory games for seniors. Some brain games also adjust the overall difficulty of the games to meet your current state of mind. Take note that results will not immediately manifest, and youll have to continuously use the apps to be able to see the results.

Without further ado, here are 15 of the best free brain games to help you enhance your memory.

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Finding The Right App

As you search for the top apps for brain training, you should hone in on which one will best fit your needs. If youre looking for an app for your children, then MentalUP will be the best bet. If youd like an app that covers unique skills like auditory perception, then CogniFit will be the one for you. Once you get the right app, youll be on your way to training your brain.

Sudoku The Clean One:

The 30 Best Brain Games for Android Device in 2022

We all played Sudoku or at least saw it somewhere in newspapers and magazines. It is one of my favorite brain games from a younger age. Sudoku is a simple logical brain game in which you need to place a combination of numbers to fill the columns, sections, and rows to use every number in a particular range. Sudoku is a fun logical brain game that helps you to improve your mathematical skills.

On the Play Store, there are hundreds of Sudoku games available. However, we have chosen this clean one because, as the name suggests, its a simple and uncluttered game. So, you wont get distracted and completely focus on the game itself. It comes with a lot of different versions of Sudoku, including classic and advanced.

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Math Brain Booster Games

Math Brain Booster Games consists of different mind games to improve brain function and stimulate the mind to improve overall performance. Customize your Personal Training mode and have your own mental productivity session anytime, anywhere. Train your brain! Improve attention, reaction, and velocity of the mind with timed math problems and tasks. Your results will then be used to personalise daily workouts, including puzzles, memory games, problem solving games, logic games and critical thinking games.

Best Brain Training Apps For Your Android In 2022

The great thing about Android is that it has a variety of apps and games. Just take a brief look at the Google Play Store you will find many apps and games. For instance, RPG Games, Racing Games, Action Games, etc.

The same thing goes for the apps as well. Similarly, there are brain training apps which were designed to improve your memory, thinking skills, focus, and even your intelligence. There are many Brain training apps available on the Google Play Store, and in this article, we will list a few of them.

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The Best Brain Games For Memory Training

If you feel like your phone is taking away your ability to remember phone numbers, youll appreciate an app that helps improve your memory instead. Many of the most popular memory training apps, like Elevate, Fit Brains Trainer, and Peak, include games that sharpen your memory alongside various other cognitive exercises.

How We Chose The Best Apps To Make You Smarter

Dog Puzzles: Brain Riddle 2021 – Best Games On Android, IOS

To create our list of the 10 best apps to make you smarter, we looked for apps that offer video-based lessons, news aggregation, personalization, brain exercises, and social sharing features. Together, these features make it easy for users to learn new topics, customize their learning experiences, and share their progress with their friends and families.

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Pdf Reader 2021 Pdf Viewer App Pdf Editor

PDF Reader 2021 PDF Viewer app, PDF Editor Tech Brain Apps Android .

PDF Reader 2021 PDF Viewer app, PDF Editor GameLoop .

GameLoop . .

PDF Reader 2021 PDF Viewer app, PDF Editor

Best Brain Training Apps: Games To Train Your Brain

1. Lumosity

Price: Free

Lumosity tests your brain with multiple challenges that improve your speed of solving problems as well as logical thinking at the same time. There are multiple game modes that are carefully designed to test you and give you ideas about strengths and weaknesses. The challenges are ever-expanding and each day comes up with ideas to keep your brain moving.

Prices Starting from $14.99

2. Elevate

Price: Free

This mind game app revolves around games based on reading, writing, speaking and solving mathematical puzzles. As you solve the challenges, you keep finding yourself in a better and confident environment. Moreover, you can track your progress after adapting to difficult progression. You would love to see personalized brain workouts every day that polish your present skills gracefully.

Prices Per Item Starting From $0.99

3. CogniFit

Price: Free

Offering scientific validated brain solutions, CogniFit is an experienced and authoritative provider of brain training games. It includes mind challenges, exercises, memory games, mental challenges and mental agility games. In fact, some of the games are made to train people who suffer dementia, parkinsons disease, brain injuries, cancer or other disorders.

Those who take membership for this brain train app will experience automatic renewal, monthly or yearly.

4. Peak

Price: Free

Attention, focus, memory, language coordination, creativity, etc. could be learned smartly using this best brain training game.

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Brain Games For Adults

While there are options to play most of these types of games and puzzles online or on your device, you might want to stick to the traditional forms.

Why? Because the social aspect of the games makes them more powerful by getting together with a friend you can boost the brain-health factor.

Lets start with a classic game for brainy people.


When you think of mentally challenging and complex games, chess is probably one of the first that comes to mind. Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, some of the greatest players of all time prove that chess is a game of strategy and concentration.

The game of chess helps train your working memory and improves your brains executive function as you plan and strategize. It also improves fast decision-making, while honing your concentration.

Crossword Puzzles

When it comes to minimizing cognitive decline, crosswords have been declared the go-to solution. These puzzles contribute to the development of memory and attention skills, as well as increased fluency .

Like all the games and puzzles well cover today, if the puzzles start feeling too easy its probably time to switch to another brainy pursuit. For example, if you usually play American crosswords you might try switching over to the British style to test your true riddle- and puzzle-solving skills.

No matter their difficulty level, crosswords are known to encourage cheating but if you cheat youre not getting the brain exercise you think you are!

Jigsaw Puzzles


Memorado Brain Training Games

Word Crush 2021 by One Up Games Studio

Memorado brain training app is your workout gym for the brain. It features 24 brain training games with over 720 levels to challenge your working memory, concentration and cognitive control.

Scientifically researched games help you grow and connect cognitive functions so that you learn how to boost your intelligence. Memorado has strong ties to the research community and was developed by brain training experts. You set goals with Memorados unique and fun interface that will set up your brain training methodology.

Within those channels, you begin assessments that guide your progress and brain learning. Every day, five new games are selected that will enhance your cognitive learning. The app compiles brain tests and games that enhance your IQ and give you an enjoyable place to grow your brain and increase mindfulness.

Users that train with the app show a 76% increase in brain quotient IQ. Memorado Brain Training app is used in 39 countries across the world.

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Teaches Better Social Skills

Some brain games allow you to interact and befriend other gamers who play the same game. Through those, you can talk to your friends, make new ones, and even challenge each other to some fun rounds. This creates and encourages social interaction as you progress. Training social skills through mobile games is a great way to start, especially if youre wary of social interaction in a public setting.

Best Brain Training Apps On Android And Ios In 2022

Karrar Haider Smart Things

Train Your Brain

Its a well-known fact that our brain strength starts to decline over age, whether cognitive skills or structure.

So just like your physical self, you should train your brain too.

The decline in brain strength is inevitable, but the brain has the ability to keep growing and learning. Therefore, if you regularly train your brain with new skills and problem-solving exercises, you may be able to slow down this decline.

Now, if you are wondering how to train your brain?

Dont worry you dont need a dedicated gym for it. Your smartphone is all you need to get a good brain exercise every day.

There are many brain training apps for Android and iOS that will challenge your brain with different exercises to improve brain skills like memory, focus, response, multi-tasking, problem-solving, etc.

If you are ready to train your brain, keep reading, and Ill introduce some of the best brain training apps for Android and iOS.

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The Best Brain Training Apps And Games 2022

– Given the amount of time that many of us are now spending glued to a screen all day, every day, it can feel like our brains might not be loving all the activity. It’s easy to get a bit tired and fuzzy as days go on and to worry that you’re losing your edge.

Enter brain training – just because you’re not at school any more, doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself sharp. There are loads of apps and games out there that can help you to keep some skills and mental processes you might have long since abandoned sharper and quicker. In fact, you could spin yourself up into a better version of yourself, given enough time.

We’ve rounded up some of the very best available so that if you’re looking for a way to tune up your brain, check these out.

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Best Puzzle Games To Play In 2021 [Infuriating But Relaxing!]

The 411: Available on Android and iOS. The basic version is free and includes four randomly assigned brain games you can only play once per day an upgrade to the Pro version, which offers a more personalized workout and unlimited access to over 40 games plus the ability to compare results with other users, is $4.99 monthly or $34.99 per year.

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What Is Brain Training

The other day, scientists from the German University of Erlangen scared the public: rest, they say, is harmful! Just two weeks spent lazily by the sea can reduce a persons IQ * by 20 points at once! Indeed, from idleness, cells of the frontal lobes of the brain partially atrophy. Therefore, we offer you scientifically proven ways to train memory and attention.

You Care About Your Brain We Do Too

Train the skills that matter to you most

Memory. Processing Speed. Problem Solving. Lumosity targets these cognitive skills and more.

Scientific rigor, made fun

Lumosity takes tasks from the lab and turns them into fun games. We interpret your scores to offer actionable feedback and rich insights into your cognition.

Daily exercise for your mind

Work out with a fresh set of games each day to keep you challenged. Detailed progress tracking helps maintain your brain training habit.

Brain training tailored to you

No matter your age or skill level, Lumosity knows that all brains are different, and our program adapts to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

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Consider What Topics Youre Interested In

While all of the apps on our list help users improve their intelligence through various activities and features, many of them focus on teaching users specific subjects. Duolingo, for example, is perfect for users interested in learning a new language, while Eidetic is designed to help users improve their memorization skills. Choose an app that focuses on the subject you are particularly interested in learning.

The Best Brain Games For Adults

Brain Puzzle! by TRIAGE TECH

While some brain games are more lighthearted, others take a more serious, scientific approach to building cognitive skills. Two of these, CogniFit Brain Fitness and NeuroNation, harness the latest in neuroscience to offer a well-developed curriculum of exercises that target everything from brain fog to Alzheimers.

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The Best Apps For Brain Training

Brain training apps are extremely popular today, so your first task is to choose which one you prefer. The best apps include cognitive profiling tests so that you follow a personal set of brain training games, allow you to compare your progress with others and give you regular feedback on your progress.

The 10 Best Brain Games For Iphone/ios And Ipad

  • Finally, Insights
  • Memory gets dull with aging, not for all, but its a common thing for most people. It does not mean that the brain got weakened you can always strengthen your brain power with a few exercises of your brains cognitive processes. You can do that easily on your iPhone or iPad. AppStore is filled with lots of self improvising brain games for iPhone. A lot of those games use certified methods for brain training in their game environment. You will get a suitable one for free, some might require paid subscriptions, but these games are beneficial for improving your brain power and memory over time.

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    Cognifit Brain Fitness For Ipad

    CogniFit Brain Fitness is a brain training app designed to improve your cognitive skills and mental alertness. It offers a structured training program that measures overall mental fitness and health. It delivers the program in a game-like format to make sure that users will enjoy the training. Users can track progress and access insights about overall brain health. Competitive players can challenge friends, too.

    It is based on accepted concepts of neuroplasticity and neuroscience. This memory training app could help sharpen your memory and improve focus and attention.

    New York Times Crossword

    10 MIND BLOWING Apps you HAVE to try!

    Although the New York Times Crossword app isnt an official brain training app like the others mentioned here, its been proven again and again that doing crosswords stretches your brain. The free New York Times crossword app offers the same high-level puzzles that appear in the paper, forcing you to improve your problem-solving skills, vocabulary, and lateral thinking. You can see a stats table to track your progress, too.

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    Mobile Brain Games That Will Sharpen Your Mind

    Mobile gaming apps have come a long way in the last few years, and thats probably a bit of an understatement. The rise of Apple Arcade has meant that folks are actively choosing to pay for and play quality mobile games. Its a far cry from the days of this is a game I have to play while on the toilet. Though Im sure those still exist. What we love most about the developing platform is that there are dozens of game genres available for our phones: shooters, RPGs, puzzle games, etc. But, if were talking about simple, brainless entertainment and time-passers, brain training games and puzzle apps have emerged as one of the most wildly popular mobile game genres on the planet.

    We love brain training games because they arent just fun, they condition our brains to be better and sharper. Memory retention, abstraction, divided attention, word memory a good brain game has it all. And if you havent jumped on the bandwagon yet, we think its about time you did. Here are 10 of the best mobile brain games, puzzle apps, and concentration games out there.

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