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Background & Overview Of Battlefield Of The Mind

Joyce Meyer Battlefield Of The Mind Think About What You Are Thinking About

By aligning our minds with the Holy Spirit and using Jesus as our role model, we can learn to focus on and cultivate the positive thoughts that will lead to a happy, fulfilling, and faithful life. Thats the position taken in the book Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. Heres the books background and a quick overview.

The Books Synopsis & Main Points

Battlefield of the mind is not a metaphor. In her bestselling book of 130 publications, author, Bible teacher, and speaker Joyce Meyer explains that whether we know it or not, we are engaged in a constant and literal battle for the well-being of our minds. On one side of the battle is Satan, who tries to corrupt our minds and lives with his negativity. On the other side are Christians hoping to live the meaningful and fulfilling life God intends for them.

Meyers goal is to convince readers that the quality of our life hinges on recognizing Satan as the source of our negative thoughts and engaging him in battle. She uses a combination of scripture, anecdotes, and personal witness to explain what Satans attacks on our minds look like, their effect on our well-being, and how we can address them. She assures us that we can defeat Satan by cultivating our spirituality and relationship with God.

Here are the books main points:

  • A positive life requires a positive mind.
  • A positive mind is focused on God.
  • Satan tries to keep our minds negative.
  • Our mind is under attack if it is:
  • Paperback 336 Pages Published 2006

    ISBN-10: 0-446-61742-3 / 0446617423ISBN-13: 978-0-446-61742-0 / 9780446617420 Book DescriptionIn BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND Joyce Meyer shows you how to change your life by changing … more » your mind. She teaches you to deal with the thousands of thoughts you have every day and focus your mind to think the way God thinks. And she shares the trials, tragedies and ultimate victories from her own marriage, family and ministry that led her to a wondrous, life-transforming truth – and reveals her thoughts and feelings every step of the way. Now it’s your turn to gain control over your mind and find freedom and peace recognise damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing your life be patient with yourself even when you make mistakes arm yourself with the Word of God, praise, prayer and other powerful spiritual weapons and follow the light out of your mental ‘wilderness’ – the bad attitudes and excuses people use that keep them from God – and find undreamed of happiness and fulfilment. Don’t surrender to misery another day… Book Dimension length: 17.1 width:10.8 « less

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    The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
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    The Books Critical Reception

    Battlefield of the Mind, like Joyce Meyer herself, is wildly popular. However, both she and the book have also received criticism. This criticism largely falls into three categories:

    • Theological validity: Meyer has been accused of suborning scripture for personal gain. As we will discuss further in our commentary, her interpretation of scripture has been characterized as self-serving and often departs from the Christian tradition.
    • Academic validity: Battlefield of the Mind is in large part a self-help book. Throughout the book, Meyer provides advice on issues such as overcoming depression, addressing difficulties with mental focus, overcoming obstacles in a marriage, and so on. However, she does not cite research nor address expert advice in her coverage of these topics. Rather, she relies on personal experience and opinion.
    • Personal criticism: Meyer has received criticism for her personal wealth and lavish lifestyle over the years. While she has addressed the issue and argues that there is no conflict between her financial success and her preaching of Christian values, many see an ethical conflict between preaching Christianity and profiting so much.

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